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Featured images disappearing. Hi Saurabh On some of the posts, the featured image is not displayed. Instead, the file name is shown. Examples where it is not okay: In the following examples, everything is OKAY:

Could this have something to do with the file size settings and the original? Theme image sizes are set as follows: Grid style bog: 640×360 Classic blog: 960×540 List style blog: 800×9999 Related post: 150×90 Single post: 800×9999

Hello conorpower,

It could be due to the ‘9999’ value in image sizes. Kindly leave that to blank (for auto height) or specify a fixed value like 600, or 800. In case of auto height, leave the hard crop mode off. Then save settings. This shall work.


Hi Saurabh You were right. It is working okay now.

That’s great. Have a nice day.


Hi there. Is Instagram supported now? I noticed that FontAwesome has an icon for it. Thanks!

Hello jfinizza,

Thank you for browsing the theme. Instagram icon is supported in social widget. Check the first widget in sidebar of live demo. The theme also supports third party Instagram widget plugins like


Hi! I have just renewed the support for your amazing theme. I’d like to ask you to question. 1) my current theme version is 2.4.6 (with a child theme). I want to update to your last version… how can I do? Is it difficult?

2) My website is very slow. How can I speed up the web site? Can I use WP Rocket? Is NewsPlus compatible with WP Rocket? (

thanks for your help :)

Hello Francesco,

Yes you can override entire parent folder with the latest one. Make sure no changes were made in parent theme. After updating the theme, do not reset all settings. Just click on “Save all settings”. That will save any new or unset theme option variable too.

Regarding customizer.css, I just checked and it is a code error in theme. When Customizer is chosen from color scheme options, it loads a file named customizer.css. I will add a fix for this. You can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com to get this fix earlier.


Dear Saurabh, thanks to your new file and installation of a caching plugin the website’s loading time is now improve a lot according to Pingdom’s test. Unfortunatly according to Testmysite by Google I still have a very bad rating. How can I improve the valutation? You know for us buyers what Google thinks is our biggest concern.

I have few more minor question: 1) Is King Composer necessary with your theme? In the latest version you suggest to install Page Builder by Site Origin.

2) Is there a way to remove the author, the category and the publication date in the articles listed in home?

3) As you can see, in the first widget box there is a ugly blank space above the main advertisment. How can I avoid the blank space?

thanks again really!

Who is thinking about purchasing the theme I strongly recommend doing it. Support is great and fast!

Hello Francesco,

Rating may not improve instantly in Google records. You will need to wait for some time to see how it goes. I can assure that the theme is Google friendly. I would suggest enabling Schema for your site. You can do so inside Theme Options > General. (This will apply to entire site). And for Home page modules and shortcodes, use enable_schema=”true” inside post shortcode parameters.

[insert_posts enable_schema="true" ... other params ..]

1. The latest page layouts were built using King Composer. This is required because the post modules shortcode has many parameters which are easy to configure using a user interface like King Composer. The SiteOrigin Page builder doesn’t support shortcode mapping (it supports widgets). So I chose King Composer. You can still use SiteOrigin, but then you would not be able to use latest page layouts which were included in v3.0+

To add more, I have tested both plugins for speed and performance (before working on the update). There was no significant difference in performance, and both were equally fast. Then only I switched to King Composer.

2. Yes it is possible by using some parameters inside post shortcode. For that, edit the page in text mode and add these parameters inside each post shortcode:

[insert_posts hide_cats="true" hide_author="true" hide_date="true" hide_views="true" hide_comments="true"... other params ...]

If you use KingComposer, you can easily switch these options ON and OFF using checkboxes.

3. The space in the widget is due to the br tags. As of latest WordPress, the textwidget no longer supports plain code or HTML. It has now become rich text editor. So the plain code gets converted into paragraphs and line breaks. A solution is to use Classic Text Widget which supports plain text and markup just like old textwidget prior to WordPress 4.8.


Hi, After uploading a new image, uploads and / uploads / bfi_thumb are recording the image. The content in the image shows via / uploads / bfi_thumb file. How can I cancel this?

Thank you.

Hello ekotheme,

BFI thumb uses the ‘bfi_thumb’ directory for storing resized image files. If a file of specified dimension already exists, it uses it from the ‘bfi_thumb’ directory. You can change this sub directory name but can not remove it. In order to change the directory name, add this line at the end of functions.php file:

@define( BFITHUMB_UPLOAD_DIR, 'other_dir' );

The ‘other_dir’ name can be changed to the desired folder name. If you leave it blank, the image path will show a blank with two slashes as wp-content/uploads/ /image_name.jpg. So assign a valid name.


