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Hi there!

I just purchased this theme and its awesome. The only thing I’m struggling with is trying to set up the main homepage layout. I can see the home layout 2,3,4,5,6 and 7, but I can’t see the main one, which is the one that is most suitable to my needs. How can I make it happen?

Any help would be highly appreciated.



Hey Andres,

Happy to help, just send me a wp-admin details to and I’ll help out :)

Thanks! Justin

in header when I hover on social icons tooltip is buggy. It’s flickering :)

The menu is Kodda Menu 2+ – I’ve not noticed that issue. Which browser are you using so I can do some testing.

Thanks Justin

Hi! i have bought this amazing theme, everithing its ok. But with plugin Facebook Comments by fat panda, comments appear above footer, can you help me? sorry my english isn’t good

Sure, send me an email via my profile page and I’ll help out :) If you get a chance to rate the theme that would be awesome!

Thanks! Justin

Thank you i fixed problem adding time interval to eqHeight function, i wrote an article about this

Hi! I am trying to add “FV Community News” plugin into the homepage(above the footer area). The plugin can be activated via widget & shortcode. Can you please tell me how to add it to the homepage?

Thanks a lot!!

Try going to footer.php and add the shortcode at the top (just after the php code). And add via this:

Hi !

Awesome theme, where can we translate in French ?

Like ” ByNutriboss Posted in Diététique 0 Avg Rating”

thx !

Hi, That could be altered in the siiimple plugin. If you would like, send me an email via my profile and I can help out.

Thanks Justin

I just wanted to say I’m thoroughly impressed with Siiimple’s level of customer support. Justin has answered all of our questions about customizations and has surpassed my expectations of theme support.

I also really love the theme design—so sleek and modern, but also fits the needs of a news publisher like us. I’m so satisfied with this purchase and the developer behind this theme that I would consider other Siiimple themes in the future.

Thank you, Vignesh R. -Peninsula Press

This is perfect, but I want to put some ads/banners. Is that possible?

This theme is solid, looks and works great on browsers and devices. I found a small bug with the first letter in posts being slightly raised (out of alignment with the rest of the word).

So I sent the author an email after business hours, and to my amazement received a response 2 mins later. He had a look at my installation and executed a fix within 20 minutes. I would give it 5 stars just based on the excellent level of customer service alone! Great Job!

Hi, I like the theme overall, but have a few questions/problems. I made a child theme, but found that some mods have to be made to the main theme. 1: Is there an easy way to use Typekit fonts instead of Google? I can get it to work, but have to override most elements with the !important, which is not best practice. (The best would be to stop the !important overrides that are put on the Google fonts. Where are those applied?) 2: I want three columns in the grid on the front page. I managed to add it by adding and using lg-4 for the width of the element. However I haven’t found the place that controls the border-left, so it doesn’t add up right now. (border vs noborder classes). Where is the archive_border(); function defined? 3: I have added a languages folder with the .po and .mo-files, but it doesnt seem to use those. Could you provide a guide for using language files? 4: In the single post layout, I would like for the top stories (div.stories) to gather latest post from the same category, rather than having to define it in the backend. I assume this is using the single-stories.php? Ideas for modding this?


Hey tjwang,

Happy to help.

1. You can remove the google fonts option which is in the custom-css.php file. Those options, which originate from the Theme Options, are inserted in the header.php to make them more “important” than other styles. So you can edit that file to remove the Google Fonts.

2. The archive_border function is found in the Siiimple plugin file that is installed upon activation of the theme. It’s a requirement of ThemeForest to add these functions in a plugin format.

3. The language mo/po files can be found in the downloaded folder – in the Translation folder.

4. Yes, that’s possible. It would require editing the loop to draw from category from the post itself dynamically. It’s doable, but it would require some customization. I’ve not done this particular customization as of yet.

Thanks! justin

Hi, How to re-order the different sections on the homepage, please?


Just create a new page, then choose the different home page template in the page attribute. After that, go to Settings > Reading > and set that page as your home page.

Thanks! Justin

Hi, Nice theme, interested in purchasing. Just a quick question on the features – is it possible to change the colors of the box background and post titles and content? Am interested in purchasing if that feature is there.

Thank you!


Are you referring to these sections:


Awesome theme! I’m having trouble with a few things related to the Kodda menu and homepage layout. Is there an email address I can send my questions to?

Thanks! Rebecca

Sure, just send it via my profile page contact form. Bottom right corner on my profile page.

Thanks! Justin

Hi there,

I just purchase your theme, and it’s work great… I’ve setup the contact page, but i don’t know where is the message send to.

i use my email address in Wordpress general setting (admin email) but the mail is not coming to my email.

Is there any other setting for the contact form?

It should work with the admin email. If you could, just send me an email I will double check it. You can contact me via my profile page contact form (bottom right).

