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Very nice theme, good luck dude!


RTL it please …

It has RTL :)

Uh, this is AWESOME! and amazing on mobile too (GRT job on keepin same exact flavor with menu, header etc on responsive VRY few themes do that… curious, is it all shortcodes, or what does the ‘building out’ backend look like) WOW Looks like tons of layout options (even Parallax!) and yes can be magazine style but with the latest ‘Cool’ Web and Style layout functionality regardless of theme/profession used for… Congrats!!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Yeah this is amazing and seems to have everything I’m looking for in my new theme, only thing missing is a like button for people to show if they like a post. But its got the rated option so that is cool too.

But as Sterlingwilliam says there is so many options here I can see this becoming very popular very soon. Good Luck with sales.

I’m going to add that shortly. Just an oversight :)

Amazing design!!! :)

Thanks for the comment :)

Hi, it seem like my dream come true, few questions tho:

1. Can I turn off the slider/paralax effect? 2. Can I tunr off the “featured” posts that appears undernith the slider? 3. Can I turn off/on additional meta data for posts? no of comments/date/author/category ect. 4. Can I turn off “collection of good stuff”? 5. Can I set the legth of the excerpt myself and will the layout looks always good if ie. I have two-line title?

Waiting for your response and ready to buy. Of course I have no html/css knowledge so my the changes need to be achieved via your admin panel, no coding.


1. This is not an option in the Theme Options, unfortunately, but changing it is very simple. It can be done in the style.css and I would be happy to help out with that.

2-4. Yes, this is possible in the Theme Options.

5. The length of the excerpt can be changed in the theme files, though the grid automatically adjusts to the size of the longest post. So if you have a longer title, it will adjust accordingly.

Hope that helps :)


What about translation, does it include po/mo files?

Yes, it does.

Wow Wow Wow, I haven’t a comment. Very Nice good luck :)

Appreciate your comment, thanks!


in your demo content, i don’t find the home page; where can i got it ?


Feel free to send me an email through my profile page. Not sure which demo content you’re looking for :)


beautiful work.. good luck!

This is a beautiful theme , but is there a social share built in for sharing posts and articles .

It was just an oversight. Will be adding shortly.

another question , on the post page , can i change the header background from blue to a background image . Thanks .

Yes, you can choose from any color in the Theme Options.

Really cool and modern! I’m shure you will make good sales. Good luck! :)

Thanks, hope so :)

This looks fantastic for one of my sites, though I have a couple questions:

- Does this theme support WooCommerce, or could you consider adding it in an update?

- Is there support for social profile icons in author bios at the bottom/side of posts, like you can see in the About The Author section at the bottom of this post?

I have a decent and growing number of guest writers for my magazine-ish site and it’s one way I want to thank them for contributions until I can start paying something decent. :)



I didn’t add WooCommerce on this one, but if I can enough requests I could add it.

I’ve not considered that, but will look into adding it.

Understand :)

Thanks! Justin

Hello. Love the look and feel of the theme. I’m considering buying but have a few questions.

1. Is there a boxed layout for the theme? 2. Can you have the header image on all pages/posts/ ? 3. Can the header image height be reduced ?

1. Yes, there is a boxed version that comes with the theme in the form of a child theme.

2. This is not built in, but could be added fairly easily.

3. Yes, this can be reduced in the Theme Options.

It smells like a best seller here… Congratulations!

That would be great, if you’re right :) Thanks for the comment :)

The bootstrap v2 grid I’m used to is 1170px (at least how I used it), what is the grid width (full width) for this BS v3 theme?

How closely does this item follow all the new TF theme requirements that will be going into effect? Particularly the ones where shortcodes are supposed to be injected into the site as a plugin rather than as theme / framework code?

Also, count me as a request for WooCommerce support! When you do so, please pay special attention to the checkout / cart pages. This is where authors seem to get “lazy” (don’t know how else to refer to it) about responsiveness down to 320px. It is possible to do it correctly as authors on here have shown. None of them BS3 themes though.


Thanks for the comments!

Yes, I’m using Bootstrap full width, since the grid is based on %. I altered the container to allow full width version (and a boxed version).

It follows closely. The plugins are combined in the initial installation and can be turned on/off. Though there is a required plugin for this particular theme that is auto installed on activation.

I’ll take that into account, thanks!


I noticed on all the posts that the text is repeated, with the repeat text starting with the boxed letter: e.g.

WooCommerce would be a great addition to an already stand out theme. BTW awesome options panel!

Justin, sorry to be a pain, but I’m pretty sure there is no option to turn off the repeat text issue in the options panel, or am i missing something here?

Also logging some custom work I need doing, once I have sussed everything out I will contact you via your profile page.

Looks like you’re right. I thought I had added that feature but it’s not in there. Shoot me an email through my profile page.

Thanks Justin

Hey Justin, did you have a chance to look at my email yet? Waiting on your response so we can launch our site – cheers in advance!

is there a way to add left sidebar under the rating . also can i change the header-wrap.nonfixed from solid color to image background. Thanks


It’s possible with a little bit of customization. I can see about adding the ability to add an image to the page headers in addition to the solid backgrounds. For the extra sidebar, you can email me and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks Justin