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I am having trouble with submenu items on my Second menu. They layout perfectly on the Menus page, but when I hit Save Menu, they revert to topline position. Is there a way to get submenus to stay where I put them?

I’m trying to keep the accordian slider but I want the front page to just have text from the about page or another page. Is there a way to do that instead of having the posts from the slider show up?

Hey can i create a gallery page with pics/photos? can i use a chatroom widget in the sidebar?

Everyone who is posting for support on this page – check out the official support page here –

There’s a separate forum for each theme – it’s very busy there, and the mods will reply to you within 48hrs. There’s also a search feature, and you can browse through previous fixes & tips.

I got a couple of replies to my request, and problem solved within 24hrs. :)

Hi, We are interested in purchasing the newscast theme. I am wondering is there a shortcode built into this theme so as it is easy for a novice to use? Regards Banjo

I was hoping this theme would include a lot more features than it actually does. The theme looks good and you can change the overall layout to 4 different skins, but that’s where is stops basically. There are some really dumb mistakes built in like having to remove code so the featured image AND thumbnail don’t show up in each post, which makes the post looks silly. This theme hasn’t been updated in over a year so maybe one is coming. I hope so. I’m tired of digging around in code to do things most other themes build in standard.

Can you make this theme work with foreign language? arabic for example?

There is a bug with the sliders and thumbnails. It used to fit pictures from any sizes, to the frames in any sizes, as it should be. It used to work fine. But it does not fit pictures to the frames any more. There became a bug. The picture I uploaded at the date November 21st, 2012 worked fine, but when I uploaded exactly the same picture on January 12th, 2013, it doesn’t work fine. The first picture I realize the bug was uploaded on the date December 4th, 2012. So the bug became on the date between November 21st and December 4th, 2012.

The browsers except IE9, do not show right, some Turkish characters in slides (acordian I mean). Opening the slide by hovering the mouse on it, all characters seem properly. But when all of the slides are in closed position and the writings on them get as big letters, small “i” letter becomes big “I” and small “?” letter becomes big “?”. It is opposite and mis match in Turkish. The right match should be like this: small letter “i” should become big letter “?” and small letter”?” should become big letter “I” .

The software is bad written. The software of theme is incorrect/faulty. To see whole of a picture in any sizes, you should upload it to media with another theme. When you upload a picture to media by using Newscast theme, the picture could not seen completely in a frame in any sizes.


I’d Like to know if this theme is RTL ready and Arabic Language ready supported…

Does this have any shortcodes?


Is this theme responsive?


hi .. Template beautiful .. But supports RTL?

I wish your themes were more responsive. Absolutely love Newscast, but it is really old and does not scale well across platforms. If there were a newer version, I would purchase 4-8 licenses and recommend it to our clientele, but alas, looks like it or anything even similar is not even in the plans. Sure wish I could give you the business, as Newscast sure would fit the need.

very nice theme.. one quick question before purchasing : is it compatible with any twitter plugin? I need to show twitter feeds on my homepage.


The show the latests posts and it can also be more or less than 5 :)

and i suppose the same thing applies to advertisement bar on the right?

advertising bar is a widget with an image you define for that widget. you can plasce any number of add widgets in your sidebar, yes

Hi Kriesi,

Im using WordPress MU 2.9.2. and I few years ago I install the theme Newscast 1.2.2. There is an update version for WordPress MU 3.6 or I can use this version?

Please help I need to update.


The latest theme version is 2.0.3 so an update might be recommendable What problems exactly are you encountering?

Hi! I install the update and everything its working fine. Thanks anyway!

Great ;)

Hello, is it possible to add more than 5 featured posts in your theme?

Thank you!

Perfect! We buy it! Thanks!

I bought the theme last week and I do not see 2 locations for menus on the menu creator. Can you help?

I noticed that the last update of your NEWSCAST theme is 4th October 2011, and it is only compatible with wordpress up to version 3. When are you going to upgrade this theme so that it will be compatible with wordpress 3.8?