Thanks! Justin


I really like your news grid wordpress theme but i have some questions before purchasing it:

1. Is it possible to have an admin demo?, i would like to see how am I gonna see the controls in the backend and the customizable options. If not, is there a 30 day guarantee or so? 2. I really would like to see how this theme loads on mobile. I tried on my iphone but I think things look really small, I even think that it would be a good idea to remove the top only for mobile. Also, is it possible to customize the way my website is displayed on mobiles? Currently the website only shows itself on a smaller version, i think that is not reformating 3. When using the Hero Slider is it possible to change the time between slides? 4. I wonder about the load time, I tried to load the demo on the themeforest interface on my PC but I think it loads a little bit slowly. When loading it on my iphone it is really slow. I wonder if this is because its a “demo” and not a real website. 6. Is it possible to get an IOS and Android App made from this website, the only thing I need is an App that notificates the user when I upload new content and displays a menu of posts. 5. And finally, what is bootstrap and what can I do with it?

Hope to hear from you soon, I just need these answers to make my purchase, Thanks =)


Sorry for the delay. I’ve been catching up.

As of now, there is no admin demo available. If you would like to send me an email, I can arrange something though. There’s no 30 day guarantee per ThemeForest rules.

It’s possible to remove items in mobile, yes. I can show you how to do it, if you prefer.

Yes, it’s possible to change the timing between slides.

The demo has a lot of excess in it that wouldn’t be necessary in a normal site.

I’m not sure about these apps, unfortunately.

Bootstrap is a framework. You can read about it here:

Thanks! Justin

Thanks Justin I´ve sent you a mail I would really like to arrange something for the admin demo and to check out how to customize the mobile version, I am willing to purchase, thanks

Hi Justin, how can we fix the lenght of the text at the top of the post and under small image in category page ?

and here

You can turn that off in Theme Options. Go to home settings > at the bottom of the page there is an option. If you need any help, just email via my profile page.

Thanks Justin

I cant saveAllChanges in ThemaOption… Plese help me

Is there an error notice? Try disabling any plugins and see if there is a conflict.

Thanks Justin

There are actually not any Error and any conflict. Do I need to install some plugin else?

No, you don’t need to install anything else. If you would like, send me an email via my profile page and add your wp-admin details and I can get a better look at what’s occurring.

Thanks! Justin

Hi Justin, recently I made a forum entry and you offer to show me the admin panel with the current options and how to customize the theme´s mobile version. I´ve sent you a mail but I don´t know if that is the correct place, but in case you need my email adress, is currently in your inbox under the ADMIN TRY REQUEST subject. Another thing I would really really like is to see a real website using your theme, I hope that to be possible, thanks man

Hi, Justin I just wonder if its a good idea to use your theme with wordpress 3.8, would you recommend it? Are you planning to upload any update soon?



Yes, it’s compatible :)

Thanks Justin


great theme, can you tell me if the background and editable with a picture (framed page)?

thank you

The background can be altered, yes :)

Thanks! Justin

Going to buy it, is it compatible with latest wordpress version ? Also, can we use html/text widgets or custom shortcode/widgets on homepage ? I use chatbox and FB likebox/stream etc. kind of widgets which could really blend well with the layout.

^^ Damn dont the linebreaks work in comments ?

8. How to show the author name/info here ? Is it a bug or intended to show just his avatar ? 9. Disqus comment system not properly dispayed :( This is a major need not just for me but I believe for many –


1. Yes, it is.

2. Yes, most all plugins are compatible (unless the plugin is poorly written)

3. In the sidebar section this is possible, but not in the specific areas like the featured sections.

4. That’s unusual. It looks like a particular conflict with a plugin. Have you tried disabling any plugins to see if there is a conflict?

5. You can just dismiss this notice. It’s an issue with the activation plugin, not with the theme.

6. It’s possible but the best is to do it manually in a photoshop or upload it to the WordPress media and crop it there. Then take the url of your image from the media area and use it in your featured section.

7. If you’re using the original home page layout, there is no need to change the settings in the Reading area. If you’re using a different home page layout, such that are available with the theme, then you can create a page, then select it in the Settings > Reading area. Hope that helps :)


4. Nvm it was browser’s resolution, after resetting it WP options are now fine
6. I meant that the featured image looks way stretched as the flex slider’s image size is way too big, many users are saying the slider feels as a full page itself.

8. How to show the author name/info here ? Is it a bug or intended to show just his avatar ?
9. Disqus comment system not properly dispayed :( This is a major need not just for me but I believe for many – Also there is a problem where the page’s height breaks same way if we use tabs/collapses with large content. Check this post and then collapse the Screenshot area and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see what I mean. I think this is happening because theme uses a fixed length for post content container which is exceeded when a collapsable is opened. Also, for some reasons tabs not working, they break the post/page layout