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Hi! I got a simple questions (I think) I designed my menu with the KoddaMenu and everything is fine just one problem. How can I add some space between the tabs, instead of having something like this… Home Products I have HomeProducts, everything is too close, I copied and paste all the settings you provide with the demo and changed just the tab names and the social icons archives, am I missing something? I didnt use the import settings options because I think this imports some archives from your site like the social icons (I don´t know if this is the only thing that is imported from your site, if this is true I wouldnt mind using this option) Thanks =)

Sure, just shoot me an email via my profile contact form with wp-admin details and I can help out :)

Hi Justin… I am trying to add an Infinite Scroll function to the homepage. I did some research and by now I think I just need to indentify some CSS selectors… could you give advice with the following? nextSelector: Selector for the “previous posts” link. navSelector: Containing selector for the previous/next navigation links. itemSelector: Selector for posts. This might be .hentry, .post, .etc contentSelector: Containing div for your posts.

I think that is not possible to add this feature using the provided homepage template becaeuse they dont have pagination (I am right?) so I am currently using the blog template =)

Yes, pagination would need to be added to the home page section to add the infinite scroll to it. If you would like, you can send me an email with a link and wp-admin details and I can take a closer look at your blog template. Thanks!

Hi =) just updated my theme but I got confused with my archives, just wondering… which is the latest update? is it Newsgrid version 1.4? Please correct if I am wrong but I think that in onder to update the theme I just need to use an FTP and overwrite the whole newsgrid directory inside root/wp-content/themes?

Yes, that’s correct. Just delete the old theme, and replace it with the new, updated version.

Thanks! Justin

Hi I have just purchased NewsGrid – great theme. If I ever want to add ecomm which plugin would you suggest?


This one is reliable:



I do have 1 issue after installing the theme (which had to be manually) – issue with the kodda menu plugin – i get an “object object” error on save which apparently has to do with a mod-security setting. Is that something that my host needs to be contacted about or is there a fix?

why I’m I getting this error :

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I just paid for this , come on yo really!!!!!!

ok i’ll try that

how can I get the different layouts

so my site can look like the demo

Ok Justin

Now I’ve uploaded the theme and all the plugins and my sites coming up skinny now and nothing like the demo , can you please fix this issue , I sent you a email regarding this along with the WordPress log in info please fix asap my email is :

I would like the theme to look like the demo


Unfortunately this isn’t a service that I can provide for the purchase of the theme. Please read through the documentation and it takes you through the setup process step-by-step.

thanks Justin

From the images you pasted, it looks like you’re using the child theme. That is “skinny” because it’s a more narrow width (960px) boxed layout. If you use the non-child theme, you will have the layout as you see in the demo.

Thanks Justin

hello I’m interested in buy your amazing theme I have one question. can I install woocommerce to sell pictures and art? and I also would like to integrate a profile page of any artist that is on display



I’ve not integrated woocommerce with it, but it has been reported that others have done so. Adding a profile page shouldn’t be a major addition but would require some minor customization to get it as you would prefer.

Thanks! Justin

Hi Justin, how can I add a fixed height and overflow to the collapse shortcode? Which div should I point to, if you could give me the selector (.collapse xxx) that would be nice, thanks… also how can I set the button links to be nofollow?


Not sure about the fixed height. You can try doing that via css? I’ve not done it before, but it could be possible. The no follow option would be necessary to add that in the actual code that controls the shortcode. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


ok I will try to figure out with CSS, another question: I am using a button to link to my mailchimp singup form but for some reason the server is trying to find the link I typed inside my domain when actually is an outbound link, what should I do?

Hi – The Video embed doesnt display the video on the post page for example

Am I missing something?

Try using the embed url. If you would like, I can take a look and put in an example. Just send me an email via my profile page.

Thanks Justin

Thanks I mailed you logins

Hello, I just purchased your theme and I am trying to follow the instructions you have written. Step one was a bit confusing for a WP newbie to follow as I have no idea what you mean by “navigate to wp-content” when someone like myself has installed WP via a hosting service, so I did not believe I had a need to download the files onto my desktop. If you recommend doing this for a certain reason I will definitely do so. Even with the confusion, I believe I have done what I needed to for step-one. Step two is what is confusing me. You refer to a folder titled “theme-files-news-grid”. Unfortunately, no such folder exists with this name. I do however have a folder name “Upload files (your theme resides in here” and within that I have one named “Newsgrid” with a yellow dot next to it. Inside of “NewsGrid” I see no such folder as you describe. Could you please help me understand what I’m doing wrong, or where I should be looking instead..

Thanks a million, Will

Hello Justin, I believe I have resolved the issue. I went into the folder titled “XML Theme Data” and uploaded the only file available within it. I then selected the “Import attachments” option, within the WP import tool. After doing this I went into Media>Library, and found exactly 60 images, and 25 things that I have no idea what they are titled “Unattached”. If this sounds about like what I should be viewing after importing the sample data could you please confirm for me… Also, if this is correct you may want to amend your instructions in order to resolve any future clarity miscommunication probs that could be had. It’s not a big deal though.

