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Hey, still need assistance with compression of thumbnails to be displayed more clearly. I emailed you.


Hello John,

Just sent you an email.


Perfect it looks great. Super Clear !!

Do you have a list of other sites that use your Newsplus theme, just for inspiration on layout and design.

Hello John,

Yes I have a list of sites but I can not post them publicly without asking buyers. Some sites are under construction too. You can find many links from the comments section. :)


Dear Sharma

I have fallen in love with your XING theme which i purchased earlier. Now i am looking at purchasing the NewsPlus for my site . I have 2 quick question before that.

1. I have some 20 directories under which are seperate wordpress installations. Can i have a section in NewsPlus which shows some 5 – 10 recent listings from these directories

2. In the demo i saw the shop (same Xing) Is the shop features also included with NewsPlus

Once purchased i may bother you with more queries.

Thanks in Advance


Hello Kerala,

Thanks for kind feedback and considering this theme. Please find my answers below:

1. Currently, post short codes in this theme doesn’t allow fetching posts from Blog IDs. I suppose you have MU installation and you want to pull posts from various blogs. In that case, a short code plugin can be used. But still this may not show posts in same style as comes with theme.

2. Yes this theme supports WooCommerce, along with BuddyPress and WPML too. The difference is that there is no shopping bag icon on top right as in the Xing theme.


Thank you Mr. Sharma for the feedback.

If getting info from other wp installtion is difficult, can i have a search form with a directory selector (you can see this on ) so that users can search for something from within the home page and select the desired directory and the search goes into that particular directory installation . Hope you understood my query.

Hello Kerala,

If your current site is built on WordPress, that search form might be shown using a Plugin or custom code. Same plugin can be used for NewsPlus too. If it is a custom code, it can be inserted inside core files to show on Home page. If you have the code, I can help in placing it properly in Home page.

You can also search for similar plugins which allow directory searching within multiple blogs.



I’m about to purchase your theme but I want to be sure that I can reproduce the different layouts on your demo. Do you provide all the different display variation ?


Hello Damon_demon,

Thanks for considering my theme. The layout variations shown on live demo are included in form of text files. The main download contains text files for all these variations of Home page. You can copy the markup and paste inside your Home page in “Text” mode. It will be required to edit the content according to your site data, and upload images too.

For reference, live demo images are not included in the download. It will be required to upload your own images. For theme configuration I have included a help manual. Besides that you can contact me any time if you find any difficulty.



Please, help me. How do I add ads (banners – 728×90; 300×21) on site? What is the need for this code in the theme options (in the blog). I tried several times to put banner ads on my site, but nothing came of it.

Thank you and sorry for my English.

Hello smmaster,

Advertisements can be inserted using a Text Widget in any widget area. For example, navigate to Appearance > Widgets. Inside “Default header bar”, use a Text widget and place your advertisement code in it. It can be a simple img tag or an AdSense code. Similarly you can place 300px ads using a text widget in Default Sidebar too.


hello, how do I exclude from the home page posts from a single category? thanks

Hello PassioneTecnologica,

It will be required to use an archive or blog template for Home page. Next, inside page options panel, provide category IDs from which you wish to show posts. On default blogroll we can not exclude categories.

If you find any difficulty, kindly send me your WP login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com with the query.


Hello, So I have to change the “Global Template Archives” in the options “Archive Settings”? You confirm for me that I do it that way or use a static page, there are not other methods?


Hello PassioneTecnologica,

Follow these steps:

1. Create a new page for Home.
2. Assign a page template of your choice to it. (Archive 2 col, blog- list style, etc.)
3. Inside Page Options panel, provide category IDs to exclude or include. For example, -2, -3 for excluding categories 2 and 3.
4. Inside Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > A Static Page, set this page as front page, and leave posts page to none.

Gloabl archive template settings is for archives/categories or Home page blogroll. In that case we can not exclude any category.



When using the insert_posts shortcode how can I get it so it only displays posts that feature in multiple categories e.g. select all posts that are in both category 1 and category 2. At the moment I can only get it to display posts that are in category 1 or category 2 by doing insert_posts cats=”1,2”.


