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Hi SaurabhSharma, your theme is very very nice, but i have a problem with all google author plugin: Errore: Missing required field “updated”. Errore: Missing required hCard “author”.

How i can fix this to work fine with google author?


ps: sorry for my bad english :)

Hello Warezzo,

I think you are using a plugin which shows Google+ profile. In that case, profile information might be generated by plugin or Google+. The theme’s built in author archive pages have proper hCard. You can check the author page

I can further check if you post a URL to author profile created by such plugin. Please also include plugin name or link.


Hi SaurabhSharma, actually i’m using this plugin: “” and separately the badge of google+.

Thanks for your support.

Hello Warezzo,

I have downloaded the plugin but I am not very sure about Google Publisher profile URL. Can you make it simple by sending me the URL of page where it shows error. If it’s in back-end, kindly send me your WP login. I can confirm that the theme uses proper hCard. You can cross check it with twentytwelve theme too.



I want to know how do I activate the different variation formats.

Hello Shanyi,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Before creating any variation, it will be required to create a Home page and set it as front page. After that you can use the variations markup as provided inside your main download_zip/dummy_data/home*.txt files. You can find detailed instructions inside the documentation/index.html file’s section 6. Create Home Page.

For variation #4, open dummy_data/home4.txt file and copy all it’s contents. Next, open your Home page in WordPress page editor and switch to “Text” mode. Finally paste this markup inside the page and publish/update it. These are also interchangeable, you can change the order of appearance of short codes as required.


Thanks. Will give it a go ~

Hi, does the the ‘Home’ page you refer to a static one to be created?

I want to use variation 4. And I also want to know if they are interchangeable.


Do you have a quick start package that goes along with the theme?


Hello Damon_demon,

Thanks for browsing the theme. By “Quick start package” if you mean auto installer, then sorry it is not available in theme. :)

It comes with dummy data in XML and text format. I have also included a documentation manual for setting up Home page and other basic contents.


Hello SaurabhSharma,

I’m trying to replace my comment counts on the homepage with the code I got from a widget that uses “total views” instead. I used this code in the actual post page itself, but I can’t get it to work right on the homepage for each of the sub-posts on the blog site. If you need to email, could you use pope8ss at yahoo?


Hello Griffin,

On single posts you have placed the code using a function echo_views(). This can not be placed directly inside post short codes used on Home page.


So, are you saying there is no way to add the total views on the homepage?

Hello Griffin,

This can be done by modifying shortcodes.php file and inserting the return values of echo_views() function inside each short code. It is a core file customization which I do not provide. :)


Hi, I bought a theme, but could not use. Because the demo is not established as the theme. For example, when I install a wordpress user space Jarida Jarida’n?n is an administrative area of ??all the pages and categories can do from there. But somehow I can not find News plus where you can rule and can not create a master page. As a result, the view is very nice theme. That’s why I bought but I can not use. As a result, what we can do. I wonder is it possible to pay me my money back? Or please help. There should be a management dashboard theme!

Hello rabiacalhan,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. I didn’t understood your query completely, but I think you have an issue with WordPress user account rights. May be your account is not an administrator account.

Or may be you are not able to find the NewsPlus theme inside Appearance > Themes. If this is the case, kindly send me your WordPress login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.


Hi. I have an issue with IE browser. Until yesterday everything was going right, but now there is a warning telling I have on obsolete version even if I have the 10.0.9200.16635 one and an automatic update of the browser. The problem is that the site layout is broken and the Wordpress post editor doesn’t work correctly (only the HTML part is visible and so on). The only things I made yesterday were that I add a new plugin called RA FB Like Box and updated an existing plugin Ultimate Coming Soon Page. I tried to deactivate the two plugins and after I deleted them, but nothing changed. I cleaned the cache lots of times… Now I’m thinking there is something non-cross browser in my child css, but I deleted something that I recently modified but nothing … All is good with Firefox and Chrome browsers. I have all the site backups. Could you kindly have a look if I send you a temporary profile? Thank you so much.

Hello kkri,

I just replied to your mail.


Hi there, i am using your theme and using it for it is live and not local however when we send from the contact form i do not receive the email.

i have checked PHP mail service and it is enabled. any ideas?

Hello halltheway,

Kindly post the message from purchase account, and also post me a link to the contact page. I will check the issue.


Is there a [insert_pages] shortcode? for producing a lists of pages with thumb and excerpt?

Regards great work.

Hello zaguerinho,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback. Pages can be inserted using the following short code:

[insert_posts query_type="pages" pages="10,15,17,30,52" num="5" display_style="list-big"]

You can change the IDs 10,15,17 etc. with the actual page IDs.


Web site is coming along nicely. Need to disable the ability of readers to post comments. What is best way to proceed?

Hello TheVermilion,

Thanks for the kind feedback.

Comments can be disabled in pages and posts inside the “Discussion” panel. From this panel, disable “Allow Comments” checkbox and update the page/post.


Hi Saurabh,

I have created a static home page and pasted the codes (i.e. variation #4). It seems to work, but everything is shown in codes and unlike your template.

