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NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP - 1NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP - 2 NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP - 3

NewsCore is powerful multipurpose WordPress theme for content heavy websites such newspaper, news, magazine, publishing, community and review sites. NewsCore includes exclusive features such a beautiful blog/article layout with well placed ad spaces that will make your visitors want more. It includes a video manager, that pulls content from various sources such as Youtube and Vimeo, a review system, a layout builder for creating unique homepage layouts and various layouts for post categories.

NewsCore supports plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress and many more. Both experienced developers and users with no programming background can customize and fire up this theme with minimal effort. We’ve included an easy way to import content and replicate the demo site in seconds and to top it all off a beautiful design and code base.

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP - 4

Post Features

  • Sidebar location – right or left
  • Article source or author credits
  • Image gallery with 4 layouts – lightbox, slider, stacked and popup gallery
  • Fully functional review system with 4 styles
    • Two different styles: stars and percentage
    • Option to include a score subtitle to appear in the review
    • Option to include unlimited pros and cons with custom titles
    • Option to turn on/off user ratings (user reviews)
    • Multiple shortcodes available for articles: buttons, highlight text, columns, image gallery, video gallery, responsive video, dividers and many more.
  • Related posts
  • Recommended above each post
  • Comments
  • Post navigation for next and previous post
  • Social sharing links

Page Templates Included

  • Home
  • Blog Archive
  • Video Home
  • Video List
  • Custom Layout – for use with the layout builder
  • BuddyPress – Activities Directory
  • bbPress – Create Topic
  • bbPress – Forums (Index)
  • bbPress – Statistics
  • bbPress – Topic Tags
  • bbPress – Topics (Newest)
  • bbPress – Topics (Popular)
  • bbPress – User
  • bbPress – User Lost Password
  • bbPress – User Register

Layout Builder

NewsCore includes a builtin drag and drop layout builder for creating reusable custom page templates. The layout builder is very easy to use and includes several elements such as
  • Blog elements
  • Content slider
  • Content carousel
  • WooCommerce products
  • Contact 7 form element
  • Latest Posts element
  • Custom content element
  • Popular/ Featured Videos element
  • Tweets element
  • Reviews element
  • Post categories
  • Widget element – this allows you to use normal WordPress widgets in the layout
These elements can be mixed and matched on a page to create truly unique layouts.

Widgets Included:

  • Latest posts
  • Latest reviews
  • Facebook widget
  • Ads and banners
  • Custom banner widget
  • Latest videos
  • Popular videos
  • Authors and members widget
  • Login widget
  • Buzz Widget – displays author picks and popular posts
  • Category list
  • Menu widget
  • Most commented posts
  • Newsletter form widget
  • Social fans widget with counters
  • Posts tabbed widget – displays, popular, latest and commented posts
  • Tweets widget


Top demonstrate the power on your finger tips when using this theme, I have create 3 demos, each with its own unique look and feel. Each has different layouts built using the layout builder shown above. See them for yourself: As you can see, some truly unique layouts are possible.

Video Plugin Integration

NewsCore includes a powerful video management plugin that has been specifically built for use with this theme. The plugin include:

WooCommerce Integration

NewsCore is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and allows it to integrate seamlessly with the theme. View the shop page.
Some highlights:
  • Add to cart with ajax
  • Cart items menu
  • Wishlist support powered by Yith Wishlist plugin
  • Quickview popup for products
  • Product carousel for navigating through latest, recommended and related products
  • Full integration of WooCommerce to match the look and feel of the theme
  • WooCommerce options tab added to theme options to setup widgets
  • Unique sidebar for WooCommerce powered by WooSidebars

BuddyPress Integration

NewsCore is also compatible with BuddyPress, it expands and restyles BuddyPress to provide a deep fully-integrated experience.

Some highlights:

  • Full re-design and integration of BuddyPress to match the look and feel of the theme
  • Login With ajax modals/widgets integrate seamlessly with BuddyPress
  • Unique sidebar for BuddyPress powered by WooSidebars

bbPress Integration

NewsCore is also compatible with bbPress and allows you to create beautiful looking web forums and communities. Some highlights:
  • Full re-design and integration of bbPress to match the look and feel of the theme
  • Login With ajax modals/widgets integrate seamlessly with bbPress
  • Unique sidebar for bbPress powered by WooSidebars

