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can you tell me more about the “submit news” button? would it be difficult to say, remove the ‘Full Story Link*’ and ‘Preview Image URL ’, make the news text box bigger and add the option to attach an image?

I want users to have the option to easily submit blog posts with pics attached.

Thanks for the help. Great looking theme.


I just purchased the theme but when I try to install it, I get the following error message “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Please advise.

Thanks, David

Thanks. That seems to have done the trick.

Regards, David

Do you think this template would function well as a ‘book review’ WEBSITE ? I can make any pages i want ‘static’ pages, correct? Also, i don’t see a way to test drive the other two ‘slider/banners’ for the Home Page. Third thing is i don’t see any way to test drive the ‘submission form’ either . . .

Is it possible to add a small widget just below the search tool in the header?

Is it possible to display only the articles that have an image in the mainpage slideshow?

Love the theme btw…

I am being told that cufon is enabled, does this theme have a way to disable it?

Hi. Haven’t purchased this theme yet as I have a question. Can the slider be configured to display category links rather than single posts?

It doesn’t say it supports Chrome and Firefox etc is this correct??

thinking about purchasing for my site Health Insurance Does it come with a slider? Also are you available to do logo

Just purchased this theme – Love it, however, how do I make the top links different from the BIG page links in regards to the navigation:

For instance I want the text link under the logo to be the pages of the site and the big WHITE ones to pull up separate categories when I post.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Hi! want to known if it is possible to change homepage: – layout to double columns, instead of three; – left column content from a static page?


I receive this warning when I upload the logo on the theme: “are you cheating”.. am I cheating? and what is the solution?

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your newscast theme and can not find an answer on your forums. I have 2 other people who will be adding content but I do not want them to have full access to the website. Can you tell me how well your admin access works. Thank you

hi, i bought it , and installed it…

i found a problem…

i can’t set the menu bar different as main menu. check this my email is please get me some help

Is it possible to display only the articles that have an image in the mainpage slideshow?

In your theme the pictures on the home page are rectangle, while the pictures within the post are square, is there any way to make it so their both the same so that we don’t have issues with where it zooms in to them?

Unfortunely, very bad after sales forum support. No answer after 2 months for a simple question: “it’s possible to get your newscast.xml file, in order to start playing with your original demo site”? No way to get a yes/no answer. Devin (forum moderator): “I’ll tag this topic for Kriesi”. Still waiting for an answer, Devin :(

Would you consider adding a buddypress support to this? It would be a great feature and would really make it a community theme. “)

Hello, Do you have a import of sample content file with the website? it would be great to have.

Regards, Danny