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Featured images disappearing. Hi Saurabh On some of the posts, the featured image is not displayed. Instead, the file name is shown. Examples where it is not okay: In the following examples, everything is OKAY:

Could this have something to do with the file size settings and the original? Theme image sizes are set as follows: Grid style bog: 640×360 Classic blog: 960×540 List style blog: 800×9999 Related post: 150×90 Single post: 800×9999

Hello conorpower,

It could be due to the ‘9999’ value in image sizes. Kindly leave that to blank (for auto height) or specify a fixed value like 600, or 800. In case of auto height, leave the hard crop mode off. Then save settings. This shall work.


Hi Saurabh You were right. It is working okay now.

That’s great. Have a nice day.


Hi there. Is Instagram supported now? I noticed that FontAwesome has an icon for it. Thanks!

Hello jfinizza,

Thank you for browsing the theme. Instagram icon is supported in social widget. Check the first widget in sidebar of live demo. The theme also supports third party Instagram widget plugins like


Hi! I have just renewed the support for your amazing theme. I’d like to ask you to question. 1) my current theme version is 2.4.6 (with a child theme). I want to update to your last version… how can I do? Is it difficult?

2) My website is very slow. How can I speed up the web site? Can I use WP Rocket? Is NewsPlus compatible with WP Rocket? (

thanks for your help :)

Hello francescored,

Thank you for kind words and feedback. In order to update to v3.0.2, kindly follow these steps:

1. Download latest theme archive and extract it on your computer.

2. Using FTP or File Manager, replace the following folders on your site with the latest ones:


The is located inside newsplus/plugins/ folder which you need to upload on server.

3. Inside your child theme, if you are overriding any core template files like header.php, footer.php, etc. kindly check them with the latest ones and merge your custom changes in latest files. if not overriding any file, skip this step.

4. Log in to WordPress admin and navigate to Appearance > Theme Options. Then click on “Reset all settings”. This will initiate new variables (added in 3.0) with their default values. You may need to place back custom settings like footer text, layout width, etc.

5. Finally, clear all browser caches, caching plugin caches and then check the site. It shall work without any issue.

For site loading time, the main causes are non optimized and large images. Before using any caching plugin, replacing heavy images with optimized ones will improve loading results to much extent. Further, NewsPlus supports image resizing per shortcode and also via theme options (for archives). For example. in any post shortcode you can use image resizing as:

[insert_posts imgwidth="300" imgheight="200" imgcrop="true" ... other parameters ...]

Using image resize and crop will serve scaled images for post modules on your Home page. This will improve site performance. Image resize is also available in Recent / Popular posts widgets as of v3.0. You can change that inside widget settings.

The theme is also compatible with caching plugins like WP Super cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, etc. You can use any of these for site optimization.


Hi, After uploading a new image, uploads and / uploads / bfi_thumb are recording the image. The content in the image shows via / uploads / bfi_thumb file. How can I cancel this?

Thank you.

Hello ekotheme,

BFI thumb uses the ‘bfi_thumb’ directory for storing resized image files. If a file of specified dimension already exists, it uses it from the ‘bfi_thumb’ directory. You can change this sub directory name but can not remove it. In order to change the directory name, add this line at the end of functions.php file:

@define( BFITHUMB_UPLOAD_DIR, 'other_dir' );

The ‘other_dir’ name can be changed to the desired folder name. If you leave it blank, the image path will show a blank with two slashes as wp-content/uploads/ /image_name.jpg. So assign a valid name.


Hello protection,

AMP support can be achieved using any of these plugins:

The visual styles may differ in AMP generated pages as it is a minified and strip down version of pages.


thank you!

Where I can see the total recipe generator builder for this theme demo?

Hi, I’m trying to add categories to shopping cart but it’s showing only the default categories which are shown in other pages. How can I add separate categories only for shopping cart? Please help..

I want to add products categories on the right side. For example I have already added two products categories but want to add those categories to the right side bar.

Okay, in that case use “WooCommerce Product Categories” widget inside the sidebar. The default “Categories” widget doesn’t show WooCommerce Product categories.


Did it in the same way but it’s not displaying as I mentioned. I have sent you the screen shot

Hi, I am from Russia. I can’t find, where and how I can change fonts for this theme. Especially, I want to change fonts of menu and fonts of posts.

Hello rrubashkin,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. In order to change the font, you need to first load the Google font in theme options. For that, navigate to WordPress admin’s Appearance > Theme Options > Custom Font. Inside “Font Family” field, provide the Google font family string. This would look something like below:


You can generate the font family from Google Fonts Site.

After adding font family, add necessary CSS inside “Additional CSS” section. In your case, the CSS would be the following:

.nav-menu { font-family: "Font Name"; }
#content { font-family: "Font Name"; }

Finally, Save settings and check the site. If you find any difficulty, feel free to send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.