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There it goes, the Wordpress version! Awesome Kriesi, good luck with sales!


Let the buying begin. You will wake up tomorrow with a few grand more.

LEGEND !! Thanks for getting it out so quickly Kriesi and good luck with the sales.

congrats on the release ;)

Beautiful Theme! Just curious as to how the images work…do you need to resize for all the different areas or is there a script built in?

Thank you! T.

no, of course not :) You just upload one picture and it gets resized automatically for each size :)

Nice job again Kriesi

instant buy :) Awesome work again and already my 3rd template of your collection!

Good luck with your Sales!

Yay, excited to install this WP theme! :) (and became a fan of your Facebook Fan Page so that I can get updated with all your releases)

hehe thanks. My First Facebook Member :D

Great Theme, and my first questions: -Is it possible to have a videoplayer under the right side of the accordion menu? - If you scroll to the middle, then you have the hello world post. Just there: If you click on the picture it will try to open fullsize instead of opening the post. - does the “flash on” picture mean that the template is supporting flash?


The theme supports flash either by embedding it into a post or using the lightbox. The preview images can be linked either to open the post, open a full sized picture or a flash video.

the flash on picture is just a picture within the content. no hidden meaning here :)

I am testing this theme locally with xampp. I’m getting this fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail_id() in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/newscast/framework/helper_functions/kriesi_post_thumb.php on line 44

pls advise, thks

looks like you are not running wordpress 2.9? Using the latest Version of wordpress is mandatory :)

awesome !!! legendary !!!

Hi Kriesi, congratulations. Brillant design again.

But I have a problem in yout preview of the theme at themeforest with IE8 .

Wehn trieing to scroll down the broweser window, the IE is stopps working. a restart of the browser is needed.

Can you check that Then i buy immediately.


this only seems to be a problem with the themeforest Iframe. If you remove it you will be able to browse the site without any problems :)

hey. checking your site it seems like you set the theme to use the xml file and not the slide manager. you might want to check this option again at your slideshow manager. also make sure that images are located on your server and start exactly the same as the wordpress installation. (with domain name, also make sure to match the use of www and non www)

Is there built in support for any captcha system in the contact template?

currently not. I am planing to integrate the cforms II plugin directly into the theme in the upcoming future, to add this capability. you might just use the plugin yourself to add this features :)

Thanks, I just made a deposit to buy your theme, see you on the other side. :)

kriesi, do you do custom themes?

Hi there,

Sorry, i am currently not available for freelance work, due to my daytime job and various other projects already running :)

best regards Kriesi

Hello Kriesi! Great Work! I’ve not purchased yet but I am certainly going to. A couple questions.

Could there be one navigation that included cats and pages? Can video be placed in the “lighthouse” effect that you have for the images?

Thanks in advance!

yes to both :) everything described within the documentation :)

I can have more than one blog?

What exactly do you mean by more than one blog? the whole theme is meant to be a blog/magazine :)

Bought! Great Job Kriesi! I can’t wait to start working on it! So excited!

Thank you Amigo!

Nice theme will get this today…

Wow that was fast buddy. Good luck with the sale.

You a machine! Can’t believe you knocked this out so quick! Well done man!