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Hi there, i hava two presale questions for you. I really like your theme.

1. Is it possible to configure the upper section of the front page to look like this ?

2. I’m planning to add the Taqyeem rating pluging and woud like to know if it will correctly work inside your theme.

Hello SylBou,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

1. Upper section may need some customization for inserting a news ticker and social icons as shown on that site. Currently I do not provide customization work, but you can get it done from some dev.

2. Taqyeem rating plugin will work good in posts and pages. But inside short codes and widgets it may not work correctly. In short codes it is required to place the rating function manually in core files. This is again a customization work. :)


Thanks for your answers SaurabhSharma. I’m sorry but i think i did not correctly explained the topic of my first question. I wanted to know if the module Feature and Favorites could be extended to give a two columns look for the upper section, instead of three as we can see on your template.

Thank you for your time.

Hello SylBou,

Yes you can use a two columnar layout too. In that case, you can show a slider + sidebar, or a full width page with slider + post module. The slider is of flexible width and can be inserted in any width container.


HI ,when i set the homepage using the code below:[insert_posts cats=”4” num=”3” display_style=”list-big” excerpt_length=”140” orderby=”date”] it just cannot put out excerpt only one post, i do not where is the problem.

Could you check my screen shot? This is my site.

I did?

Hello Saneyoshi,

I have replied to your email. It was an issue with Japanese language word count which is too short as compared to English.


Thanks for your help!

I already buy this theme but i think it’s very hard to config. anywhere I will try!


First question : How to change thumbnail image for the same size on the first page or Archive page?

now I send more question to your email already. (xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com)

plz answer me., thanks

Hello Jiw,

Replied to your email. :)



I recently purchased this theme and am running it on my site, To anyone who is looking at purchasing the theme, I’ve found it very well put together, well-documented, and all around easy to work with.

I have recently started having issues with the theme “crashing”. I am running Wordpress version 3.6 and have not modified the theme much beyond installing a few plugins, customizing css colors through the theme options, and adding some javascript for web services such as google analytics, doubleclick for publishers, etc.

When the theme “crashes”, I can only see the site header and an empty grey area, which is the background color of the site footer. The body area of the page is missing entirely. This happens on both the homepage and individual posts / pages on the site.

I’ve had some trouble isolating what is causing this, however, my best guess is that it is a PHP functions issue, a SQL issue, or perhaps a javascript issue. When the theme “crashes”, I can go to the wp-admin control panel, go to theme options, hit save, and effectively republish the theme. When I do this, everything works fine for a while until it crashes again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Brandon,

Thanks for the purchase and kind recommendation.

I just checked your site and it was the WP Pro Ad plugin. This plugin was breaking execution for non-logged in users. May be the ads work only for admin account in that plugin or you can check if there is any such setting. I checked it with other themes too and the layout was breaking. Right now I have deactivated it for your reference.

You can contact the plugin author and if there is any issue from the theme side, I will help further. :)


How do I hide the small thumbnails that show up on the home page in the “list small” display style?

Hello Brandon,

You can use the “list-plain” display style as:

[insert_posts num="6" display_style="list-plain" cats="" ]

This will show posts without thumbnail.


Hi again,

My site seems to be missing the Facebook share button JS code, can you please share that with me? And where I need to put it!



Hello Jack,

The Facebook share and like code can be found here. I have integrated the same code inside functions.php file. As you said you have already updated it with the latest one, I suspect there could be a conflict with the DISQUS plugin. Kindly check by disabling that plugin.


Hi Saurabh,

Before my friend supplied me with the code I needed to insert into my functions.php file and it worked fine, it was only until uploading the updated theme that it went bad again.

Could you provide me with that at all? The JS code and kindly let me know where to insert it into the php file.


Hello Jack,

The code is already in your theme’s functions.php file, inside the functions named ss_sharing and ss_fb_script. As I said before, this code is same as you get from the official FaceBook page. There seems a conflict with Disqus or some other plugin. You can send me your WP login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the code, and will also send you the script separately.



Please how can i update my theme without completely uninstalling the previous theme file?


Hello gogeafrica,

Inside your latest download zip, you shall see a ‘changelog’ folder. This folder has details for each version update. You can update/replace files selectively by seeing those version log files.

For future updates I would recommend using a Child theme, or including your custom styles inside user.css file.


Just installed the update and I get two error notices in my WP admin debug section:

NOTICE: wp-content/themes/newsplus/includes/widget-social-links.php:49 - Undefined index: instagram
NOTICE: wp-content/themes/newsplus/includes/widget-social-links.php:51 - Undefined index: mail

Please advise.

Hello trocity,

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and update the Social links widget. You simply need to click on ‘Save’ button of widget.


Ok I did that and those 2 errors have gone away to be replaced by this one:

DESCRIBE IF; You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘IF’ at line 1

Hello trocity,

I have re-checked the code. It seems all correct. Kindly send me a screen shot of this error/notice at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. If possible, also send me a WP login and URL.


The latest update apparently has Woocommerce support which is great but I can’t see any examples of this working in your Live Preview. Could you please add that so we can see how it’s supposed to look?


Hello trocity,

Yes I will add that soon. :)


HI?SaurabhSharma?how can i set the page link open in the new window at the Home page

Hello edukm,

This short code will display a post list of 4 items. It is not a link. Only a link can be opened in new window or tab. This post list will appear on the page on which you have inserted the short code. If you want to open some content in new link, simply use target=”_blank” inside the anchor tag.


