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Great theme, imho. But there are some bugs, though. I test it on a local server to set it up before replacing my current one and it keeps telling me in Appearance – Install Plugins to install Meta Box + Recent Posts Widget Extended, even if they are installed and active. Another thing would be that i would like Sidr menu to appear on the left side, not on the right. I already have a sidebar on the right. Do you know how to fix these?

Check your spam box and tell me what to do. Thanks.

entry-thumbnail is not posted on the first page. Just tell me how to enable it.

If the entry thumbnail is not showing, it could be because it is too small for the area – and the resizer has ignored it.

Hi , is it possible to have infinite scrolling in home page ?


It can be done with some customization.

Thanks Justin

I successfully confirmed my purchase on the support site but never received a login email…not in junk folder either…followed up with an email a day or two ago. A few questions:

1. Should the home header photo automatically get resized…even scaled up for larger screens…? It does not scale up or down which it should for smaller devices…?

2. How would I change the mosaic behavior so each links to their post rather than only as a popup for the image…

3. How do I change the style of the Pretty photo container to square corners, not round…

I’m not sure why that would be occurring regarding the login email. I will have to look into it.

1. It will scale down for smaller devices. If you are having an issue with that, send me an email with your site so I can see it in action. It should definitely scale.

2. This can be changed in the file itself, though when you add a title or text to the image itself, it will link to the post. Changing the behavior beyond that would require some alteration in the code. Just send me an email.

3. This can be altered in either the css or the jquery that controls the pretty photo styling.

Thanks Justin

As I become more familiar with your design, it becomes clear how elegant and logical your work is.

We are upgrading an existing site with lots of custom post types – here is the link to the new version:

I’ve got the 2 meta options showing in the CPT’s but not yet gotten the loops to include them in the sections, widgets, etc.

If you can point me in the right directions (#2 and #3 above), I might be able to make some progress…thanks in advance.

Thanks for your comment. Nice of you to say.

To accomplish what you want, it’s necessary to edit the various queries in the sections to include your custom post types. I can help out. Just send me an email through my profile page and I can point you in the right direction.

Thanks Justin

Quick Question,

In the hero section, I want the slides to actually be animated…as in slide from Left to right or fade. Is that possible? Also, is there a shortcode for the Hero slider. For example, if on another page I wanted to have the video hero slider is that possible. Lastly, does the video for the hero section take youtube or vimeo links?

Many thanks!


There’s not a shortcode available at the moment, but can look at adding it in the future. Which slides did you want to be animated, the flexslider?

Thanks Justin

hello, how can i have my youtube videos or vimeo be placed in the Hero Video? My videos exceed the 25mb limit

yes the flex slider. not a slider if there is no animation.

Sorry, but the 4 photo on the up of the Home Page Example? Are You put in the controlAdminPanel?



Not sure exactly. Just send me an email with an example of the issue and perhaps I’ll have a better idea.

Thanks! Justin

Hi Justin, whats the changes in the new update? im too lazy to download and see the changelog.

It’s some basic bug issues resolved with layout in the gallery and also the latest version of Kodda Menu.

Hi there, I absolutely love this theme!

Just wondering if I want some customization done, is it possible? Like I can send you guys a digital mock up of how I would like the features to be shown on the Homepage and you guys can customize it for me? It is just the way I hope the stuffs will show up on the Homepage, the rest is pretty much what I would want in a theme.

Let me know! Thanks :)



Yes, customization is available. There’s hourly fee. If you’re interested, just shoot me an email via my profile page and I can give you a quote.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks for the prompt reply Justin!! Will do so! ;)


Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble with excerpts showing on single pages. How can this be resolved?


It can be turned off in the Theme Options. Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings > to the bottom there is an option to turn on/off excerpts.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks Justin! One last question (I totally forgot to ask before). I’m using “Template Home (Main)” for the homepage, but I would like to disable the “Collection of Good Stuff”. Can I do so in the Theme Options, or does this require a bit of coding?

It would require just a small bit of coding. Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help out.

I’ve got a pre-sales questions.

Can I make single pages and use shortcodes to create an ‘about us’ page or anything else, and is there an option to hide the sidebar on this page? Also can I customize the homepage with more stuff, text blocks and other codes?

I would like to put ads in the header on all pages except for the homepage. Would this require extensive theme modification?

Is there more customization to the flexslider, or does text have to be in the middle with optional buttons. Also can this be anything, or does it have to be a post? Or does the flexslider only give you options to select which posts for the slider and automatically populate the text/buttons?

It seems that the left hover social icons on the homepage on the slider covers some of the left arrow button. Can these icons be hidden?

Finally, I would like to delete the 4 bottom columns or put ads inside them? I look forward to hearing from you!


