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Hi, does the home page have to display the slider at the top?

OK thanks, can that be disabled though so we just have the menu and page content?

Yes, it can be removed easily. I will be happy to help, just shoot me an email via my profile page.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks alot, just one final question..

Can widgets be added to the left sidebar area?

Great looking theme and perfect for our next project i think.

Hello, them is very cool^ but I have 2 questions: 1) Can I make picture on the top smaller? 2) It’s able to add endless infinite scroll feature?

Thanks and best regards

Hi, These customizations are possible, yes. The picture at the top can be adjusted easily, adding the infinite scroll would require some additional customization.

thanks! Justin

Hi Justin just one basic question: I purchased your theme but before I activated it on the official website I would like to try it on a domain I registered for some testing, I have the basic license, so may I use your theme in the testing domain, then de-activated on that domain in order to activate it on my official website?

Yes, that’s no problem :) Good luck with your project!

Hi, are there any shortcodes (like to handle columns, accordions…) or section management in this theme? Also, on the demo site, in Features/Unlimited galeries menu, when I click on a picture in the gallery, nothing happens, no image opens. Thanks.

Thanks for your interest!

Hi, Yes there are shortcodes. Here’s a page of examples:

It’s possible to add a lightbox effect to those images, if that is preferable, it’s just not currently an option.

Thanks! Justin

Thanks Justin. However, where can we see the handling of the [gallery] native Wordpress shortcode in the demo site ? Thx.

Hi. I need to translate theme to spanish and russian. Can you do it? But the main is… I also need some buttons to switch languages (english, spanish & russian).

Hi, Yes, it’s possible using the mo/po files provided. Also you can remove the preview text in the Theme Options > Home Settings > Turn off excerpt text on single pages. To not comment on particular pages/post you can deactivate that on individual pages and posts by going to the Screen Options on new post or page (top right corner) select Discussion, and disable comments. Hope that helps :)


One more question. How can I delete preview text on top of the certain post and how to delete possibility to comment also in the certain post ?

4. Nvm it was browser’s resolution, after resetting it WP options are now fine
6. I meant that the featured image looks way stretched as the flex slider’s image size is way too big, many users are saying the slider feels as a full page itself.

8. How to show the author name/info here ? Is it a bug or intended to show just his avatar ? 9. Disqus comment system not properly dispayed :( This is a major need not just for me but I believe for many – Also there is a problem where the page’s height breaks same way if we use tabs/collapses with large content. Check this post and then collapse the Screenshot area and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see what I mean. I think this is happening because theme uses a fixed length for post content container which is exceeded when a collapsable is opened. Also, for some reasons tabs not working, they break the post/page layout
10. Also, whenever I share any post on facebook, they are not using the proper og:image tag and the post’s featured image but uses a different random image of previous post or the slider

Also, sorry it may round rude since you might be busy and its just me feeling so, but atm I am regretting buying the theme due to lack of support. Its UI is really good but the support offerred for bugs and problems is reallly not good. The above questions were asked in my previous comment like 1 week ago on page 5, last comment


Happy to help out.

Support over the last few weeks is limited because of the holiday season. Also, most of my support is handled via the support forum The comment system here isn’t ideal to get issues resolved quickly because of its inherent limitations. Feel free to post on the forum, and/or shoot me an email via my profile page. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Made a forum post/thread

Hi Justin. I wanted to get some customization. I would like to have a wide featured image that spans across the top with the content below it and the author information on the left column. Can you let me know if this is possible to make the Title and Header Image span larger across the page to take up two columns instead of the middle column. Thanks in advance!

Or even If I can make the blog template as wide as the page template.. that would be helpful

Feel free to send me an email via my profile page :)


Just have a question before confirming buy this great theme. Does this theme support iPad and iPhone?

I tried to open the demo by iPad Air and iPhone 5S Safari, it keeps crashing.


Thanks for your interest!

I’m not experiencing that issue. I will keep troubleshooting to see if I can recreate it, though. As of now, I don’t see it occurring.

Thanks! Justin

Do you mean that your phone / tablet does not have any problem?

Is there a change log for the latest version so I know where to update.


Yes, it will appear at the bottom of the item info. Should be updated shortly. The last update fixed an issue related to the tabs shortcode. If you would like that fix, it’s available via the download page or you can just shoot me an email.

