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Wow, this is fantastic work! Congratulations on a stellar theme. I have no doubt this will be very popular—glad to be an early adopter!

For anyone contemplating purchasing News Grid, this is the second siiimple theme I’ve purchased and I’m hugely impressed. It’s an easy 5 stars. The attention to detail is exemplary, e.g., the consistency between mobile and desktop displays; the sidr menu; and the smoothness of the animations. The theme options on News Grid are robust and really well thought out. It’s hands-down the best options interface I’ve worked with. But the thing that really makes me smile about siiimple themes is the rockstar support. I wish every author here were as lucid, personable, and responsive.

You’re crushing it, dude! Thanks a million.

P.S. While I’m at it, I’ll throw my vote in for WooCommerce and being able to use an image on the page header.

Thanks for such a nice comment. Really appreciated :)

Hi Siiimple,

I purchased the theme. Just a slight difficulty with uploading the theme.

When I try to activate the theme I get the following message.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_style_add_data() in /home/nickhugh/public_html/wp-content/themes/newsgrid/functions.php on line 113

Do you know why this may be happening? My hosting company said there may be some functions.php error?? I am unsure what all that means.

Please let me know?



Hey Nick,

Yes, thanks for pointing this out. It seems to be a backwards compatibility issue with this function. Shoot me an email and I can quickly send you the fix.

Thanks Justin

Thanks for the quick response Justin.

Email is



No problem :)

Minimal theme at it’s best with loads of irresistible features – looks like months of hard work. Hope you have a lot of sales, I appreciate your work.


do you have facebook box plugin (display like follower faces) ?


please, can you add “title category” just above “flex-viewport” and a class for current item ?

You can see en example here

It’s possible with a little customization. If you would like send me an email.

Thanks Justin

Yes i would like please ! I send you an email.

Do you have check your e-mail ?


i adore this theme!! Want so much to buy this…!!!

But I have a 27inch mac – and the right side MENU cannot be seen as the icon sits white on white – and the top image does not fit full screen as the video does.

Can you fix asap so I can buy! ;o) Sx

Whatever the size of your image, it will expand accordingly. Thanks for your interest!

Is there a recommended image width size for the top home page to accommodate a 27inch screen so that it fits the above the fold nicely in a 27inch iMac? It’s just otherwise the logo on the left is invisible :O( as is the menu icon on the right :O( if I don’t get it right. Thought it would have been set correct in the demo/instructions.

Also…is it at all possible to have the horizontal menu bar to sit sticky fixed to top of screen when it scrolls that far down? Would look awesome!

Yes, that’s a feature that can be turned on/off in the menu options.

I se you turned this on – awesome – one thing though the top image jumps in safari now this is on when you scroll. Other than that – buying today!!

PS /demo-hero-video/ not playing in firefox. Other than that still awesome all over!!!! ;o)

Need fixes then will buy!! As should the whole world as this is one cool theme!!

It’s because I didn’t put the ogv in the url. I will do that. Thanks!

Hi, theme looks pretty good and interesting. Also I would love the see a demo, where I can see a little more differences in features, pages and layout.. Cheers, Rupert

Is the demo not showing?

Any plans for WooCommerce or WMPL translation integration? Would you consider adding an advanced search feature such as

Looks like a great theme. Thanks! Tom

Hey Tom,

I’m considering adding the WooCommerce. Seems to be a fair number of requests for it. Now I just have to find the time ;) I’ll check out that advanced search feature.

Not much to say here other than I’ll be developing my hyper-zine with this theme… And count my vote for future WooCommerce support! Just one question about the blue nav bar button were it states News Grid. Is this text or can it be an image file with a link? Im thinking the logo can go there as well. Awesome work!

Thanks! Yes that can be either text or an image.

Excellent! Thank you for your response. Purchase=Done.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Any support for ads?

Not at the moment, though they can be added in the sidebar.


can you add “filtering” gallery or category please ?

I’ll look into it for a future update. Thanks!

How do you control “A Collection of Good Stuff” content or turn it off?

It’s under the Mosaic Section in the Theme Options. The section can only be removed manually, however. If you want, just send me an email and I can remove it. Next update I will include an option to have it removed.

Thanks! Justin


How to get the same presentation with your demo theme with “Premium Plugin to share posts” ?

Example my share button doesn’t display in the left sidebar


It should, though you need to be sure the plugin is activated. If you would like to send wp-admin details I can take a look.

Thanks Justin

I send you acces by mail

Loving this theme. I noticed that it does not show the same across browsers. It appears to be missing things for Internet Explorer. Will this be corrected? I’d like to know beforehand because I’d really like to buy this theme! It’s awesome!


I’ve not noticed anything missing in IE, but I can take a look again.


Follow UP .

Are we going to see an update soon to include the Left sidebar and the Post page header image background . Please update .

As soon as I can :) Lots of requests but I’ve taken note of them all.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks again .


the video page does not displayed correctly on Ipad (vidéo is very small and not playing), how to fix that ?

I see, I will have a look. It’s because it’s resizing to be proportional with the video itself. However, there is an adjustment that can be made. Will have a look.

Thanks! Justin

Could you add “autoplay” video ? I must click button “play” to view it.

Unfortunately, on iPad, iPhone they prevent an autoplay from occurring. The controls are there so it can be played if it’s set to autoplay on desktop. Hope that makes sense.


Such a bad ass theme! #Bookmarked Can’t wait to purchase! #BadAssSaleWishes Mate!