Also, is there an image widget available?


Hello Shanyi,

It will be required to paste the code in “text” mode of editor (as I mentioned in earlier comment). Since you pasted the code in “Visual” mode, it got converted into rich text. So delete the contents of that page, switch to “Text” mode and then paste the code.

Images can be inserted easily using WordPress’ insert image button or by using img tag. :)


Hi! :) I have problem after updating WP 3.5 to 3.6!

Slider in first page does not work anymore! :S

I cannot give you access to web page directly, because page is on local machine at the moment!

How could I solve this problem?

Hello edgarkebbe,

The theme is compatible with WordPress 3.6. I have tested it at my end. From screen shot it seems the content was not loaded fully. May be your local server service stopped abruptly or may be some plugin conflict. This can only be fixed by looking at the live URL. If you have a site hosted, kindly create a dummy page with slider so that I can check.


hi, how could i change Base Font Size to 75% as preview theme ?

Hello sa3di,

Base font size is at 75%. You can change it by adding/modifying this rule inside style.css file:

html { font-size: 75%; }

You can change it to 100% for 16px, or 75% for 12px.


Hi Saurabh,

Your theme looks really good and right now we are working on our site, in order to get it ready and nice looking for theme installation. Until now, we have been using the preview option to see how the theme would like with our current content. I have some questions, that I would like you to answer them:

1) For the posts list in the homepage, I have seen that individual posts area with a title of 3 lines, have different heights than the ones with titles of 2 lines. Can I make the height of each post area in the homepage, standard, so if I have posts with titles of 2 or 3 lines, the column of posts will be aligned?

2) Also on the individual post area, I see that the theme shows by default, a subtitle containing the first 160 chars of the post. Can it be set to show only the first sentence, before a dot or a command?

I’ll really appreciate your guidance on these subjects.

Hello dalealaweb,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

1. A fixed height can be applied to post columns by targeting their outer containers. But this will not work good when the site is viewed on mobile. The content may get clipped. Also, if any post has a very long title, that may get clipped too. If you still wish to have fixed height, kindly send me the URL of your Home page (when live). I will suggest appropriate CSS.

2. The 160 character text is excerpt of posts. You can control excerpt length by specifying a parameter inside short codes. For example:

[insert_posts excerpt_length="60" ... rest of parameters]

Using excerpt length you can control number of characters. If we set it to show first sentence before a dot or return, it will not work properly. A first sentence may be 300 char long, or may be just 5 char long. So we trim the text using excerpt length.


Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the response. Regarding point 2., I know about Post excerpt and about short codes, but I did not understand fully your suggestion.

Could I assign a post excerpt lenght for each post? If that’s the case, then I’m sure that could solve my request :-).

Hello dalealaweb,

For #2, it will pull entire excerpt of posts and will trim it to particular length as provided in excerpt_length parameter in short code. The limitation is that it will apply to all number of posts which are generated using the short code.

For example, if you generate three posts using a short code, all three of them will have same excerpt length. This can be avoided by using a single short code per post. That is a lengthy approach but you can control excerpt length per post.


SaurabhSharma thank you so much. my site perfect now :). You are best support. im waiting for your next theme. thanks again

Hello handris,

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. :)


Hi there,

i bought this theme and am using it for and everything is working fine except the contact page when i enter in all the details i dont receive the email i tried several email addresses thinking it was my gmail address but its the same result i dont receive the email.

Any suggestions on what this could be?

Hello herewegorio,

I just checked the contact form in both forms. With and without JavaScript. It worked in both cases. May be the mails are arriving in your spam folder. For reference, mails will come from your Hosting account’s default email address. So if your SMTP is configured properly, mails shall arrive. Since the form is working properly in non JS mode too, I can confirm that your mail service is working too.

Right now I have sent two contact mails, kindly check your email address as provided inside theme options panel. If this doesn’t work, kindly send me your WP login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hi Saurabh,

I still did not receive the emails to my email i have checked spam folder too.

i will send you wp-details.

Hello SaurabhSharma,

Want to buy another your theme for my friend’s webstite.

One pre-sale question: is it possible to custom background colors of the name of categories at home page (as marked in your demo – “Headlines”, “Lifestyle” etc)?

Hello kcherikov,

Thanks for consideration. Yes, you can assign custom colors to those headline labels. Currently there are a few built in color classes. You can add more inside style.css file or edit the existing ones.


Since updating to WP3.6 the <!-more-> in visual mode has disappeared. It shows in Text mode. The excerpt is not always correct. Any ideas?

Hello yvrmark,

In NewsPlus we are not calling excerpts using the_content(). The more quick tag works only when we call the_content(). Since we are using the_excerpt(), a default excerpt is pulled from posts. You will see a bunch of text followed by an hellip [...]


Hey guys please explain variations How to set up short code? I want to create it. Also I have not dummy file :( Where is the documentation folder or dummy file ?

Hello mandaakh,

Please post comment from the purchase account, or send me your purchase code at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hello gilangajip,

Thanks for the purchase and kind words. You have implemented it nicely. I wish you lots of visitors and success on site. :)