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OK just installed this and created an initial post but none of the images show up in the post. They appear in the admin and the editing screen but not in the post. All plug-ins are disabled, but still no images are showing up. Any clues?


‘Submit News’ form doesn’t work in IE, same for demo. No submit button. Any fixes?

@brusca – did you chmod (set permissions) your cache folder to 777?

Hi @owendevelopment Tried setting the permissions in the “cache” folder in the theme to 777, but still no luck on the images. They also are not showing up in the widgets. I really don’t want to have to sign up for anything else just to get support on this, I am sure it’s a simple fix. It’s a good theme, would be a shame if I had to swap it out because of something like this.

Anybody else got any tips as to why the images are not showing up?

Regards Bruce

hello to all and good day, the reason im here is to look for a person who can embed a video player into my website that will be able to have ads overlayed or video ads before… video will be from youtube/veimo ect. and mines

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I am using the Newscast Theme for my site. Just imported files from anothe site with using Newscast and this has casued some problems and hoping you can help me.

I cannot even log in to my admin to deleate imported files etc. I have a lot of content I need to recover which I have not backed up. The site is and you will be able to see the error message there.

Hey Kriesi,

I have just downloaded the theme, it’s great btw, but there is a bug in admin panel.

It didn’t show me “Menu manager pages” and “Menu manager categories”.

The problem is in functions.php file.

$autoload[‘plugins’] = array(‘kriesi_option_pages/kriesi_option_pages’, /* ‘kriesi_menu_manager/kriesi_menu_manager’, ‘kriesi_menu_manager/kriesi_menu_display’, / ‘kriesi_meta_box/kriesi_meta_box’ );


$autoload[‘option_pages’] = array(‘options’, ‘mainpage’, ‘contact’, ‘sidebar_footer’, / ‘menu_manager_pages’, ‘menu_manager_cats’, / ‘meta_box’ );

You probably forgot to remove ”/ and */” .

All the best mate, great theme!

How do I change my avatar for the admin user?\\ I cannot find where to do this in the user section!

Please help!


I use this template since several days and the Lightbox doesn’t seems to work in IE8 (on PC, I haven’t tested it on Mac or Linux…)

For example =>

I don’t know why ???

I use Lightbox script in lots of other websites, and I’ve never seen this error :-(

Any idea ?

UP !

I found the solution :-)

I added these lines in the header.php of the template :

<!-- Internet Explorer 8 image fixing -->    

<!--[if IE 8]>
.js_active #main img{
    visibility: normal !important;

Hi! the bux that I thouight was already fixed is again visible in ie… I mean the fact that the text that overlay the big photos in the header i terrible!

look at this with ie:

I can I fix it? Morte over, if I download the next release, how can I upgrade my files without overwrite the changes I made in the template files???

thanks a lot!!!!


Attention: Support requests

Support for all my themes is available only at the support forum I’ve setup at my website:

The reason I have choosen to use my own forum are quite simple:

Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

Third Reason: it is very inconvenient for me to check multiple places if support requests where made (here at themeforest, my themeforest mail account, my websites mail account, facebook group, twitter etc) Therefore I decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all of you guys can benefit.

Hi Kriesi ,

Im interested in buying this theme asap , BUT before going ahead Id like to knw about the below info :

Can I add a MEMBERS ONLY area to the site ?? OR Is the theme compatible with BUDDYPRESS ??

And if either of the above arent possible , willl you be willing to do a custome job ?? If so what would be the charges ??

Lakshitha Abeywickrama, CubedSolutions

beautiful theme, but the most complicated i ever came across. I’ve been trying for hours to get things to work! Still not working! I am losing faith, and money on this.

I built over 700 sites by the way. Not fun at all

cant get theme to install after buying. uploads to 100% then says. Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Can you help


i just bought your theme but it come with the old version may i know how to get the up today version?

One simple question to move forward and buy this theme…

Can we make the main body a 2 column web-site with different sidebar sizes?

Hello there!

Love your theme. One question though: I see that the blog posts’ featured photos are pretty small and rest on the left side of the page. Is there a way I can change this to middle and large just like in other blogs? Featured Photos play a big role in my posts. The small and left aligned style won’t work too well.



great theme _

Uh yeah tried to install this theme and didn’t install … whats up with that?

Hi I just got this template. It works great if you do everything by instructions and installation guide….

I love it !!! I did not have any problems with this template at all. Thanks Kriesi !!!