Yeah ,open this post list in new window ,that is what i mean. How can i make it? thanks i want to make all the post list at homepage open in new window

Hello edukm,

It will be required to edit links inside shortcodes.php file. Kindly send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the file.


Quick question. When you say “Added sub-titles support in main menu” in the last version, what does that mean exactly?

Hello ewest75,

I’m sorry I didn’t included more details in the documentation about sub-titles. Inside Appearance > Menus, you can edit any menu title and add a sub-title by wrapping it in a span tag. For example:

About Us <span>Who we are</span>

The “Who we are” is a sub title wrapped in span tag. This will automatically appear below the main link title and in smaller font size in Main Navigation Menu.


Hi, I wanted to buy this theme, but I wanted to know if the responsive layout could be turned off?

Hello Brendacleo,

Thanks for browsing the theme. Responsive feature can be turned off from Theme Options panel.


For the woocommerce product thumbnails where do I control the image dimensions? It seems that the settings specified in the woocommerce ‘catalog > image settings?’ are overridden.

I checked the image info from my browser and it states that the thumbnail image on the product list page is scaled to 148px × 157px

Rather than resize hundreds of images where do I alter these settings so that the site displays the pixel dimensions I want?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Gavin,

Since the theme layout is fluid, I have set product items at 22.375%, which yields 148px. Image settings are not overridden, but the image is constrained within the parent container. So even if you re-size images, they will fit according to the 4 columnar layout which is 22.375%.

Just for instance, if you change image width to 600px and expect 4 columnar layout, this can not happen practically within available site container. That’s why we use fluid width. :)


I find the whole image resize really confusing. For example, I made my large image exactly 317×362 so that it would look good in the full image shown on the product page.

The problem is that during uploading the catalog version of this image is resized to 258px × 275px and then scaled to 148px × 157px.

This results in the image not looking right in all instances except for the one shown on the product page.

Would it be possible for you to provide some detailed documentation on how best to set things up with woocommerce and your theme? Should I tick the ‘hard crop’ option in WC settings?

Hello Gavin,

You can find all the detailed documentation on WooCommerce at

WooCommerce works with NewsPlus in the same way as on twentytwelve theme. No code or plugin feature is overridden in the theme except for front end styles.

About images: The image scaling inside WooCommerce settings is only for serving ‘scaled images’ (for optimization purpose). They will inherit width according to the parent containers. For example, WooCommerce product thumbnail items have 22% width which rounds to around 148px. That’s why your catalog images are forced to fit into 148px. Changing image size affect only ‘image size’, not it’s parent container. Same will happen in twentytwelve theme too.

If you wish to show crispy images, you can assign 148px size inside WC settings. That will show exact images for product thumbnails.


Is there a parameter of displaying author info[image/name/etc]?

Thx SS, how to display the [author_bio] beside each title on [insert_posts display_style=”list-plain” num=”2” cat=”1”]?

Hello tigernsw,

That plugin shortcode is different, and can not be integrated with theme short codes. Recently one of the buyers requested author names in list-small and list-plain short codes. I have sent him a modified file. If you need that file you can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Great thx, just sent you an email. :)

Another quick one, where to define “current-menu-item”? Or should I just change style.css?

Hello Tiger,

Current menu items for main navigation are styled inside style.css file’s section 4. Header > Primary Navigation Menu:

ul.nav-menu > li.current-menu-item > a,
ul.nav-menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a,
ul.nav-menu > li.current_page_item > a,
ul.nav-menu > li.current_page_ancestor > a { }

You can also customize this from the Theme Customizer inside Appearance > Customize.


Hi! Is there an update instruction to your theme?

Hello ziraell,

Sorry I just updated the item details section. v1.0.5 had a minor CSS update for RTL on WooCommerce styles.

In odrer to update the theme, kindly go through the version files inside the ‘changelog’ folder. These files contain list of changes and modified files. You can update them selectively.


How can I add the title of the picture below ? The users of the site want to post authorship of the photos.

Hello ziraell,

Captions can only be shown if the images are inserted manually in single posts or pages. Featured images in post short codes will not show captions. Alternatively, you can include Copyright text at the beginning of post content.


I just brought the theme and I don’t know how to organize how my post show on the page. all i see if Default Header Bar, Default Sidebar, and Default Secondary Column 1,2,3, and 4 for the footer.

I need help ASAP

I also don’t see where comments can be left

In my top navigation I have a very long drop down with about 100 links to categories. How can I split these horizontally so that I have lets say 5 columns of 20 links? Right now it’s just way too long.

Hello Gavin,

You can either create sub-sub menus by dragging menu items to the ‘right’ side inside Appearance > Menus. Or use a Mega Menu plugin like Uber Menu.


sub subs wont work as I can only think of two possible subs to put them in which will still be too big. I need to keep the number of my plugins to a minimum, using a plugin to create a navigation menu seems like overkill. There must be some CSS I can use to split that menu up? I’ve seen it many times with other themes. It would be really helpful to add that variation to an update.

Hello Gavin,

Mega menu CSS is not that simple and straight as it may seem. Otherwise why would such plugins exist. :) I will try if a simple workaround can be added in future updates.