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Curious if this will work in aweber?

Hi dstemper-

Thanks for your interest. If you feel confident in your html/css editing abilities, it should be very easy to use in aWeber.

It looks like they made a quick tutorial here on using custom templates: http://www.aweber.com/faq/questions/223/Can+I+Create+Custom+Templates%3F

It seems pretty straightforward – let me know if you have any issues or need further assistance!

Is there a way to make the background work on gmail? I purchased the templates a couple of days ago and the gray background and fonts are stripped off the template :(

I tested it on hotmail and I see the background and your header and bottom fonts…but I was hoping you have a tip on how to make it work with gmail.

Thanks -

Hi Mexicanoloko-

Are you using inline css files from the “launchable” folder? Gmail is one of the only email clients that doesn’t support a style tag, I’ve converted every template into an inline css version. If you made your own modifications, you can convert your existing code to inline css via the links in the documentation also.

If you’re still having issues, contact me via the contact form on my profile page and we can solve it!

Hi, will this work in MailChimp out of the box?

The way to use this email in Mailchimp is through the custom templates feature. If you feel confident in your html/css it should be easy. Once you edit your email, and the css is inline, you should be ready to upload to Mailchimp.

  • Put your images folder and your launchable (inline css) file in on single folder together.
  • Zip the files. (in windows can be done by right-clicking and “add to archive”).
  • login to your mailchimp account and click the “My Templates” button next to “create campaign”.
  • Press the blue “code custom templates” button.
  • Press the “import zip file” button.
  • Locate the file and press upload.

You should be ready to send!

Hi 2winFactor, thanks for that info it helps.

Im pretty confident with the process in Mail Chimp and such jsut wanted to ask clarify the point you made about being able to work with html/css (which I can)- THough are you saying this as this is required to make it work with MailChimp or are you saying this as general html/css knowledge is required to modify/customise the templates?

Thanks,, Jeff

Hi Jeff-

General html/css knowledge is required to modify/customise the templates. Once the template is modified, and content is added it is fully compatible to send in MailChimp. Let me know if that answers your question!

I just purchased this and have no idea how to add in my own stuff. It says its easily customizable. How do I do this?!

Hi Hoosier-

The template is easy to customize knowing only minimal html and css. Adding images and copy has been streamlined. To start, simply place the pre-sized pictures into the images folder of a template in the “launchable” folder. To edit the copy (words) open a launchable html file in a text program (such as notepad). Scan down the page and replace the titles and filler copy with your own. Replace the image titles with your own image titles added to the image folder.

Rearranging/deleting sections is streamlined too. Each section is labeled using comments, and is self contained. What that means is in your text program, you simply copy and paste each section into the order of your choosing.

If you’re still having issues, let me know how I can further assist you.


I’m new to this but can this be customized and sent out via constant contact? If so, can you point me in the right direction to some instructions?

Thank you!


Hi 4am-

Thanks for your interest! Constant Contact allows you to use custom templates to send out emails, but you have to know a little html in order to do so. Here is an article on their website on how to do it:


If you’re having issues with it, just let me know and I can help you through it.

As a side note, do you have a paid account with Constant Contact? I’ve had a few clients with bad experiences with their software. There are much better (and cheaper) email services out there. I would suggest Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor to send emails if you’re not locked down to anything. They are far superior in my opinion.


Hi There,

I am loving this template, but have a couple of questions please (Please bear w me Im a Newby to this, LOL )

1. Can i change the colours to Pink and white background? Or insert Zebra pattern on the background in the headder section, as i dont like the current colours in the design and would like to try to theme it to my online stores colours. I like it to look clean and fresh.

2. Can i change the words or part where it says Newsfeed to add in my logo? (Its prob obvious but i thought id check)

3. Does the Twitter section at the bottom update automaticly w my latest tweets?

4. Are the Gallery photos clickable (So if i put some new products just in on there they can click thur to my website and purchase?)

5. Can you also add in the YouTube logos in the social media section?

6. Can i insert the RSS feed from my Blog to pull in a couple of the recent posts? This can also be done via ChimpFeed on MailChimp yes?

Im wanting to use it in MailChimp, hopefully it is pretty easy to do :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks!