Full Features List

  • WooCommerce
  • Megamenu
  • One Click demo install – imports widgets, theme options and demo data
  • Easy to use theme options
  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • Layout Builder – Unique drag and drop page builder
  • Ajax Shopping Cart
  • Content Slider
  • Category Options
  • Sticky Header that can be turned off
  • Responsive
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Translatable
  • Premium Plugins included
  • Clean, ultra modern and dynamic design for a professional and engaging visitor experience
  • Unique mega menu system
  • Login With Ajax Integrated
  • Integrated “to top” button
  • Option to turn off About The Author box in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off or reposition “Next/Previous” box in admin theme options
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Schema Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Simple and powerful Theme Options framework built-in
  • Very sleek Lightboxes integrated. Lightbox 1, Lightbox 2
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom footer copyright
  • Custom CSS section
  • In-built pagination
  • Indented threaded comments
  • Dynamic breaking news in secondary menu bar which pauses on mouse hover
  • SEO Ready – Everything is set as it should be.
  • Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included
  • Designed with valid HTML5 + CCS3 code
  • Extensively tested with all major browsers and versions
  • Multiple shortcodes included integrated straight into the TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)
  • Option of adding a Banner, 728×90 Banner to the header
  • Exclusive support system via email
  • Built in social sharing
  • Built-in Shortcodes with Shortcode Generator
  • Contact Form Manager included (Contact Form 7)


2016-01-14 | NewsCore 1.9.2
BUG FIX | Fixed Twitter followers counter
BUG FIX | Fixed Dribble followers counter
BUG FIX | Removed social counters for single posts
BUG FIX | Fixed customizer compatibility in Wordpress 4.4.1
UPDATE | Added Dribbble client token theme option
UPDATE | Transitioning assets to bower
UPDATE | Grunt package updates

2015-09-23 | NewsCore 1.9.0
BUG FIX | Fixed php errors on index page
BUG FIX | Fixed missing Radium Gallery Lite plugin
BUG FIX | Fixed WordPress gzinflate() data error when debugging
2015-08-07 | NewsCore 1.8.4
UPDATE | Enqueue facebook script only if facebook widget is enabled
UPDATE | Fix Facebook and youtube in social counter (you need to insert youtube API key and facebook app id in theme options -> Social Profiles)
UPDATE | Fixed facebook post share counter
2015-06-18 | NewsCore 1.8.3
BUG FIX | Image resizing script breaks site. Bug from verison 1.8.2
2015-06-16 | NewsCore 1.8.2
BUG FIX | Improved Mobile Detection
BUG FIX | Images not showing up if https is enabled
BUG FIX | Fixed background repeat on mobile

UPDATE | Fixed sass sourcemaps
UPDATE | Updated npm module version requirements
UPDATE | Load unminified css if debug mode is true
UPDATE | Radium Galleries Lite to fix XSS issue in prettyphoto
2015-05-1 | NewsCore 1.8.1
BUG FIX | Woocommerce search fix
BUG FIX | Comment Form fix
2015-04-25 | NewsCore 1.8.0
NEW FEATURE: Option to preserve featured image aspect ratio

BUG FIX | wishlist php warning on new install
BUG FIX | menu php notice on new install
BUG FIX | removed node_modules files added in previous version

UPDATE | WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility
UPDATE | package.json
UPDATE | performance improvements across all queries
UPDATE | Plugin installer updated to version 2.4.1 (includes fix for bulk installer)
UPDATE | Wordpress 4.2 Compatibility
2015-02-08 | NewsCore 1.7.0
NEW FEATURE CORE | Option to set new posts counter limit

BUG FIX: CORE     | Tumblr link
BUG FIX: UI     | Megamenu customizer hover
BUG FIX: UI    | Missing image on mobile
BUG FIX: UI    | Update to widgets colors when added to the footer
BUG FIX: UI    | Fixed missing Radium Galleries Lite plugin

UPDATE: | BuddyPress style
UPDATE: | Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3, deleted a bunch of files

2015-01-12 | NewsCore 1.6.0

NEW FEATURE CORE: Ajax Cart Update
NEW FEATURE CORE: Ajax Wishlist Update
NEW FEATURE CORE: Blog element supports offsets
NEW FEATURE : Video Central Megamenu support
NEW FEATURE : Select what meta data to display in single post view
NEW FEATURE : Select whether to display dates in the buzz widget
NEW FEATURE : Display red background in buzz widget using a checkbox instead of a custom class 
NEW FEATURE : Disable loading bar (pace)
NEW FEATURE : "View All" in category layout builder element
NEW FEATURE : Titles in video central element
NEW FEATURE : Add Header and Footer Scripts using theme options

BUG FIX: CORE     | Fatal bug in bbPress registration form
BUG FIX: CORE     | Megamenu columns upgrade
BUG FIX: CORE     | Date translation fix
BUG FIX: CORE     | HTML Validation error in login link
BUG FIX: CORE     | Logout Link fix
BUG FIX: CORE     | Translation of theme options save button
BUG FIX: CORE     | Social fans rss counter url
BUG FIX: CORE     | Buddypress 'BP_Theme is not defined' error fix

