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I have a problem. When I add a gallery the images shown in the slideshow have a very bad quality altough the image is 2000px x 1000px. How can I fix this?


I’ve not noticed that being an issue with any test sites. If you could send me an email with an example I can take a closer look.

Thanks! Justin

The problem is in content-gallery.php / Line 44:

$src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $att, ‘mosaic’ );

should be

$src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $att, ‘single-page’ );

because “mosaic” has a maximum width of 330px.

Oh, I see, it’s in the content gallery. I was looking in the gallery template. Thanks for troubleshooting that. Much appreciated. I will make the change.



is possible to get the same “mi-slider” like in the homepage ?? I can pay you for that.


I’m not sure what slider that is. You could try MicroLancer to have someone add that to the theme. If the slider is available for purchase, then I’m sure it can be done :)


is possible to add “filtering gallery” ?

In a future update, it’s a possibility, yes, thanks! Justin

Any simple way to exclude posts from a specific category on “Section-Main” from Homepage?

Yes, it would take a little code editing in the main-section.php file. Could add an exclude=13 (13 being whatever your category id would be) in the query. If you need any help, just email me wp-admin details.

Thanks Justin

Hello…how do I import the dummy data to make it look like your demo sebsite?

If you’re wishing to import the dummy xml content, then go to Tools > Import > Click WordPress > Install Now > Activate > then upload the xml file provided in the original download folder of the theme files – XML Theme Data. That will import basic info/posts/etc.

To import the navigation dummy content, do the same for the plugin Kodda Menu 2+ > Backup Settings > import the txt file that comes in the folder Kodda_Menu_Settings in the original download folder.

Hope that helps :)


hello….there seems to be a problem with me setting up the dummydaya with menu. Can I send you credentials so that you can log in?

Sure, send it over.


I’ve not received it yet :) Be sure to send it through my profile page.

Thanks! Justin

Good Afternoon. I sent the email via your Siimple profile page. Please email em at if you did NOT receive it. The first one I sent was over an hour ago. I sent username, password an link to login page. Many thanks in advance sir! And again…VERY NICE theme…by far one of the best I have seen…

Got it :)


Is it possible to change the page header from a solid color to an image background? I tried working with the CSS logo code section but was only able to insert an image in the container of the logo background in the header.

Thank you!

Sure, send me an email :)

Looking into this theme but want to see some examples of people using it. Please share if you are using this theme live right now. Thank you!


Many thanks for the assistance in setting up my site. Here is my question: I noticed that the menu links back to your website. Is the dummydata available so that I can install those layouts on my website and then use my content to fill in the post and containers? I already have post but your post show up because all the links are to your page. I hope that does not sound too difficult..


No problem at all.

The links are in the Kodda Menu 2+ settings. So if you open Kodda Menu 2+ then pull down each menu item, you can see the links there, and change or delete them.

The dummy txt file should be in the main download folder under the Kodda Menu folder.

Hope that helps a bit!

Thanks Justin

Hello, I plan to buy this theme. But will it work off the box with little hassle? OI have bought some themes in the past that didn’t. I like to have little work to make it look like what I want. How about support after purchase? Thanks

Thanks for your interest :)

I support all my themes as best I can. It has XML file to download data, and txt file to easily upload examples of the mega menu. I spent a good amount of time on the documentation so hopefully it is easy to setup for even a novice user. However, since every user is different, it’s tough to say.

Thanks so much, Justin

Hi! Great theme! Just waiting for WPML… ;)


1) Is there a feature to create a video gallery like this that makes the video pop out and play? When you click on video it pops out to play and the width is unlimited with an option to make it fullscreen –

2) Is there a widescreen video option like this for HD videos? – or

3) Is there an option to add featured posts above on pages, portfolios and posts like this? –

4) Is there an image-lightbox feature for photos like the “cute girl hairstyle”? –

5) Is there a scroll to top feature?

6) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio grid fullwidth option like this? –

7) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio masonry fullwidth option like this?

8) Is there a Metro Slider option like this for blog posts, videos, and portfolio? –

9) Is there an option to add images to menu?

10) When a viewer search for items does the results display photos with the text?

1. This feature isn’t available because the lightbox isn’t attached to any posts other than in the Mosaic section.

2. I’m not familiar with this option, but can look into it.

3. Featured images are available for each post/page, but that are attached to the image that is being shown in the post featured image.

4. Only in the Mosaic section, but can be added.

5. In the next update this will be added.

6. Yes, this is possible by choosing a category for each gallery page.

7. Also available, but not the masonry option at this time.

8. No, but the plugin could be added.

9. Yes.

10. Yes.

Ok. Great. Many thanks!

