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Hey guys! Due to my vacation I am not able to check the themeforest message boards regularly. Therefore I would recommend to post any support requests in the support forum at htttp://

My support staff will take care of your problems while I am gone :) Thanks for your understanding!


Support staff not responding after a week, isn’t Kriesi the first to make a million via codecanyon? Support would be good.

Hey! If you send ma a link to your thread via my contact form here I will take care of the problem myself

sorry for the delay!

Pre-Sale Question:

I want to use this for a creative business website. How flexible is the home page? Can I create a home page with the accordion and not just show blog posts but use widgets or a static page with the accordion slider? Thank you. Gorgeous theme!

Hey! Unfortunately the theme has limitations that would prevent you from doing so. however I got a very similar theme with similar slider that makes all of that possible:

Cheers Kriesi

Nice- exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


I bought the theme Newscast but I have a problem with the menu. In your example, the categories appear with a small writing below, but I do not see. I tried to add a description of the categories, but nothing appears.

Higher up, always in your example, you should see the pages, but appears the categories again. I tried to do two different menus, but does not work. I posted a page but does not work.

How can I do? If you want to see the site is


Where is the language file located? (if there is any)


what is the original size of banner image after trim ?

Thank you.

Next question, how do I diasble PrettyPhoto and instead of it enable for example Light box plus plugin ?

I have installed lightbox, but imageas are loaded with PrettyPhoto.

Thank you.

hi Kriesi, can you sale only the accordion plugins? or if i get this theme, can i sue the accordion on a different them?

thx cc

Hi when ever I add a link the others get the only domain name. I mean the others lose link they have.

please have a look.

hi why don’t I have the grey menu background effect that you have in the original one?

could you please answer as soon as possible?

Name Description newscast Stylesheet is missing.

that what i got when i upload it please help

Is there an easy way for me to disable the “About the Author” area underneath the blog/news posts?


is this html5 and css3 temp. ? bai


can u give me a sample.xml for this theme please…

Thank you so much,

Faithful Customer

Hi, I would like to buy this template, is it possible to insert in the slider more then 5 images? Thank you.

Yes thats possible :)

Hello, congratulations for your great themes!!....

I was really interested in the wordpress version of the Newspaper – Portal and Magazine Template, but you had the html version… however, I found it was deleted too…. is there any plan to release the WP version? It is your best template, it is unique!!!!

Thanks for your answer!!!

Help! I may be crazy but I believe I deleted something which has now caused my entire site to shift over to the left.

I don’t remember it being so left sided before. Is there some kind of HTML code I can put in to the Index to move my site back over to the right a little more?


Hi, I bought your template, it’s great!! Can you tell me how to remove the small sized post from the homepage? I don’t need it. Regards.

Have you had any issues with the timthumb.php file within your theme? I’m just curious because we’ve had an issue and were wondering if it’s needed for theme to function. Here’s the article that raised flags for us:

Just curious what you think. Thanks.

Hey! The theme doesnt use timthumb and the latest release removed it completly from the framework folder to make sure that the exploit cant be used ;)