UPDATE: CORE & UI     | Clickable animated thumbnails
UPDATE: CORE & UI     | Better footer widget area wrapper classes
UPDATE: CORE & UI   | WooCommerce login form update
UPDATE: CORE & UI   | WooCommerce checkout payment tabs

UPDATE: CORE | Widget classes auto converted to lowercase
UPDATE: CORE | Better new articles counter
UPDATE: CORE | Better handling of the video archive page 

UPDATE: JQUERY PLUGIN | pace.js updated
2014-10-13 | NewsCore 1.5.1
BUG FIX: CORE     | 404 icon in theme options
BUG FIX: CORE     | Image sizes for search template - narrow layout
BUG FIX: CORE     | NewsTicker not working - typo introduced in 1.5.0
2014-10-03 | NewsCore 1.5.0
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Ability to switch off excerpts in blog element
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Offsets in builder elements
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Exclude posts from builder elements
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Set builder elements post Order
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Option to use transient api to cache post queries
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Tabs, Accordion and Toggles shortcode

BUG FIX: UI     | Allow sticky posts in blog builder element
BUG FIX: UI     | Flexslider overflow problem in firefox
BUG FIX: UI     | social counters overflow problem in firefox
BUG FIX: UI     | Border color fix for alert message
BUG FIX: UI     | Better image captions
BUG FIX: UI     | Narrow layout sidebar width
BUG FIX: CORE     | Fixed option for switching off search button
BUG FIX: CORE     | UTF-8 Character encoding header tag 
BUG FIX: CORE     | Better image resizing for content grid slider
BUG FIX: CORE     | Switch off recent posts
BUG FIX: CORE     | PHP Notice in builder 
BUG FIX: CORE     | Show only published posts in blog element
BUG FIX: CORE     | Typography manager subset selection and line height
BUG FIX: CORE     | bbpress favorite and subscribe error
BUG FIX: CORE     | Fix for page header
UPDATE: CORE     | Filter for blog element query
UPDATE: CORE     | Option to turn in transient api for queries
UPDATE: CORE     | Widget queries use transient api for performance boost
UPDATE: CORE     | get_posts suppress filters argument set to false - WPML compatibility
UPDATE: CORE     | Fallback menu 
UPDATE: CORE     | Rich Snippets in breadcrumb
UPDATE: CORE     | Buddypress page titles and breadcrumb
UPDATE: CORE & UI    | Comments template
UPDATE: CORE & UI    | Woocommerce templates update
2014-09-5 | NewsCore 1.4.1
BUG FIX: CORE     | Social fans counter for vimeo showing wrong count
BUG FIX: CORE     | Builder without carousel not working
BUG FIX: CORE     | Category pagination and query not working
2014-09-4 | NewsCore 1.4.0
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Ability to switch off the featured image on in single post view
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Switch share buttons position
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Print Stylesheets

BUG FIX: CORE     | Builder blog element hide "Load More Button" 
BUG FIX: CORE     | Html Validation errors
BUG FIX: CORE     | Set slider images to precise size
BUG FIX: CORE     | Made more strings translatable
BUG FIX: CORE     | Fixed conditional loading of facebook widget scripts - facebook widgets are slow <img src="/images/smileys/sad.png" alt=" :(" title=" :(" />
BUG FIX: CORE     | Sharing count error for linkedin

BUG FIX: UI     | Minor Css fix for the sidebar widgets

UPDATE: CORE     | Performance tuning
UPDATE: CORE     | Header, Footer, and some extensions now use locate_template, more to come
UPDATE: CORE     | get options function upgrade for better backward compatibility, 70% of of files we touched by this update
UPDATE: CORE     | More Options for the social fans widgets
UPDATE: CORE     | removed output buffers for inline css
UPDATE: CORE     | rewrite of schema.org tags

UPDATE: CORE & UI     | More precise thumbnail generation for a smaller page size

UPDATE: SEO     | Description meta tag in header on the homepage
UPDATE: SEO     | Replaced strong tags in menu with a div wrapper

UPDATE: UI         | Hide Rating options if disabled
UPDATE: UI         | Newsletter widget css tweaks

UPDATE: PLUGIN     | Updated shortcodes plugin to fix video embed
2014.08.25 | NewsCore 1.3.1
BUG FIX: CORE | Category megamenu not showing date on some items
BUG FIX: CORE | Fix for sharing posts
BUG FIX: CORE | Allow narrow layout to have background images
BUG FIX: CORE | Fixed social icon links
BUG FIX: CORE | Fined tuned typography manager
BUG FIX: CORE | Reset customizer too on theme options reset
BUG FIX: CORE | Background image manager fix
BUG FIX: CORE | Automatic protocol selector for google fonts
BUG FIX: CORE | Signin link in header tool

