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hello, will be a new template version with helix 3 support? the newsline 2.2 includes old k2 files under html\com_k2\templates (example: item.php 1812 2013-01-14 18:45:06Z). using k2_v2.7.0 has issue, for example when adding/edit a item, the page is not displayed correctly, rename itemform.php and then is all ok. thanks!

Hi, Helix 3 is different framework from Helix II. As Helix II supports by JoomShape we don’t need to build the template with Helix 3 from scratch

We tested K2 v2.7.0 version different way before update the template. After your comment we tested to add / edit new item and not found any error. Also, there is no report with the issue. May be something happened on your side.

Now you can delete itemform.php. Let us know if you face any difficulties. Just mail us to with your site url and admin access.

I keep gettting this error PHP Notice: Undefined property: JDocumentHTML::$helix in [filepath], PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function Header(),PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in [filepath]. I what am I doing wrong please

For OAuthException issue : replace the default values inside the “Twitter Username”, “Consumer Key”, “Consumer Secrete”, “Access Token” and”Access Token Secrete” from Twitter module.

Thanks for your prompt response after following your instructions it worked! However, I had to disable all social media counter plugins before it came through. I really need the social media plugins back. What do I do?

Sorry I’m not clear. Mail me your site url to and describe it more.

Very Nice template. How can I change my home page variations to the Home-3 as seen on your demo? I also love the background image on your Home-3 but is not available on the templates. What do I do?

From Menu manager just set Home3 as Default Template.

After last update of Joomla (3.6.4) the template appears disconfigurated, the modules and articles layout is altered. my site:

I see the site is working fine.

hello, i just want to ask a simple question, on the recent – most visit news module i can not find how to show more than 3 items that right now is showing ! i searched a lot but i can not find it ! please some help !

Its very simple. Just follow the screen shot :

ohh now i got it ! its the module that is located int tab1 now i realize the structure !! thank you !

Welcome. Let us know for further assistance.

Error 500, when apply this template!! can anyone help me?

thanks, it works :D

hi the second level menu is hidden when I tried to visit any item

Please, provide a screen shot.

Good day. Your template displays a “Calendar.setup: Nothing to setup…” ERROR when we try to edit a K2 item. how can we fix this please

Make sure you are using latest Joomla and K2 version.

Note: I see your support is expired

I do not see any login/register button/tex on the demo, It is possible to add it? We use joomsocial.

You need to use native Joomla login module. Here is login page :

We didn’t check Jomsocial on this template. There might be css issue with Jomsocial, you need to fix.

hello something quick, what is the correct value for custom.css file to be able to set my required width of the page?

i will email you more detalls as you need to point your hosts file

ok i just send you from my register email here

Thank you for your fast reply ! you save my day !

Thank you for your fast reply ! you save my day ! Highly recommended no second thoughts for buying this theme people !!!

Do you upgrade to joomla version 3.7.0 ?

Yes, we will do. Please, wait to our update mail. We are checking clearly if any issue remains.

You are always the best, Thank you

Hello. I have disabled newsletter subscription from my website but I still receive emails of subscribers registering on my website, and it’s getting really serious because they’re actually getting into my database. I’m using acymailer Plugin. Is it an issue of the template? Or joomla.

Hi, it’s called spamming. You must need protection like captcha on every form you have.

You have registration form, contact form

For now turn off user registration from Admin >> Users >> Manage >> Option button (top right) >> User Option

The seller is not approaching for the return. I bought it as a WordPress version if it was the wrong purchase :@@

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Sorry, I’m not understand why it is shame. What is your problem to open a support ticket. Still you have option to get refund. I see you opened the request 3rd time, as a result I’m opening a support ticket to Envato.

Open ticket You got a negative ticket turn