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Thanks louiejie :)

Nice theme…

Do you have this theme in HTML? I need a template for use o my rails application.


Hello ricardopontes,

Thanks for the kind feedback. Currently, HTML version is not available. It’s been a long time since I have released any HTML template.


Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D

Thank you buddy. :)

IE8, the responsive design does not work!

Hello pikomiko,

I have deliberately disabled responsiveness on IE8. You can check here.

Responsive feature shall be best tested on Mobile devices. Resizing IE8 window in desktop will not perform media queries as opposed to FireFox or Chrome. Hence I have disabled it for IE on desktop. If we remove that CSS from ie.css, you will see the layout shrinking in fluid width on IE8 too. :)


Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you, tagDiv Team.


< Hi, SaurabhSharma.. what is ‘micro-format’ ?


Hello candeed,

Microformats are simple codes or XML namespaces to convey metadata of your site in proper manner. For example, you can use micro formats to identify specific data like Author name, or any link. You can find more details on these links:

The theme isn’t 100% micro-format ready, but I have used them in some known code locations. Possibly I will improve them in next updates. :)


Nice Design! But checked in PageSpeed Insights the theme speed is very low, it is 28 out of 100. Why is it so?

Hello atifbaig,

Thanks for the kind words and feedback.

As you can see in PageSpeed Insights report, most of the time is consumed by featured images set on posts. I am using 900px images so that they look fairly good on Retina ready devices. If I use web optimized images of around 600px in 75% jpeg quality, this speed shall be improved by 84% reduction. As you might be aware, size and quality of featured images depend upon what we provide inside WordPress content.

Besides that, some speed is slowed down by non-compressed CSS and JS files. If we minify or compress them, speed shall improve more.

One last factor, may be this affects or not; I am using same database for most of my hosted sites. So this might be slowing down performance too.

Here is a reference to the PageSpeed suggestions. :)


Yeah I know it is getting low speed just because of those images, why you’ve not used WP default Images Cropped function or TimThumb?

And also why there is no color schemes? I think it would be a plus point to have different color schemes for main navigation menu in this nice and simple theme design.

Hello atifbaig,

The theme is using default WP images, but I haven’t added much image sizes for cropping. The reason is retina display. For example, if I serve 300px image for a 300px viewport, it may not appear good on high resolution where it doubles to 2x resolution. So, serving a 900px image into 300px dimension may still yield good image quality.

As I mentioned earlier, the theme will show images as provided. If you provide a low resolution image, it will show that one accordingly.

For color schemes, I have provided a small description/tutorial inside documentation file for overriding navigation menu and highlight colors. i.e. how to add those selectors inside user.css file and make color scheme.


Brilliant, again, thank you !D

Thanks, petopasenius.


volt reborn! is there date OFF shortcut?)

Hello 212dsgn,

Thanks for the feedback.

Date can be turned of individually by targeting it’s container class and hiding in CSS. There is also a Global option for hiding post meta, and individual short codes parameter for hiding post meta. But no option for hiding ‘only’ date. For that, either we can remove it from core files or through CSS.



I need the theme for new project. Please, inform me, is it possible to make the post with slideshow instead of future image? Also my customer asks about of the lightbox (prettyphoto, fancybox, etc) for images an especially for the slideshows too (here is the example of such post). Is it possible to do with your nice theme?

Hello fotomaster,

The theme supports slideshow with custom content. For example, check the slider on following link:

This contains custom image, text, and a video. Right now there is no built in prettyPhoto support but I can help you with adding prettyPhoto JS and CSS to the theme.


Thank you for prompt reply. I hope, this present slideshow is enough for my customer, but I must discuss with him before buying. Once I needed use the widgetKit plugin in order to fulfill the customer requirement, but if you kindly help me with implementing of the prettyPhoto, it will be great! Thank you in advance!

P.S. the speed of demosite is well for my side (just inform about)

Hello fotomaster,

No problem with that. It only requires adding prettyPhoto JS, CSS to the theme, and calling it’s function inside one of the custom JS files. Then it can be used any where on the site.