Regards, Will

Hey Will,

Are you just trying to install the theme? Shoot me an email via my profile page contact form (bottom right) and I can help out with any details :)


Hi maybe I´m a little lost but where can I customize how many post I´d like to show on category pages? I am trying to adjust this in theme options -> blog template, but nothing happens, could you take a look? This category has 10 posts but I have blog template adjusted to 8

Hi I want to post a conversation kind of post… yout theme has the chat post format but I dont see a difference… how should this look like and how can I take advantage of this feature?

Widget Logic is_home() and is_front_page() doesn’t work.

I’m trying to show AdRotate content just in the main page of my blog by using this conditional tags: is_home() && is_front_page() also this other too is_home() || is_front_page() and didn’t work. If I do this in header.php: echo is_home(); I get 1 as result which make me think that’s TRUE. Also if I try with echo is_front_page() I get the same result. What is wrong then?

Hello Siiimple,

Awesome theme. I need to be able to change the header image on post pages, right now it is blue. Could you paste the code & a simple how to. I believe some others are interested in knowing as well.


Steve Maker 4121

Cool, glad you like it. If you could do me a favor and post this question at I can make it available to every user. It’s new layout so hopefully it will be easy :)

thanks! Justin

I am about to post it now , Thanks Justin

Hi, is this ready for wordpress 3.9?

Yes, I was able to verify that it’s ready. Thanks!


Hi Justin, How can I disable the paralax of the homepage header, I want it to look like a post page. I know a little bit of code so some directions should be enough. Ps. I didn´t find my way around the forum that is why I am posting here

Hi, just shoot me an email with link to your site, wp-admin details and I can help out. You can use the contact form on my profile page.

Thanks, Justin

Just a few comments from me on this theme. I really like its design, well done. However, there are a few initial observations which warrant comment: Note I am using Wordpress 3.9 and testing on Chrome 34.

- There is some misalignment with Latest Posts section in Chrome (latest build)

- Sample data import file does not work with child them (I assume it should ?)

- For the Video template – if you create a post and include any text content then the excerpt is repeated at top of page which means the first paragraph is always duplicated. Not good if you wish to have text with the video.

- Full width layout does not seem to work for me for default post type – I have a sidebar left/right whatever I configure ie. I choose full-width layout and post meta is disabled. I still get a sidebars though

- Plugins install status screen does not seem to work properly (this could be wordpress though – not this theme – not sure). ie. Plugins like Meta Box are installed and working, however the admin screen still reports that this plugin is not installed.

It is a shame, especially since I bought this theme since I like its look, but unfortunately, its not quite polished enough I think.

BTW – correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the point of distributing a child theme was so the user could extend the main theme if they wished without compromising any modifications if the main theme was updated. This is one of the reasons I went ahead with the purchase but its seems the child them you have distributed is not intended to be used for this purpose, unless you override the narrow layout that the child theme provides as an alternative layout.


Thanks for the input.

Not aware of the misalignment issue in Chrome, though you can always open a ticket in the support forum, citing an example page and any issue can readily be corrected.

Sample data “working” depends on the method which the data is being imported. The xml file is simply an exported file containing sample data, i.e. posts, pages, meta data, etc. Images are not readily imported into Featured Image areas, which, unfortunately, is a flaw in the import plugin, not the actual xml data structure.

The duplicate excerpt is intentional and can be turned on/off in the Theme Options area. It’s simply a way to introduce content. Some enjoy the feature, some don’t – which is why it is made optional in the theme options.

Not aware of an issue with the full width – though I’m sure it can be easily correct. Please feel free to setup a question in the forum.

The plugins install status screen is an issue with the TGM Activation Plugin. It doesn’t affect performance in the theme – and since this plugin was (though is no longer) required with all premium themes that have been submitted to ThemeForest, there is no option to have it removed. In the documentation for the theme, this is noted and highlighted as an issue related to the plugin, not the theme – and has no adverse effect on theme performance. Just click dismiss and it won’t appear again :)

There are many purposes to child themes being offered. With this, it was to offer a different layout. Though it’s certainly possible to create a basic child theme that isn’t “narrow”.

Thanks again for your input. Feel free to setup a ticket/question at the support forums with any found bugs, and I’ll be happy to sort them out.

thanks! Justin

I would like to exclude “Video” category posts from appearing on the Main Section since I already have the videos appearing in the Video Section below. I realize that I could give all non-video posts their own category and pull from them to the main section. However, I would like to avoid doing this as it will make it easier to make mistakes in the future for persons updating the blog. I tried using the archived support forum but it seems to have a fatal error.



It would require making a few edits to the main query to exclude that particular category. If you would like, send ftp and wp-admin details to my email (via my profile page) and I can look into it.

Thanks, Justin

I can probably add the necessary edits if you point me in the right direction. Is it in the section-main.php file?

Love the theme! Just what I needed.

I have some questions;

- I used to execute some php by using the “exec-php” plugin. Doesn’t seem to work here. Would you know a fix? Maybe I can hard-code something in sidebar.php?

- Would there be a quick way to remove the ‘category’ and ‘comment icon’ on the post grid?

- Lastly, I’d like to remove the “by xxx” “posted in xxx” and “avg rating” in the right sidebar in a post. Just keeping the navigation.

That would be a major help!


Sure, just shoot me an email via my profile page :)

thanks! Justin

Yes, WPML please!

Bonjour ! Je viens d’acheter newsgrid, mais j’aurai aimé l’avoir en français, plutot qu’en anglais, est-ce encore possible? Flo