News - Responsive Magazine Theme

News - Responsive Magazine Theme

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Introduction to News.

A tumblr theme made for all type of blogs but fits mostly news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review styled blogs.


+15 options like background, title, links, tags and much more!


Do you have a custom logo? That’s great, instead of using the default title, you can upload your logo image. The title will be replaced automatically.


Everything you see there is customizable. The title, the search box, the links and categories and the social icons.


Don’t you like it on the right? You can move it to the left with a simple click.

There are four widgets here; Featured Posts, Twitter & Instagram Feeds and the About Me one (where the avatar and description goes).

Featured Posts

You can type the title you want for the heading. Just tag the posts you want with featured and it will appear on the widget. You can have up to five featured posts.

Twitter & Instagram Feeds

You can type the titles you want for the headings. The tweets color can be changed. You can choose how many of them to show (maximum 5 tweets and 10 pics).

3 Types of Posts

Do you often post important articles and want to get the attention of all your visitors? You only have to type a special tag on your post and it’s done!

  • Normal
  • Double – Tag key: _double_size
  • Full-Size- Tag key: _full_size

Posts Features

  • Group Blog Supported
  • Custom Tags (6 different colors for the tags you use most)
  • Reblog Button
  • Like Button
  • Share Button (Twitter, Facebook & Google +)
  • Notes

Custom No Results Page

You can see it live here.


On the left, the About Me section will be shown here as well as on the sidebar. On the right are the normal links, the social links and the categories.

You can choose between two styles of Footer (dark/bright).


Choose the font you want from Google Fonts and type the name on the headings or body font option to change it.

Single Post Page Features

  • Navigate through posts (previous and next post buttons)
  • Disqus comments (type your username if you want people to comment on your posts)
  • Notes (see who reblogged or liked your post)

Google Analytics

Type your ID if you want to know about your page traffic.

Fully Responsive

The News theme works on all type of screens and devices like laptops, tablets, phones.

All posts supported

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