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Hope thats my last message: Is it possible to have a full width logo by let in be responsive for correct view on mobiles?

I tried to add just some #logo css… but on mobiles, it looks horrible ;)

I don´t need the ad section in header, so maybe that space can be used

Mhm… I don´t really like deleting in files for later use… is it possible to comment out these banner lines? Tested commenting out in several php files and never had a positive result ;) I set those to span 9 and span 3… this will do it for me for the moment. Am I allowed to save the picture?

Yes, you can comment out it, as you want.

ok thanks ;)

Hi, is there any code you can give me to change the dropdown menu colors from black text on white background, to white text on black background?

Thanks! it works now. I tried applying the same code for the footer menu, changing the label to: .sf-footer, but i cant seem to get it to work. can you help me out with this as well?

Show me your site.

alright. sent an email to you.


Great theme! Was wondering if their is a way to make the comments via Disqus appear in the comment counter for the posts?




No, not without development work.

Ok, thx for quick reply


this is one great looking theme! so much flexibility and features. actually, stunning.

for some reason, i am not able to remove the images on the ‘3 magazine’ widget. or the ‘2 magazine’ widget either. i want to show the widget, without an image, and i deselect the ‘show image thumbnail’ box, but the images still show.

how do i solve this?


after adding custom css, homepage does not fully load. reports from users with different browsers, (ie, ff, safari) confirm this. how to correct this?

Probably you doing something wrong. May be you show me your site?

looks like my error Zerge. Thanks a lot.

how can add the target to the buttn shortcode? I tried with target=’_blank’ but it does’n work.

For this you need to change source code for buttons shortcode.

Also, you can use HTML code for buttons, for example try this service – http://bootsnipp.com/buttons

how can i set up buddypress with the theme? is it possible?


Of course, it’s possible. Read the Buddypress documentation.

Quick question: how do I change the background so that it’s set on all pages/posts/categories, not just individually? I only managed to get it to work on the index page.


Do you purchased NewsTrick theme from this account?

Please, ask all your questions from the account from which you purchased this theme.


My client did, was writing on their behalf. I figured it out anyway – .bootstrap had body hard-coded with a white background. I removed it, and now all the background configurations work. :)

Nice :)

before i buy this, i think i must ask some questions.

1. is this using timthumb? i hope its not..

2. compatible with photon from jetpack?

sorry for my bad English

Hi h20ray,

1. No. Used standard WordPress functions.

2. I think yes. I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

whoaa. okay i got it. last question. is this compatible for multisite?

I can’t guarantee that it would work, but most likely – yes.

What is the widget to insert advertise banner (110*110) on the sidebar?


It’s standard text widget with custom HTML code.

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/iscom/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php

This message i became in the widget and i have not find any thinks that can help me. Can You please help?



Just remove/comment from the functions.php:
add_action('admin_init', 'ct_on_admin_init');

Is it possible in the Widget “One column category widget” set the autoplay on if i want show gallery post?

Yes, try to play with Flex slider options (slideshow: true) in the widget source file – http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/


Why can not I change the “Length of post excerpt (chars)”?

We place more value does not change at home, both in ‘blog widget “as the theme options.


I changed it to 200, but it seems that is limited to two lines.

see: http://www.neurapublicitaria.com/

oh, i got it! Thanks! :D

Recommend use images like your first images here – http://ideasgn.com/architecture/pinewood-house-of-marina-by-massimo-fiorido-associati-and-sundaymorning/ (with PrettyPhoto gallery)

Thanks. other small question:How do I change the ‘totop’ button color?

In the file \js\scrolltopcontrol.js

Hi Zerge. I use the One Column Thumbs Widget on my homepage. I’ve uncheck “Show views” but they still appear under the news with the big image. How to remove it ? Thanks.


Yes, this is correctly. It’s only for small thumbs.

To change it, just replace in the file \functions\newstrick-one-column-thumbs-widget.php
ct_get_post_meta($post->ID, true, true, true, false, false);
ct_get_post_meta($post->ID, false, true, true, false, false);

Each time that i try to save a simple text widget this message appear: “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /web/htdocs/www.gravinafiere.it/home/wp-content/themes/gravinafiere/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344”. Can you help me, please?


Just remove/comment from the functions.php:
add_action('admin_init', 'ct_on_admin_init');

Thanks, it works again !!

hello, I’m interested in buying your theme, but first I have two questions for you. 1) you can insert a google map on the contact page? 2) When do you plan to fix the bug in safari? I am attaching the image and link to one of the sites where I found the bug http://birkenhead.sofloat.com/ http://www.ilmalpertugio.com/bug_safari.jpg Thanks, Mario.

Hi Mario,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes.

2. This bug already fixed.

How come I still see it on some sites that use your theme? you must update the theme?

It’s not our site :) So, we can’t control all sites with our themes.

Look at our demo site – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

i saw that your instructions to change the color for the ‘to top’ button in the footer above worked:

In the file \js\scrolltopcontrol.js

changing the background color for standard or 3rd party widgets in the ‘theme options’ worked, everywhere except the footer.

how do you change the background color for titles of standard or 3rd party widgets in the footer?

this is great Zerge. but it’s not working on the 2 and 3 column magazine widgets.

.widget-title h2 a {
color: #FFF;

excellent. works great. thanks.

Why featured image displayed as low resolution at single post? I saw that big thumbnails image size is 730×514,it enough pixels.

Where can i change it?

Thanks a lot,Zerge. Problem 1 fixed with modify functions and rebuild thumbnails.

2, “featured image loading twice” means after post-thumb appears,it would be flash to white and loading again.

Try to disable image Preloading via Theme Options.

Cool,but I like image Preloading,it’s awesome! so i I have no problem. Thank you for your great theme.

Anything special I need to do to set up a child theme? It’s not cooperating


What the problem is? Could you please clarify?

Would be better if you give me access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

ugh I had a typo, got it fixed. Thanks!

Hi Zerge, what should be the size of the backgrounds for different pages or posts when am creating?


Any size, but I think would be better about 1920×1080, and would certainly recommend to control the size of the background image file, not more than 500Kb.