Hi One_Honey,

You can make any amount of customizations to the email template as you’d like. As with any email template, you’ll need to know some basic html and a little about email coding. Background images can be added (although not all email clients show them). Email templates also don’t support dynamic content (meaning twitter feeds and rss feeds will need to be typed in manually). I would suggest finding extra help if you’re looking to make some heavy modifications to the template.

I hope that answers your questions,


I need some assistance with the template, it seems like hotmail chops the left and right sides of the template and only leaves the actual content area…but it looks funny, gmail works fine, just wondering if I could forward you a screen shot and to what email…thanks!!


Sure Dave, just shoot the link to the screenshot via my contact form on my profile page. I’d be glad to take a look.


How do I replace the existing images with my images? Every time I attempt to replace the logo with mine, mine will not show up.

Hi Cborst-

How are you editing the template? You’ll need to use a text-editor like notepad to change the urls. Be sure that you’re replacing the image url in the correct file and in the correct tag.


Like PLU _Australia I have a question regarding MailChimp. The difference is that my knowledge about HTML /CSS is not good enough, so I’m wondering if there is another way to upload the template and make it as easy editable as the ones MailChimp provides.

Hi Stylius,

Mailchimp needs template tags in order to be editable within the mailchimp program. You’d need to add those to the template in order to get that to work in mailchimp as a template file.


However, with just basic html/css knowledge, you should be able to easily put in your logo, content and images on any of the pre-defined layouts.

Let me know if you have any additional questions,



I’m having formatting issues using this template in Mailchimp. When I first purchased the template in May I was able to use it without any problems. But now, the template does not display properly when imported into Mail Chimp. Specifically, from the second item down on the template the headline text is squeezed to the right and the rest of the body text is sent to the left. The file looks fine and works well when I view it in a browser or Preview.

Any ideas on what has changed? It sounds like it’s something in Mail Chaimp, especially because I went back to previous campaigns where I had successfully sent the template and when I view it the same formatting issue shows up.


Hi Gnieves,

I’m not sure if it’s a mailchimp thing or not? Could you jump on the support forums? To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I ask that all questions be asked on the Support Forum. Could you also provide a live preview to your customized file?

Support Forum | Create an Account | Find your Item “Purchase Code”


hi there, thanks for constructing these great templates. I am just wondering – what links do i add to activate the “forward to a friend”, “share on Facebook” and “tweet this” ? I am using dreamweaver to customize the launch able files but whatever links i try, it does not seem to work. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Hi Has sans,

What are you using to send your email? May email programs such as mail chimp and campaign monitor just need you to add a tiny bit of code and they take care of the rest.


Please respond to my comment on your support website. I am having some serious problems with the formatting!

Hi Aaron,

Sure thing – just replied to your topic here:


Just be aware that although we try to answer support questions as quickly as possible, typically it can take up to 24 hours for questions to be answered (as we are all in different time zones).


A response in less than 10 minutes it not bad at all. Thanks for the quick response. I will head back over the the support forums now :)

Thanks Aaron! :)


Superb item, well done;

Thanks! I really appreciate it!


Hellooooo, how would this be used on Mac OSX Mail, how would you import this into the Mail program?

Many thanks ;)

Hi Da8iwr,

This is an HTML mail template, meaning that you’d need to use a service like mailchimp, campaignmonitor, constant contact (or many others) to use this template. You’ll also need to know a bit about editing the code in order to add things yourself.

Let me know if you have any other questions,


Ahhh thats what i thought, don’t worry, its me being an idiot, I read the compatible browsers and wasn’t thinking!

I thought maybe you had found a way around adding them into Apple Mail ;)

Hi ya… pre-sales question here…

I noticed in several posts that this was NOT MailChimp ready… but those posts were years ago. I’m curious if the template has been updated to be MailChimp compatible “OOTB”?

Thanks so much! ;)

Hi Kelleychambers,

This template will work in Mailchimp, however, not with the mailchimp editor out of the box. You can make all your edits locally with a text editor, upload it to mailchimp and send away.

Let me know if you have any other questions,



Any update to this template?


Hi James,

No updates planned at the moment. Was there something in particular you were looking for?