On a side note, thanks for confirming site loading speed. :)


Nice theme but too slow …

Hello intercitynews,

Thanks for the kind words. I was logged in to the server. Kindly check back again. :)


it is very nice theme.i think about ecommerce,how compatible with WooCommerce,what template like ,i hope get any information update,thank you very much

Hello huang2010,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

It is compatible with WooCommerce 2.0+. But all CSS styles for shop related pages will be inherited from plugin. In future updates, I will try to include exclusive styles for WooCommerce pages, along with a shopping account bar too.


that sounds good ,thank you very much

nice work buddy ;)

Thank you guys. Hope you’re doing well. :)


Love it, looks fantastic. Need something a bit more colourful though – is there any kind of easy theming ability built in?

Hello stylewright,

Thanks for kind words and feedback.

CSS styling is easy for this theme. For example, you can add navigation selector inside user.css file and simply add a background color value to it. Since there are less highlights and color tones, I didn’t included extra CSS files for color scheme.

There is more scope of adding styles to sidebar headings, navigation menu, footer section, etc. Possibly I will add one color scheme file in next updates for easy modification.


Nice work! I have a question about ad management. Can we place most common sized ads with Google AdSense to any spot (like 125125,300300,120*600 etc.) ? With widget areas I think we can do that right ? Good luck with sales btw.Really great theme.

Hello krypted,

Thanks for kind words and feedback.

Most common ad sizes are supported in theme. For example, in top header widget area you can place 460px or 780px banner. On sidebar you can place 300×300, or 125×125 or button ads of 120px.

You can also place inline advertisements above or below single post using Global settings, or individual single post settings. This area can support 460px banners.

On other page layouts where full width page template is used, you can insert advertisement inside any of the column short codes.

Ads can also be inserted between each post section as shown on Home page. For example, just after first row of slider and post list.


Thanks, Matvey :)


“the theme is envisioned to provide you a long-term … solution”

Keep your word! 8-). I will spend many hours, to convert my Tech-Blog to the new design with your great Theme.

Greetings from Germany to India!

Hello computeruser,

Thanks for the purchase. I will support it as long as I can. All my wishes for your new setup. :)


I have not been able to install. Wordpress says I need style.css page.

Hello rgalan1,

Thanks for the purchase. It will be required to unzip the download first. Next, look for the folder named ‘newsplus’. ZIP this folder and upload to WordPress.

You can find installation instructions inside your_download_zip/documentation/index.html file. And dummy markup can be found inside your_download_zip/dummy_data/ folder.


Hi, Can you fix this issue of not Specifying image dimensions for your theme?

check it here:

Hello pooya3d,

Thanks for browsing the theme. I can fully agree with your concern of serving scaled images. That can be done too, but some of these factors are preventing me to do so:

1. Scaled images of exact dimension may not appear in good quality when viewed on high resolution (2x) devices.

2. The theme’s layout can be increased to any width by just changing base html font size. So if a user decides to use a bigger layout, scaled images will fail.

3. Sliders and other post lists are responsive. They may expand to any width higher than scaled images. So a largest size image is provided which can fit in any width.

Due to these dynamic width and retina display factors, I decided not to scale images. I have used timthumb and WP cropping in my earlier themes, but not in this one.

Further, if you want I can help in adding sizes. It only requires registering them inside theme functions, and adding handle name where these sizes are called.


Theme looks very nice! :)

But i wonder how looks third level menu on the sidebar?

Hello edgarkebbe,

Thanks for kind words and feedback.

I have created a test page with exclusive sidebar to show nested menu. You can check nested menu items in sidebar on this page.


Thanks! :)

One more question! Are U going to support it on the long run? Bug fixes and when new versions of WP will roll out?

Hello edgarkebbe,

Yes I will support it when new WordPress version arrives or there are any bugs. Themes are also updated for any new features or additions.