The front page has options of layout and structure, but not options to allow for widgetized areas other than the specified sidebar area. Adding a widgetized area to specific parts or sections of the home page is certainly doable with a little customization.

No, it wouldn’t be too much customization.

The text over the flexslider is determined in the Theme Options. You can not show it or you can have it a different font or color or position. If you want to arrange it any differently, it possible to do so via the Custom CSS area which is available in the Theme Options.

Yes, no problem :)

And yes, that’s possible. Just send me an email about the 4 bottom columns.

Thanks! Justin

I installed this theme, but it’s not working on the website! I tried several times, but still can’t see any change. Please let me know is there any other link for this theme that I can download and upload on WordPress? Thank you

There’s no answer?! I’m in hurry!


Be sure to install the correct folder. If you install the general folder, with the documentation, licenses, etc. it will not install properly. Feel free to send me an email via my profile page, and I will be happy to help out with any questions.

Thanks Justin

Looks great! Do you have a link to a demo installation of the boxed version? I really like the all-out look but would like to compare it with the boxed version.

Not at the moment. I’m looking to set that up, it’s just been a matter of finding the spare time :)

Thanks for your interest! Justin

could be translate on french ? thx

Yes, the mo/po translation files are available for that.

Thanks Justin

I’ve got a problem with main manu : Kodda Menu 2+ “save setting” => “[object Objects]” :(

the modsec2 was instaled without any parameters on my server… have got other way to soluce [object Objects] probleme with News Grid :( ? (i found only one other guy on Google got the same probleme [object Objects], and is with “News Grid” theme – now we are 2 :( I really need Kodda Menu 2 because this is my main menu :(

As far as I know, this is only an issue related to Mod Security and the Kodda Menu. I can check with the plugin author but the last time I contacted him about it he simply said it was a mod security issue – not related to the theme. Feel free to send me an email with any questions.

finaly Kodda Menu is On, problem with my php.ini – NOW i got other bing problem ;) For “type post” menu, kodda list post “don’t Publish”... how i can setup to use only published post ?

thanks for your help, now i need to known how to put different picture on HP than on article page, like your Live Demo ? and hpw to put class=”img-responsive” on my picture “a la une” on HP ? Look my site


Add this to your Custom CSS or your style.css file:

header.entry-header img { display: inline-block; height: auto; max-width: 100%; }

Also, if you get a chance to rate the theme, under the download tab, that would be awesome :)

For sure i will rate this one, but just before I need one more help for another point, the Google Plus counter doesnt print any number :(


Depends on which version of the plugin you have. The latest version should be available in the download, but if you want you can send me an email via my profile page.

Thanks Justin

it’s last one – Version 2.7.1

Go ahead and shoot me an email.

Thanks Justin

Hi, a few of the thumbnails on my homepage aren’t resizing correctly. Also is there an option to not display the featured image thumbnail on the post page?




Feel free to send me an email via my profile page. The reason some images are not showing on the home area is because they are smaller than the prescribed dimensions that the image resizing script is looking for. There is a simple adjustment that will allow upsizing of smaller images, though, technically it’s probably preferable to use larger sized images for better quality, especially if you want to have retina displays. Just send me an email, though and I’ll be happy to help out :)

Thanks! Justin

Hi, you can send me a fully wordpress configuration like your preview?

Thank you


You can send me an email. There is a xml file available in the downloaded files, if that is what you’re referring to.

Thanks Justin

Hi Justin My blog consists of two things, audio music posts, and other posts which only contain an image. I separate and display all the audio posts under one category and all of the images in another category. I would like for the traditional blog to host all of the pictures and the grid layout blog to host the music. Is there a way I can have two blogs to display the different categories in different formats? If not is there a way to have a page display all posts that pertain to a certain catagory?? Thanks in advance.

Im trying to make a page that lists posts in a certain category in the grid format like the blog has if that helps. Is there a way to do this? Kind of like an archive page but prettier.

I totally missed this comment. Just send me an email via my profile page, and a link to your site, and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks Justin

No worries, I thought maybe it hadn’t gone through. Sending an email over now, thanks a ton! -Kel

Hi Justin,

Love your NewsGrid theme. For the video Hero display at the top of the homepage, is it customizable to have a video without that filter and without that text on top? We’d like a video prominently displayed in that spot that people can watch right away.


Thanks for your quick reply!

Hi Justin—I was able to remove the text but I’m not able to remove the filter at the top. Am I looking in the wrong settings? Thanks.

Just shoot me an email :)

Hi! I would like to buy the theme but i’m worried about the version, when will be able for the new wordpress version 3.7?


Yes, it’s compatible :) Just updated the version at ThemeForest. Thanks!