BUG FIX: UI | Minor Css fix for the gallery grid
BUG FIX: UI | Make gallery grid responsive
BUG FIX: UI | General Mobile improvements
BUG FIX: UI | Stopped hiding header banner on mobile - unacceptable by adsense

2014-08-22 | NewsCore 1.3.0

NEW FEATURE: CORE         | Category megamenu can now be disabled 
NEW FEATURE: CORE & UI     | New white skin
NEW FEATURE: CORE & UI     | New layout - narrow (1024px wide)
NEW FEATURE: CORE        | "Blog" element category get content from a category and disable tabs if need be
NEW FEATURE: CORE        | All sliders now have an easy to pull content from featured posts, posts assigned to the carousel or categories
NEW FEATURE: CORE        | Audio Support
NEW FEATURE: CORE        | Presets in the typography manager
NEW FEATURE: CORE        | "Latest Posts" above post is now customizable
NEW FEATURE: CORE & UI    | "category", "featured", "date" and "rating score" tags in the post grid can be switched off
NEW FEATURE: UI            | Slightly wider sidebar for banners to fit in
NEW FEATURE: CORE & UI  | WPML language menus in the header

BUG FIX: CORE     | Php 5.2 compatibility
BUG FIX: CORE     | php errors thrown by post slider
BUG FIX: CORE     | Blog Archive page template pagination when used as the homepage
BUG FIX: CORE     | Added a default title when Settings->Reading is set to "Your latest posts" 
BUG FIX: CORE    | Settings for the "Blog Articles" page template
BUG FIX: CORE    | Custom styles not working
BUG FIX: CORE    | "Blog Category" element category selection
BUG FIX: CORE    | Allow multiple tabbed elements on the same page
BUG FIX: CORE    | Rating calculation when it is 0 or not set
BUG FIX: CORE    | Rebuilt newsletter widget to support a wider array of providers
BUG FIX: CORE    | Better sidebar detection
BUG FIX: CORE    | Authors widget 
BUG FIX: CORE    | Enabled Radium HTML5 Media plugin compatibility
BUG FIX: CORE    | Fixed some non translatable strings 
BUG FIX: UI        | Minor css errors
BUG FIX: UI     | Rebuilt the news ticker
BUG FIX: UI     | Megamenu even spacing is more reliable
BUG FIX: UI     | "Blog" element ajax message
BUG FIX: UI     | Thumbnail hover consistency in the top news, categories and widgets
BUG FIX: UI     | Added Tags in top news carousel
BUG FIX: UI     | Fixed "top news" dropdown click (was causing the page to jump - very annoying)
BUG FIX: UI     | Fix for users with javascript disabled
BUG FIX: UI     | Rebuilt carousel script. It's now more stable
BUG FIX: UI     | Load google fonts by SSL when available
BUG FIX: UI     | Css fix for livefyre comments
BUG FIX: UI     | Wider sidebar and widgets - now 330px wide 
BUG FIX: UI     | Border when sidebar is on the left of the "home" page template 
BUG FIX: UI     | "Space menu evenly" can now be switched off

CHANGE: CORE     | Rebuilt the Customizer. It is now fully operational and is easily customizable

UPDATE: PLUGIN     | Radium Tweets  Updated to version 1.0.6
UPDATE: UI         | Patched waypoints-sticky.js to prevent multiple <div class="sticky-wrapper" /> wraps
2014-08-16 | NewsCore 1.2.0
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Add limit descriptions to builder elements 
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Customizable titles for several elements
NEW FEATURE: CORE     | Header banner can now use adsense code
NEW FEATURE: UI     | Responsive Vine and Instagram embeds

BUG FIX: CORE     | Theme customizer
BUG FIX: CORE     | Contact page sample template
BUG FIX: CORE     | Deprecated WooCommerce functions
BUG FIX: CORE     | Loading of translation files
BUG FIX: CORE     | Popup Gallery php notices
BUG FIX: CORE     | Background image uploader
BUG FIX: UI     | fitvids.js to 1.1
BUG FIX: UI     | Contact 7 layout
BUG FIX: UI     | Images taking full width in the post
2014-08-14 | NewsCore 1.1.0
NEW FEATURE: CORE | Added ability to switch off the "read more" link in the blog element.

BUG FIX: UI     | Fixed post tab widget
BUG FIX: CORE     | load more for blog element
BUG FIX: CORE     | "How many items to show" across all builder elements
2014-08-14 | NewsCore 1.0.0
First Release

Suggestions for future updates?

I am looking for ideas on how best to improve the theme so please feel free to let me know of any features that may be missing and a feature you might like to see included.


All the images used on the demo website are only for demonstration and licenses to use them were purchased and the copyrights belong to the creators of the images. None of these images are included in the theme.