Is it possible to make the large image on the main page your latest post, or at least to choose a featured post? Can that also be a slider?

I’d like to convert our site to this theme. It’s beautiful!


Yes, that’s possible. There is a slider option, which pulls from categories. To make it is the latest post would require a small bit of editing, but I could help out. Just let me know when you need it and shoot me an email.

Thanks Justin

Marvelous theme…my questions are similar to ashirion above regarding specific video options/customization. Also, it looks like the ‘video section’ on the home page is a widget…? If so, can it be used on any page format such as full width with any number of items displayed…and paginated?

Great, thanks…forgot one other question…does the theme have any ad widgets for header, sidebars or content areas…?

No ad widgets at this time.

1. I have most of the theme options working as expected, however, I need to use custom post types in widgets, home sections, carousel, etc. what do I need to do to enable CPT use…? BTW, clicking on a taxonomy in ‘tag cloud’ will display the CPT in Archive view… 2. I successfully confirmed my purchase on the support site but never received a login email…not in junk folder…


I noticed that my carasoul section does not work.

Here is an example:

Any clues? It does not matter which category or number I set it to. Also, in future updates, will you have shortcodes for the sections you have on the front page so that we can build a customized page? My client wants to use a different slider for the home page but I try to give him that I lose the nice layout design. Like perhaps there could be a way to disable the Hero area and also have a Text module that you can enable to add HTML or Shortcodes.

Shoot me an email, there is a correction I can help with.

Thanks! Justin


I’m planning to buy this theme, I just have a couple of questions.

1) On your homepage you have a photos block and a videos block. Could I amend this to display custom post types?

2) Could I create a page (for example /houses) which has some content on and then a block underneath like your page which displays posts from a specific post type or category?

I guess what I’m asking is are these blocks customisable shortcodes or widgets, or are they hard coded?


Each of these sections pulls from post categories. So you don’t have to have video or photos in any section. You could use a custom post but that would have to be changed in the template file to pull those posts. Not that difficult but would require some minor customization.

Hope that helps! Justin

It answers my first question, but on the second one is it possible I want to build a page that has some text above it and then content blocks underneath.

Do I need to make a custom page template or can I use a short code?

Is there some kind of test admin I can have a quick look at?

I think I understand. The gallery page template is hard coded, yes. It’s a page template. Though the WordPress gallery shortcode should be available for that purpose. There’s not a test admin setup, unfortunately. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to help out.

Thanks Justin

Hi for some reason my title and post content appears before my featured image and after. Even on the demo I notice it does this. How do I get rid of this, I just want the title once at the top, then featured image and then my content.

Also the featured image is getting pixelated when a with white background image. Even on the demo there is a couple of examples of it doing this on white background images. How can I get it not to distort my images like this as they are fine before upload.



Yes, that’s intended as a intro the text below. There is an option to turn that off in the Theme Options under Home Settings (bottom option).

If you could send me an email with an example I will be happy to take a look :)

Thanks Justin

Hi Justin

Managed to get rid of the intro, its still showing the title above and below the featured image. I can live with it but would prefer it to only have the title once.

What I mean with the image its goes like the one you have in the demo here It turns the white background to be pixalated and looks bad on a site with loads of images with white backgrounds which mine is going to have.

The image itself is fine when you click on the post its just when its a thumbnail for the featured posts and latest posts it shows as pixalated. Is there a way to not have it look like this and remain clear and white for the thumbnails.


I believe that was an issue corrected in an earlier version. Just send me an email and I’ll sort it out.

Thanks Justin

Why is the theme not having options to control the layout of the homepage. I thought the layout was entirely out of shortcodes, but not having that option is ridiculous. I wouldnt have bought this theme if this was the case. Tell me if theres any alternative method to customise the layout to other than the 8 layouts provided by the default.

I wasn’t aware someone else had asked that question. My answer would have been the same. Layout builders are generally advertised in the description area, and I apologize if you misunderstood the structure of the theme. Nevertheless, I’m happy to help out in anyway I can. To remove the these sections would require some basic file editing. Go to index.php and find section-video and section-photo and you can remove them by deleting those lines. As for the drop cap that is located in the style.css. Go to line 1554 and delete the class that is styling the first letter.

Thanks Justin

thank you for the fast support. One Last query. The latest articles section is not showing the featured image. Its just showing “image” as a blue text., thats it.

Shoot me an email with a link to the site and I will take a look.

Thanks Justin

Theme is just amazing for WordPress, May I get HTML based template instead of WordPress theme?

Thank you