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htmgarcia does not currently provide support for this item.

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Looking at several templates, including yours, for possible purchase. We have a basic Joomla! 3.3 installation running ,with all of our files in place.

Will your template be updated in the near future to be compatible with 3.3? Your information above says “Software Version Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.1.x”. Thanks.

Hi Geoffers007, you can use the template in Joomla 3.3 installations. If you experience an issue related to, just email us and we will update if is necessary.

Hopes this helps


Hi, we have purchased the template and installed it and also Quickstart. Both show errors: http://robertfarnonsociety.org.uk/ http://robertfarnonsociety.org.uk/rfsquick/

PHP errors in both the site and the Quickstart.

Can you help us out, please?

We have found a way around it to set “Error Reporting to None” but maybe you have a better solution.

http://davidpattinson.co/how-to-fix-strict-standards-only-variables-should-be-assigned-by-reference-in-joomla-2-5/ (Yes, we use Joomla 3 but the Server Settings page gives same data anyway…)



Please follow this suggestion: http://www.htmgarcia.com/faq/joomla/5-i-get-errors-on-my-website

Let us know if the error gone, please


Thank you, yes the errors go away. I do find other errors in the template. Would you like me to mention them here or send separare email?

Please do in a message from this contact page: http://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia


A good template but it doesn’t work as it is show in the demo.

With many problems to personalize and problems in the h1, h2 tags. The support is bad, takes a lot of time each answer and he really doesn’t contribute to fix the problems.


Hi comunidadola, I’m sorry to hear that :(

To clarify: we replied more than 10 of your emails in last month. Currently we don’t have new emails from you. Please send us any new concern you may have.

Is not nice you said that about our support since we are repliying all your emails. Learn and ask. We always provide help that is is our hands :) If you are not allowed to customice the template in the way you need, consider hire a developer. Remember: we provide help, but we can’t do your job.

In addition, the support is a FREE service that we are happy to provide, we receive a lot of support requests, we work to reply as faster as we can do.

Hopes this clarification helps.

Hi, I’m trying to install this template on behalf on one of my clients & can’t get the Joomla quickstart to work! Can you help me with this?

Cheers, Jim

Hi Jim,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?


Hi Garcia,

Very nice template, well done.

I have a question for you, when you go to the “Full Category” page the order of the articles is not accurate.

If we had articles with the following dates:

6. 2014/12/30
5. 2014/12/28
4. 2014/12/26
3. 2014/12/24
2. 2014/12/22
1. 2014/12/20

The way they are published now is:

(6) (3)
(5) (2) 
(4) (1)

But we want the articles to be published like so:

(6) (5)
(4) (3)
(2) (1)

How can we make this correction?

Thank you for your help, once again, very nice theme.

If you are curious our website is: Travel News

Hi Mr-Alexander, by editing the menu item in Menus >> Main menu >> Full categories >> Blog layout options >> Multi Column Order. Here change to a different vaue to get a more specific ordering between columns.

Also, there are other ordering fields like Article order that will help you match your needs.

Let us know if this was helpful, regards


This worked, thanks for the reply.

Hi Garcia,

As mentioned previously, great theme, we have modified it a little bit to accommodate our news, and its coming out nicely @ TravelNews.net.

The slider that shows up at the top of the homepage is actually a 2 part slider, 1 for each row. The way we would like to set it up is by having the top slider display the latest 5 articles, from all categories, and the bottom slider to continue with the next 5 articles, from all categories. At the moment, you can sort the articles by publish date desc but you specify the categories that it should display from each row and we always have to switch categories to display it according to our needs.

I hope this is clear and there is a solution for this, must be.

Looking forward to your reply.

You can have last articles from specific categories by changing settings in module (like ordering)

The categories order is taken by category id

Hopes this clarify your concern


I’m trying add a word limit in the Last Works module, but I can’t find where I can do it. I enable the option Intro Text long but it didin’t work.

Any help?

La imagen intro se establece en el articulo >> Images & Links >> Intro image. No estoy seguro que es lo que quieres decir.

Por favor agrega más detalles para proveerte una mejor ayuda


No era bien eso, lo que yo quiero hacer es en vez de usar la imagen _intro me gustaría usar la primera imagen que aparece en el post. Osea que en vez de tener que poner la imagen_intro, automaticamente use la primera imagen del post.


Comprendo. Ya te he escrito en un email acerca de ello. Requerirá algo de código personal en el módulo y el Alternative layout.


Hi Garcia,

I have a question before I buy your template which looks great. The template isn’t updated since Dec last year so I am skeptical whether you will support the template in the near future or till what time duration. I don’t want to end up buying a template that I will have to replace in a few months.

Secondly, there is no social media integrations in your template. Do you intend to do this in the near future?? Please let me know.

Thank you and once again its a great template.

Hi thai916,

Yes, if an update to support Joomla 3.x.x new verson is required we will update, so far template works fine based on user feedback.

Let us know if we can be of any help


HI purchased the template.. downloaded it but when i try to extract it its giving me errors as to unable to extract please advise.

Hi wikihumanitarian,

Please try decompressing with another software by doing right click > Open with…

If you keep having issues please emails us from http://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia


Hi Garcia,

We are happy with the theme and have been using it for several months already.

We are noticing some issues with it on the responsive layouts for mobile and iPad/tablet. If you take a look at our site on a mobile @ TravelNews.net you will notice that you cant really scroll beyond the top slider because the scrolling is then applied to the slider which has the “focus”.

What do you suggest to correct this?

