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Kati akoma…pws rithmizoyme to contact form me static page …den katalava pos ginete, prosthesa kato kato widget alla den emfanizete

Vres auton ton kwdika:
iframe{width:100%;height:290px;margin:10px 0;max-width:100%;frameborder:0;}
kai allakse to height:290px me to ypsos pou thes.

na se rotiso kati akomi.pos mporoyme stin anartisi na min emfanizontai dyo idies fotografies, anagkazomai kai bazo mikri tin proti gia na min emfanizete dyo fores.Exo proseksei sto demo poy exeis emfanizete mono mia fotografia pos ginete ayto?

Otan kaneis anartisi kai anevazeis photo, pata HTML panw aristera kai vres ton kwdika tis protis eikonas. Tha deis enan kwdika san ki ayton:
<div class="separator"
. Na vazeis meta to separator ena hide:
<div class="separator hide"
. Mono gia thn prwti eikona. Ektos an thes na apenergopoihseis oles tis ypoloipes eikones. Bres ston kwdika tou template
.post-body img{*display:none;}
afairese ton asterisko kai tha fainetai mono i prwti eikona panw. Kamia alli.

I want to know the difference btwn this and NewsPepper – Magazine HTML5 Template

What are you looking for, when you found here?

What is the difference between both when deciding on google blogger theme… the HTML5 or the former?

One is template for Blogger/blogspot, the other is for static pages that you need to payhosting on a server.

I do not solve this problem. Although the subject in the picture above vacancy occurs. There is an error in the construction of the theme. Do you think the solution is to update to the new version https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QFuX5F56BIY/V2UbHt4-v8I/AAAAAAAAG2c/YbhP1cTcl84B_ypN4YwTrKJY0fozVojbgCLcB/s1600/hata.png

Some widgets are not set. Please send us a link.

Time and again I try and do my website address http://sondakika-gundem.blogspot.com . I’m using in this trial site theme.

This template requires many posts with at least 20 categories. See the setup instructions in documentation folder. Open index.html to find all files.

Hi. I’ve 3 problems principals.

1- The version mobile don’t work in my phone and it dont show nothing, just the post. No related posts, no recents, nothing.

2- Web is showing 4 ads I dont put it. And I don’t know how remove

3- When I open a post the page show 2 times the same image.

Hello! Check your email.

I need a solution. Theme loading is very slow and don’t load in the mobiles. What I do? https://k61.kn3.net/3/8/4/C/6/1/D27.png

I don’t understand exactly what you are looking for on these pages. Begin to REMOVE some iframes that you have on your page. Some great pages are more slower than your own page. I don’t know exactly what you want. There is no any problem that must be resolved on the template. I see a page that’s working normally. In my mobile your page load quickly. What is this Doctor Clean in your page?

Hi! problem is in mobile version… In mobile version is just image + text. no more iframes. You see a page that’s working normally, 1,800 users / 2,500 don’t think same. https://k60.kn3.net/417E5E5AD.png

I don’t know what is Doctor clean, I guess is ads.

I understand that web probably work good in your mobile, but to my public don’t work page, see the bounce, it’s fatal. What it’s suppose must I do?

This package includes all 6 models and HTML Files , CSS and JavaScript ?

All demos included in this package, only for Blogger platform.

Please , I’m not managing to buy with Pay Pal . Could you send me another form of payment by credit card please ?

Hello there.

The payment belongs to Themeforest. Contact them.

Hello. In mobile view, it does not appear to cause similar issues?


Only on small screens are hidden. On tablets are enabled.

PLEASE! Good afternoon , want to buy the Template NewsPepper Blogger Link this https://newspepper-v3-fbt.blogspot.com.br/

I tried to buy the Envato but I could not , I don’t have account PayPall , I have only one international card can help me ? Would I like to buy with my credit card isn’t PayPall !


You can select a Payment Method. There are three choices: 1. with card 2. with Paypal and 3. with Envato Credits. Just choose the first.

Good day , I am Brazilian and I have no account PayPall

I can not buy this model http://preview.themeforest.net/item/newspepper-responsive-blogger-magazine/full_screen_preview/14951862?ref=wam8387

I balance in the account and can not buy with Envato Credits also

I’m getting this error message : ” We are Unable to process this payment Please review your payment details and try again . . “

See Print : http://i.imgur.com/L4kzzGt.png

Please help me buy , I need this model to work ! Help me!

Καλησπέρα! Συγχαρητήρια για το εξαιρετικό template! Έχω σκαλώσει με 2-3 πράγματα και δεν θέλω να πειραματιστώ και να αλλοιώσω τον κώδικα… Το site μου είναι το www.athenshotspots.gr Θέλω από τα posts να βγει το undefined, o author, η ώρα. Δεν είναι ειδησεογραφικό το site και δεν θέλω να γνωρίζει ο επισκέπτης πότε έχει αναρτηθεί κάτι κι από ποιον. Ευχαριστώ!


Δοκίμασε τον παρακάτω κώδικα:
.post-meta {display: none;}
Πριν από ]]></b:skin>

Αν θες βαθμολόγησέ μας με 5 αστέρια, από τον πίνακα “Downloads”, να το ανεβάσουμε λίγο.

Hello, Write your label name – which label i have to use. Is there any way.. slider can automatically take the latest post ?

I see a damaged template. You’ll need to install it from the beginning. To activate the categories should use labels to your posts. https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/154172?hl=en. Use the instructions in the documentation folder. It’s very simple.

thanks for your quick reply. why the sliders are disappearing after a few min. Is there any way make it scroll or constant. pls advise

Hello. You must also display two other sections with your labels to work properly. This slider is using 3 categories from your blog. You are using only one label in your blog. You must place categories to your posts.

in the post I showed two pictures, but only insert one image … how to hide one of them (featured image or image on post)

Switch all of the widget categories with your respective labels. Display the Popular Posts with 3 posts only. Thus you will see how it works your template.

i was Switct all of widget categoris and displa the popular posts with 3 post.. but main block still on left of sidebar…

I can’t understand what you mean. Contact with email here: https://themeforest.net/item/newspepper-responsive-blogger-magazine/14951862/support

Explain me with some captions from your monitor what is your problem. I can’t see any problem.

Good afternoon, we bought this model and it has some errors, could you help me? We urgently need to support this model!

The center speaker does not slide like in Preview. This prevents the correct functioning of the site, which does not have scrool in the central area. See how it is on our site: https://goo.gl/oRFfgQ

The LATEST UPDATES category is not loading all the images!

The SOCIAL NETWORK icons are not in the same colors as the model shown in Preview!

Hello. We have answered you. Open your email.