Hello smgray84,

When using cats=”1,2” it will show “all posts from category 1 and 2 in recent order”. The AND query can not be applied in this case. Instead of that you can show posts selectively using post IDs as:

[insert_posts query_type="posts" posts="23, 142, 145"]

Other way is to categorize all those common posts in a third category, say “Featured” and then use the ID of this Featured category.


Hi Saurabh,

I’d like to have my site logo part image and part text like it is now. How do I get my small logo to be placed to the left of my big text for the site title? I also want to keep my tagline.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Gavin,

Logo image can be shown as background image inside the logo DIV. The text part can be shifted using some padding. It can also be inserted manually in core files. The former one will not have click-able image, whereas the latter one will be click-able. You can email me the image so that I will send you the fix.


Hi Saurabh,

I’ve got my mini cart in the sidebar but I’d like to put in inside a grey box with 10px padding. I think this would make it look neater than it does right now because once you populate the site with lots of products it looks kind of tight. How would I do this? I don’t think it’s possible to put a widget inside HTML from the widget editor.


Once again you are the master. I decided 20px padding looked much better than 10px. Is there a reason you use the em measurement instead of px or is it just a personal preference?

Hello Gavin,

Thanks for kind words. em is a relative unit, so it can change if the main document font size is changed. For example, if you change body font size to 100%, your entire site will zoom proportionally. But if the sizes were in px, this won’t happen. em are also known to work better across different devices with 72 or 96 ppi (dpi) resolution. We can use em or rem depending upon personal choice.

When I added 0.75em, it was actually 12*0.75 = 9px.


thanks Saurabh, I used 1.250em and it worked great.

Hi Saurabh,

You know the ‘Sale’ label that shows up in product boxes when you specify a sale price? How about I go about adding a ‘New’ label? Sorry if this is a question for woothemes but I thought I’d ask you first because your support is the best in the world ;)

Cheers Gavin

Hello Gavin,

Sale text can be changed using this extension. But I am not aware of any hook which allows adding custom label to other products. If available on WooCommerce Docs, the code can be added in functions.php.


1) I think I have the same problem Splurgin has. The thumbnails in my sidebar are not displayed clearly. May I have the same file to get it right?
2) No news about displaying excerpt in small lists (shortcode and widget)? My client keep asking me this feature because it’s present in all the sites (true …) and I don’t know what to answer. Is it possible to do this also inserting some code manually?

Hello kkri,

1. Thumbnails can be resized inside Appearance > Theme Options > Image Sizes. For better results, make sure the images are big enough so that they can be resized. You can further send me the site URL so that I can check it.

2. Kindly send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the file with excerpt enabled. I would also like to mention that this is a feature request for upcoming updates (and not a bug). So please keep patience, I will have to check backward compatibility too. Meaning, if excerpts are enabled by default, it will start appearing on sites which didn’t had excerpt before. In that case it is required to disable them manually in each short codes. This is inconvenient for existing buyers. (I have explained this to you on email already). I will still try and include this feature.


Hello Sautabh, Its nice theme when i compared to other themes.I have few pre sales questions. 1.I want to change the color headings of each post.Rite now the color is dull. 2.Do you have plans to implement the ratings system. 3.Category based each color and header/logo like made theme. 4.all the plugins are supported? regards

Hello Hghanta,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

1. Post headings can be changed from style.css or user.css file. The grey color can be changed to any color you want.

2. Sorry I haven’t planned rating system in the theme yet. Instead of that I will try and make it compatible with popular rating plugins like GD star or some other ones.

3. Do you mean changing logo color based on category? If so, this can be targeted using category class names in style.css or user.css.

4. Not all plugins but the major ones which are compatible with WordPress 3.5 or 3.6. :)


I realy love News Plus theme, but it is too slow to load… Furthermore, i don’t know how to update the theme. Can you help me?

Hello francescored,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback. The theme is optimized for fast loading. You can further improve loading time by serving scaled images inside Appearance > Theme Options > Image Sizes. Change these image sizes to lower values and save settings. After regenerating thumbnails, your site will serve optimized images.

In order to update the theme, you can either replace entire newsplus folder with the latest one, or go through the changelog folder inside your main download and update files selectively as mentioned inside this folder.