Awaiting your reply

Is not a bug. I understand what you mean but actually you are the first person mention something like this :)

Did you tried my previous suggestion?

Looking forward to help you


Hi Garcia,

You may call it not a bug or a bug but it is a deficiency that needs to be corrected in theme.

Is this something that you will be addressing?

A better suggestion would be to remove the slider from the mobile view all together.

Hi Mr-Alexander,

I may suggest an alternative slider. Is that something may works for you? as example, Slideshow CK is a great one with the general look.


Hola, necesito actualizar al ultimo update que usted subio en el mes de diciembre, como debería actualizar? Que archivos deberia subir? Porque usted subió un quickstart, pero en ninguna parte explica como actualizar, le agradeceria pudiera ayudarme con eso, ya que estoy presentanto muchos problemas de seguridad.

Hola lula,

Por favor descarga el zip de nuevo desde Themeforest.net. Encontrarás la carpeta updates/ que incluye los archivos que fueron actualizados, reemplazalos en tu instalación.

Aclaro que si tu sitio tiene problemas de seguridad no están relacionados al template porque News 24 sólo se encarga del diseño del sitio. Revisa que tu servidor esté actualizado, Joomla actualizado a la última versión, de ser posible agrega extensiones de seguridad como Admin Tools.

Espero esto haya sido de ayuda. Saludos

Hello, I can’t install “news24-4-in-1-newsmagazine-joomla Quickstart”. I arrive on the first screen, and then I cannot go farther. Nothing takes place. I do not arrive at the screen of databases. I can install joomla 3.x but not the Quickstart news… An element is maybe missing. Please can you help me ? Pierre-Michel Thank’s.

Duplicated message. Check our previous replies.

It’s the last time I buy something on Themeforest. I’ve a problem and nobody give me an answer !

Really saddened to have bought a template at your website.

Hi moritzpm,

Your email arrived today and we replied today. Please be polite in your messages. We are here to help you :)

Please consider reading the documentation we attached to the template. We explain there how to install the template.

Looking forward to help you


Hello, Sorry, I was a little nervous yesterday, because I can’t install with Quickstart. I tried for 3 days. It’s not the first time I’m install a template with QuickStart. I have make “installation : Option 1 (Recommended) – Quickstar Package” but when I arrive on the first screen, I complete the information of main configuration and I click on following, and then I cannot go farther. Nothing takes place. I do not arrive at the screen of databases. The program turns non-stop and nothing takes place. Thank’s.

Please reply to my email all the access details like FTP and database info to try it for you.


Hi, I bought this template the other day and I see that in windows mobile 8.1 the pages do not scroll, although the scroll bar is visible. the link is http://nea-apogeumatini.gr/ Please contact me in case anyone has any solution for that.. Thank you

Hi roloi4u,

Go to Extensions > Template manager > Your template > Smoth scroll: disable


After installed it on my Joomla, the theme was like a broken page. Any reason?

Hi tinkyawoo,

We already replied via email. Please check our comments.


Hello! I want bay NEWS24 :: 4 in 1 News/Magazine Joomla Template, And I want know in this template can visitors leave comments on articles, and can you send me a link if you have to see how it looks?

Hi zijadkhaled,

Yes, you can allow this with a comments extension such as Komento.



I am having issues with the layout and most of the modules for IE7 and IE8.

Are you able to assist please?

What’s the issue? May you share a link.

According to recent Envato changes, you need to renew the support in order to get assistance inside the terms of what support includes: http://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Looking forward to help you

Hi Garcia, the website is http://www.travelnews.net, for some reason the site is not supported for IE8. May you look into this?

When you say is not supported. Could you be more specific? The more details the better please.

A screenshot may help.

Also, did you customized the template? i.e. edited any core file from News 24?

Hi, I am having issues when trying to install the template with the sample data. My php (5.5.12) is giving me “Deprecated: preg_replace()” errror messages. Please assist.

Hi cbanze,

May you email me the details with FTP and database details to try the installation for you from here: http://themeforest.net/item/news24-4-in-1-newsmagazine-joomla-template/4837092/support/contact

Hi htmgarcia,

I was having “Deprecated: preg_replace()” error messages during installation with the Kickstart package. The installation was stuck on step 1 and the PHP log files showed the above error.

Problem fixed.

I’ve changed libraries/joomla/filter/input.php from:

$source = preg_replace(’/(\d+);/me’, “utf8_encode(chr(\\1))”, $source); // decimal notation

to $source = preg_replace_callback(’/(\d+);/mi’, function($m){return utf8_encode(chr(‘0x’.$m1));}, $source); // decimal notation

and $source = preg_replace(’/([a-f0-9]+);/mei’, “utf8_encode(chr(0x\\1))”, $source); // hex notation

to $source = preg_replace_callback(’/([a-f0-9]+);/mi’, function($m){return utf8_encode(chr(‘0x’.$m1));}, $source); // hex notation

However, the template has a lot of errors, but they aren’t critical. They’re related to PHP code. You should revise it and update the code.

Now I am having trouble updating the Joomla core trough the back end.

Hi Cintia,

I requested access to your site and FTP, however it seems you can’t provide that due restrictions in your company.

To debug this issue is important to have access to the resources involved in order to see what’s going on. May you reply us back with those details to our last email?


Wow, I purchase this then discover it is no longer supported. Please ad a confirmation when people purchase this staying clearly it is NOT SUPPORTED! I just tried to install this on Joomla 3.3. No error at all but it is not showing up in the Templates or Style.