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Excellent work! Good luck with sales mate! ;)

Thanks themerazzi ;)

Hello Zerge, I see you have made several homepage templates, but is it possible to make my own homepage or must i use one of the 7 templates?

ok thanks, i’m youre first purchases of this theme yeah ;)

ps, price tables is that also possible with shortcodes?

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Only as HTML code.

Hi Zerger, Excellent work! I really like your theme. whether this theme can support taxonomy? I have a website that uses taxonomy, can I use this theme? Thanks and Good luck with sales!!

Hi setjktfree,

Thanks :)

For this you would need to modify widgets, because by default it use Categories.

Looks fantastic! Good luck with sales ;) But i have a question.The ad spots’ resolutions…Can we set them like 125×125 or like 300×300.(I mean most common ad spot resolutions.)

Hi krypted,

Thanks :)

Yes, you can.

Thanks ;)

One more great theme from Serge, beautifull!!

Thanks Sanja ;)

Hi Zerge, i installed the theme on a new site and completly new installation of wordpress. Then i imported the demo content. Now when i want to save my changes in the theme options i get the message, Error and i couldn’t save my changes. Do you know whats the cause of this?


Be sure your theme files are writable (especially \css\options.css)

Very Nice Theme!!!! Would you do this for Joomla? When yes, how much time would it take?


Thanks AmensicTemplate,

Unfortunately no :(

We would spend 10 Purchases for making it for joomla!!!!!!!!!! We must have it for joomla. REaaaaaaaaaaaaaly nice Work!!!

Have a very Nice day and dont make me cry to say no :DD

Thank youuuuu! ;)

But, only Wordpress, sorry… :D

It hurts! You´ve broken my heart…

Great Theme at first. I am interessted in buying your theme, but I have one question first. The Social Media Widget is it possible to choose the facebook, twitter an not the youtube but the google plus and rss feed. So people can see:

the twitter followers the facbook likes the google plus likes and the rss feed subscribers from my feeds or pages?

The review pages, are there also the 5 different layouts like the 5 pages styles?

Hi matse1983de,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. By default in the widget presents Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and RSS. You can choose between these social services.

2. Yes, review posts also has 5 layouts.

Quick question, are there widgets in this theme to support various ad formats in areas of the site?

Hi doobybrain,

Yes, you can use any Ad formats, use a standard Text widget.

Nice Theme but is there any way of making the main menu smaller and using drop downs?

just bought it but where do i get the API key to enter in?

Hi truckmount,

Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

You can find API key by visiting your Account page then clicking the My Settings tab. At the bottom of the page you’ll find your account’s API key and a button to regenerate it as needed.

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Thanks guys :)

hi very nice will you also release this one as a html version


No, only WP.

Hi, when I try to make a gallery post, I can’t seem to figure out how to add all images at once. At the moment, the only way to do it is by clicking “Add Media” and then selecting only ONE image at a time (and then repeating the process). Any idea how to get multiple uploaded images in the “Post Format: Gallery” section all at once?


There is no such possibility, yet.


BTW, in the next update will be able to select multiple images at one time for the gallery :)

Stay tuned!

Hi, i can change the color of the menu background but the font color isn’t in the list of changing colors. How can i change it? Because i have an dark background and need the font in white


Change color in the style.css:
.sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited  { 
    color: #363636;

Two things I noticed so far: The default background image always comes back whenever I change other settings in Theme Options. And #2: The option to hide the author bio under each post doesn’t work. The author bio is there whether the option is set to “Show” or “Hide”.


1. Yes, if you do not specify any other image, will be the default bg image url. In any case, it does not prevent, or are there any problems?

2. Yes you are right, it’s bug. To fix this just replace in the file content-single.php:
$about_author = 'Show'
$about_author == 'Show'

You mean in the file “content-single.php” right?


So interested in buying this theme if you fix the bugs that doobybrain has pointed out! Especially the image gallery one!! Nothing worse than having to add images 1 by 1 to a gallery!

I also wanted to know if you think that Buddy press will integrate smoothly into this site? Its so content rich it seems perfect for a community website :0

Im looking to rebuild www.irlshooter.com – the first real life zombie survival game.


BTW, in the next update will be able to select multiple images at one time for the gallery :)

Stay tuned!

Pow! Amazing :) I have one more question – The slider on the default home page layout that you have used in the demo – Is this a Widget Area? Could I instead put a text widget there and pop a revolution slider in there?

Yes, it’s widget area (Magazine Row). I think yes, you can use any other slider instead. But you need to use not standard Text widget, use Advanced Text widget.

Ps :) you should make claystone wordpress – id buy that in a heartbeat! So nice mate x

Not planned yet :)