For future, I would recommend using a Child theme. I have included one in the latest version.


please answer

hello^^this theme is very perfect

i have some question>>>>

1.How to consumer login with facebook ?

2. (From No 1) if consumer can login with facebook …what will i do with this theme >>>add plugin or etc please explain me.

Thank you

Hello xingkuan,

Thanks for browsing the theme. You can use the Facebook Connect plugin in this theme.


Hello SaurabhSharma,

This theme is as great as Volt!

I have one question: how to enlarge the displayed size of logo image? It stays the same regardless the actual image logo size…

Thank you in advance!

Hello kcherikov,

I though you would change the % values as required. Kindly make the following changes:

.brand, .header-widget-area { float: none; max-width: 100%; }


I’m sorry! It seems Google Chrome saves qookies, so the logo doesn’t update unless you open it in incognito mode.

Now everything is great! Thank you!


I have a problem, I have installed the theme on a local server, and I can’t save the links and the colours – in theme options. It looks grate on the screen as long as I have the menu and choices there, but when I click save and close it – it goes away. What can I do? Thanks!

Hello Alltomyoga,

It can be a JS conflict with one of the plugins. Kindly check by disabling plugins for a while.

P.S. While posting a support request please post message from the purchase account.


I’d like to place some text content on my main product list page (which I’ve set as my home page) and I’d like it to appear underneath the list of products and the pagination. How do I do this?

Hello Gavin,

Unfortunately that is not possible unless there is any hook for overriding the shop template. If you wish to modify the shop loop template, it will be required to copy wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/archive-product.php and paste it as newsplus/woocommerce/archive-product.php. But it may not be of any use because it seems difficult to change the order of appearance of the_content() in this template. I will search on the Woo docs if there is any solution.


Hi Saurabh, Woothemes replied with this:

’’Actually you can do it by editing WooCommerce templates. In this case the best method would be to work with WooCommerce custom templates. Basically a custom template allow you to override WooCommerce default files and use your own custom files instead. Here is a quick tutorial that will explain you how to create your custom templates:

The file to override is the “templates/archive-rpdocuts.php” file.’‘

Is that any help? I guess it’s pretty much what you just said. Maybe a future update?

Hello Gavin,

Yes that is exactly what I said earlier. But the issue is not regarding template overriding. That can be done easily if we want to change the layout or design of any template. But in this case we want to show the_content() after the shop loop, which is not possible. It’s neither an issue with WooThemes nor with this theme. It’s just that the_content() can not be called twice in same loop.


Is it possible to display the post thumbnails in the ‘Recent Posts’ sidebar widget?

Hello Gavin,

Post thumbnails are shown by default in Recent/Popular post widget. Make sure the posts shown in those widgets have featured images, and the option for showing image is not disabled.


Yes all my posts have featured images but they do not display in the sidebar widget for ‘recent posts’. They do display everywhere else, such as footer widget but not in the sidebar.

Hello Gavin,

Make sure you are using the “NewsPlus Recent Posts” widget, and not the WordPress’ default “Recent Posts” widget. Also send me the site URL so that I can check it.


Hi Saurabh, What to modify to use the top utility bar as a widgetized area or, at least, for inserting shortcodes in it? Thank you

Hi. This theme has got the files pot and mo?

I need to translate the theme and I don´t know if I can use programs like Poedit (for pot files), or I must use the plugin the plugin WPML for the translation.


Hello SantiagoHdez,

Thanks for browsing the theme. It comes with a sample .po and .mo file which can be edited in poEdit. The theme is also compatible with WPML.


Thanks SaurabhSharma!

Hi There,

I have a question is there a way to have the menu in on the iPhone and iPad display in a different style than in the live preview?

Now it pops up within the phone menu. I would like it to have in within the website with for example one button for dropdown.

Hope you can help a future customer out! Almost ready to buy the theme.

Kind regards,

Chris from Amsterdam

Hello Chris,

Thanks for browsing the theme. Menu dropdown can be created like you mentioned. I will send you necessary style fixes if required. It will show a menu button. Clicking on this button will open a long list containing both menus (Top one and the main one).