Thanks! Justin

Is the sidebar width adjustable? How wide is it?


The grid is built on Bootstrap grid framework, which is percentage based. It’s approximately 25% width. It can be adjusted, but would be done manually by editing the grid.

Thanks! Justin

Great theme! I need to add some code to the meta are on the top left of post pages where the rating, category and author info shows up. What file do I edit?

Thank much

Another question – Is there a way to apply one of the blog templates to a single categories’ archive? Or make a page using one of the blog templates and only show one category on that page?

Yea, it’s possible. Shoot me an email with wp-admin details to and I will see if I can help out.

Thanks! Justin

Done. Thanks.

Hello, it seems like the video section on homepage is not showing posts from specified category correctly – instead of that it just shows most recent posts with a preview image/oembed video added. In my specified category there are only videos (a lot of them), but still any recent posts with a preview image get into the video section on homepage too :/ Could you check it please?

I got no response from you (again) – did you get it please?..

I’ve responded to all support requests. Perhaps you should let me know what name to look for, but I’ve not received a response I’ve not answered.

Ok, just sent you a new message with my nickname on themeforest, in case you cant really see it when I use the contact form on your profile page, which is weird. Please check ASAP

HI Justin,

sent you couple of emails, waited 109 days, no answer. Register on your support forum, send you my purchase code, but still not allowed to post.

Spent a few days on it already, I am not able to get the slider to work and need help. :( Will be happy to pay anyone that can set it up correctly for me.

sorry meant 10 days

Must have been lost in the shuffle. Feel free to resend the email.

Thanks Justin

AMAZING and feature-packed theme that breaks the mold from the crowd of similar-looking ideas. Very nicely laid-out clean design internal pages/blog pages with extremely configurable posts slider above. Best suited for blogs or websites with a lot of content. Many ways to creatively organize your content. I am using it as a landing page + blog for my website

Tips: To omit top slider/parallax/video: set content type to slider and select (or create) an empty category. Theme will not display an empty slider, so Kodda menu appears at top. Suggest you make Hero images 1920×1080 and blog post featured images 720×480 for optimal scaling up and down (would like to see recommended sizing added to documentation).

Would also like to see options for omitting certain sections (or perhaps a couple additional templates which omit certain sections) and the option to remove and/or add graphics to persistent header. Love the Kodda menu (which costs $$ to purchase separately). Excellent support. A great value.

Just wondering if the response I got from Support was automated? I sent login access to [email removed] over 3 days ago but have heard nothing back since. I love the theme, it was just what I was looking for but it’s not working correctly and joy of buying it is giving way to disappointment, the feeling of being left in the lurch and an increasingly heavy heart. Could someone just make contact please.

Happy to say Justin contacted me shortly after I posted this and has helped solve all the little problems I was having with the theme. It works fine now and I’m completely delighted with it. Thanks again!

Hi. I purchased this theme and is great. However, there are a couple things I need to modify.

1. I’m using the Flexslider home layout but the excerpt text is showing first a url and then the text content of the post. I haven’t figured out why this is happening. 2. I need the slides of a gallery post to be able to open the image in a lightbox style, but the slides are not clickable. 3. I want to eliminate the section of ‘A collection of Good Stuff’ at the bottom. How can I do that? Thanks!

Great, send me an email via my profile page and I can help out!

Thanks! Justin

Thanks! I just sent you the email.

Hi, I have some problem with slide gallery in the gallery format page. The next and prev button don’t work properly with firefox.


Shoot me an email and I’ll help out.

Thanks! Justin

Is the Mosaic Image Slider feature in this theme available as a plugin?

Yeah, but is the Mosaic Image Slider feature in this theme available as a plugin?

It’s not a plugin that is necessary to have installed. The functionality of the script is part of the theme, though the plugin offers different options in the admin area. This only offers basic options.

Thanks. You have improved this plugin greatly with your additions. It lacks some of the essential features you’ve added such as being able to choose a category. Great work.

Hello…love this theme! I was looking to purchase for a project but find that when I attempt to view in Ipad and iPhone – Safari crashes. I have the most current IOS and updates. Any thoughts?

Great, thanks!

I’ve not noticed that, unfortunately. I’ve tested it on Safari iphone 4s with the current IOS as well and it doesn’t crash for me. If I could recreate the issue, I’d be happy to take a look.