Hello protection,

AMP support can be achieved using any of these plugins:

The visual styles may differ in AMP generated pages as it is a minified and strip down version of pages.


thank you!

Where I can see the total recipe generator builder for this theme demo?

Hi, I’m trying to add categories to shopping cart but it’s showing only the default categories which are shown in other pages. How can I add separate categories only for shopping cart? Please help..

I want to add products categories on the right side. For example I have already added two products categories but want to add those categories to the right side bar.

Okay, in that case use “WooCommerce Product Categories” widget inside the sidebar. The default “Categories” widget doesn’t show WooCommerce Product categories.


Did it in the same way but it’s not displaying as I mentioned. I have sent you the screen shot

Hi, I am from Russia. I can’t find, where and how I can change fonts for this theme. Especially, I want to change fonts of menu and fonts of posts.

Hello rrubashkin,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. In order to change the font, you need to first load the Google font in theme options. For that, navigate to WordPress admin’s Appearance > Theme Options > Custom Font. Inside “Font Family” field, provide the Google font family string. This would look something like below:


You can generate the font family from Google Fonts Site.

After adding font family, add necessary CSS inside “Additional CSS” section. In your case, the CSS would be the following:

.nav-menu { font-family: "Font Name"; }
#content { font-family: "Font Name"; }

Finally, Save settings and check the site. If you find any difficulty, feel free to send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.



Can you help with my logo sizing? I have looked at the comments and done the suggested edit in the style css to get my logo to 50%.

However its not working. I have tried both adding the suggested coding to the bottom of the css and altering the css itself to reflect the 50% logo and leaderboard, but nothing changes unless i go ‘full-width’ then the leaderboard disappears.

My website is



Kindly add these rules inside Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
    #header .full-width .one-fourth {
        width: 50%;
        max-width: 50%;

Then save these changes and check the site by clearing all caches of browser and caching plugins.


Thankyou so much, as always you are super helpful.

It looks great on desktop, and mobile but on ipad it’s small. It there a fix for this?

Hi, I’m looking to solve a small thing.

I recently installed RSS Aggregator to make posts via RSS. I set it so that post titles link to the original source. However the target is not set to blank.

In the theme code, I found out how to set targets to blank however, I could not find the code for the post-list shortcode.

I was wondering if you could help me find this piece of code, and also if there might be a way to create a custom conditional statement that can set post title links to blank only for certain categories of posts (which I will have predefined).

Hello LeadSpark,

If you are using latest version of theme and the NewsPlus shortcodes plugin, modifying the post-list shortcode is easy. You need to copy the following file:


Into the theme folder as:


Then edit this file and add the target blank at line no. 92 just after the href=”xx”. To limit it on particular categories we need to check using in_category() function. For that code, please send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send the code.


Hi Sharma,

How can I add Footer? In widget there is no footer is available.

Thanks, I added text as you said. What I want is to add a tag cloud, Facebook page like and some links in between the line which appears top of the footer.

Pls refer my site –

You can add those inside Appearance > Widgets. There you shall see “Default Secondary Column 1”, 2, 3 and so on, depending upon how many secondary columns are chosen from Theme Options > Footer settings. In that widget area you can add widgets as required.


Thanks Sharma, Got it


Would you be able to tell me why my images are smaller than the actual size?

I have tried to resolve this in them options> image sizes but that hasn’t rectified this?

They were fine until i did the most recent update.


Hello renal78,

The images on your “About” page are inserted manually. They also contain some extra code. (May be inserted via some image plugin). In either case, when you insert images using “Add Media” of WordPress, make sur to choose large size for image. If you choose medium or small, they will show in smaller size.

The theme option image sizes applies for archive posts and single posts, not on images inserted manually in pages.



Is there a way to increase the distance between each widget on the sidebar? If i don’t have the writing they go pretty much butt up against each other.


Hello renal78,

Kindly add this CSS rule inside WordPress admin’s Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.widget { margin-bottom: 20px; }

Then click on “Save and Publish” button at the top. Next, clear all caches of caching plugins and check the site.


As always THANKYOU!

Hello Sir,

I have purchased your theme 2 years ago and we are satisfy with the theme. We are encline to buy the latest version to get new improvments.

The only bad point is the slider with the images loading. We have a delay before the sliders is fully load and this cause a bad user experience. Do you have any tips to improve this slider loading performance? Thank you very much Best Regards Stéphane

Hello Stéphane,

The latest version of theme has slider triggering on document.ready event (unlike window.load). So it will load simultaneously while your other content is loading. You can check the example at