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Hi, I am having trouble with the featured image sizes on mobile. The images are fine on desktop however when viewing on smart phone there is gray shading around the image. Is there a stanard size image to upload so that its the correct size across all devices? Thanks

Hello jazskimo,

Can you send me your site URL please. Also mention which section is having improper sizes on mobile. I will suggest appropriate size.

Generally on mobile, all content is stacked in 100% width. So a minimum 480px to 600px image will work good on mobile as well as desktop. I can tell more by looking at your site URL.



My wordpress now using Newsplus theme 2.1.1. I want to upgrade to the latest version. Do i have to reinstall or just replace certain file into the them folder just like in changelog? one more thing, i wanted to increase the number of main page post to let say 10, I’ve changed inside but it didn’t change anything. My website is

Thank you


Hello Syukran,

The are around 12 intermediate versions between 2.1.1 and the current version 2.4.5. So I would suggest installing a fresh copy of the theme, replacing the old one. Also update/replace “NewsPlus Shortcodes” plugin with the latest one.

Your Home page is set as the default blog page. The number of posts on this page can be changed inside Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most. Change this to the desired number and save settings. This shall work.


Thank you, I will try to upgrade by installing fresh copy of the theme. But for the number of post, I have tried it but still no changes.


For the number of posts, kindly send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com after updating the theme. I will check and fix it.


Hi Saurabh, We have just updated NewsPlus Child theme, Version: 2.4.5 but in the Pagebuilder templates Home 10 and Home 11 are not showing. Can you help please? Thank you

Hello PeeblesMedia,

Kindly check if the newsplus/includes/page-builder-layouts.php file is updated with latest one or not. The layouts are included in this file.


I try to view the pre-built layouts for NewsPlus in Page Builder by SiteOrigin but all I see is SiteOrigin themes (I think). Can you tell me where to see the NewsPlus layouts and what plug-in needs to be activated? Thank you.

Hello Jeff,

The two main files responsible for showing page builder layouts are functions.php and includes/page-builder-layouts.php. So make sure these two are updated to latest version. Right now it seems the page-builder-layouts.php file doesn’t exists on your server theme folder.


We need to change the order of featured articles on homepage and in categories.

We’ve used sortable sticky posts for such task: and displayed them in custom theme. Is it possible to apply similar concept using your theme?

I understand homepage and categories are built using blocks, so the top block can be the one using the sticky posts sorted by menu_order field, limited by some number of such articles. Below this block everything can be as usual, based on the latest articles.

Hi Saurabh Sharma, my boss purchased your theme (a really great theme!) some months…And now I am working with it, again… your theme is great, can you help me.

How I can make my theme look exactly like your theme on my server?

i uploaded the Dummy data and is not the same as like your theme…

Look my screenshot: URL:

some idea?

Thanks a lol (sorry by my bad english)

Hello Enigmagirl,

Thank you for kind words and feedback. It seems you have already fixed the issue. I can see the site corrected now.

For reference, it was required to remove all widgets from the top and header widget area via Appearance > Widgets.

P.S. Please try to post message from actual purchase account or send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com along with the purchase code. This is required so that I can provide you support.