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hey zerge.

i need lil help here.

i set the “Arrow Position” to bottom but it keeps on appearing on top of the slider?

i tried changing it several times. but its not coming to bottom. why it is happening? how can i fix it? please reply asap. thank u


May be you show me your site? :)

thanks for reply bro. i sent u email with all the details, site link and login details as well. much appreciated. :)

Hi Zerge, I like the demo page, but in the widget area, I can’t find the Magazine widget row1 – 5#. (template 1.01)

Probably you doing something or something with your WordPress/Hosting settings.

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile


it’s ok. now ,thanks.

Zerge, your theme absolutely ROCKS man ! I’ve test launched my content site with it, and the avg time per visitor has gone up purely because of your theme.

My Q… In your theme, there is a “recommend” thing which appears at the bottom of the page, while viewing a post. This one ALSO shows me links to PAGES. How do I manage that ? Can you help, please ?



Thanks :)

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you please clarify?

When I am on your post, I get to see a “recommend this link” slider. This comes up on the posts page. Is it related to your theme ? if not, then I’ll have to explore plugins.

But seriously, Zerge, can’t thank you enough for this classy theme. Owe you, man !

It seems one of your third-party plugins.

You can rate our theme, if you have not done it before :)

Hi Zerge,

Another quick question, what would the optimal image resolution in pixels be for an image to appear uncropped in the single column category widget?

I’d like to get the whole image in there with no cropping.



730×514 px

Thanks for the fast replies!

Hello Zerge,

how i can change the featured image size for 860px in home? currently is 730px .. i want more width.

my site: http://www.neurapublicitaria.com/


You talked about the Featured image, not the width of content :)

Make the following changes in the file index.php – http://d.pr/i/Ji0o

oh thanks Zerge! :D

i can use span9 with span4? :p

No. Always should be span12, i.e. span8+span4, span9+span3, span1+span11, etc.

Hello Zerge

I am trying to get a dump of articles, along with their views and FB likes on a weekly basis, to see how they are moving. Can you help me with here in the DB i need to look for these figures ? I ask this, because your theme calculates and presents likes.


So, what exactly do you need?

Will your theme support BBPress or BuddyPress?

Very nice :)

So have purchased it and just testing it for now, it also works very well with BuddyPress!

Good news, thanks ;)

Although the change of subject from our site has been very positive. I Webmasterstools reported a significant increase in errors 404, reaching 750 per day when they had kept to 0 during the last year. Can there be compatibility issues with WordPress SEO by Yoast?

Thanks in advance for your guidance

I don’t think so.

this theme gets better and better every time i explore it.

i’m having a problem with the thumbnails of the 2 and 3 column magazine widgets being the exact same size.

i noticed above that you said the optimal image resolution in pixels for an image to appear uncropped in the single column category widget is 730×514.

is there something that needs to be done to insure that all images in the 2 and 3 column magazine widgets are the exact same size?


1. Add to the style.css:
.news-widget .entry-tags { display: none}

2. You can change this via widget settings or via category color settings (menu Posts -> Categories -> Category Color)

this code isn’t working. maybe i identified the wrong widget. the widget i need this for is the: ct:news ticker vertical widget. & to be clear: i only want the titles in this widget. no tags or categories. thanks Zerge. you are the best.

.news-widget .entry-tags, .news-widget .entry-category { display: none}

Never mind figured it out.

Great template by the way!

Thanks :)

Beautiful template Serge. Quick question, on Layout 2 what is the “Breaking News” square at the top next to the slider. Is it a widget? I didn’t see anything like that included in the widgets page. Thanks.

Hi dailysa,

Yes, it’s a News Ticker Vertical widget.

Thanks, bought the theme and love it!

Excellent! Congrats :D

Hi Zerge,

Can you upload the How To’s Videos on youtube instead of Screenr please :)

Thanks, Mohamed

Hi Mohamed,

Yes, will be soon.

hello, the options panel does not work. write permission on the css file is 644. thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Could you please clarify? Or better give me access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hello Zerge,

I really need help for translation. I’m using WPML and I’ve got troubles to translate the widget titles and to have difference images (following specify language) for slider and head banner. Thanks for reply. Thomas

Hello I have faced problem with the theme and want to share my experience. I could not access wp-admin after some changes for smale customization. The data of config.php are all correct. I have upload the theme many time. I have add some functions in the function.php template file. Somehow, I have change the file in the UTF8 encoding because I have some Arabic characters. This change make me in trouble. I spent hours to find this. So I suggest to solve this issue so no matter to encode the file to UTF-8. Regards

Thanks :)

Hi Zerge, what’s the best way to have our images that we upload all the same size? We want them to automatically become the same size. This way our homepage looks proportionate/symmetrical instead of the images all being different sizes.

Is this something the thumbnail rebuilder should do? Or do you recommend any plug-ins?


Recommended size is not less than 730×514 px

is it possible to center de topmenu?


Add to the style.css:
#menu {
display: inline-block;
float: none;

.navigation {
text-align: center;

Hello, i just purchased the theme, and i got trouble to change the background to color or predefined background, it stay white, or the picture of the insect comes back. I would also like to now how to set a defaut size for every picturen cause the layout is now a little unbalanced (see “sample libraries, software…) Also there is an issue with the layout of some widget. Here is my website: wavemansion.com



1. Just set Background position to Left.

2. Some of your images too small. Recommended size is not less than 730×512 px

Hey thanks for your answer, but i wouldnt be able to resize all the picture myself and prefer to set a standard size that will be respected in the widget.. Also if you go to the websit you will se that there is still a layout issue when i try to put several widget into the magazine central widgets zone… Also i need and “exclude” category option and “standard post,review post” widget filter. I know you just cant give me that but if you could just give me few tips or link to achieve that it would be great, Thanks in advance, awesome theme!

1. Try to register a new thumb size in the functions.php – add_image_size (), rebuild thumbs for this new thumb size and then change the thumb name in the widget source file.

2. Check the parameter “Widget width” – should be set as “ct-full-width”

3. May be this help you: https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Category_Parameters.

But I think it would be better for you, to hire someone (developer) who helps you.

Hi, It seems that your template doesn’t work correctly with WPML, so I change with qtranslate (even if it’s not updating anymore) and it seems to work, regarding my “titles widget translation” problem, good news. But I’ve still a problem with the slider (how to show right post following translations?), bad news. Anything you could do to help with this ? Once again, thanks for reply.

Thanks I will check this.

I found the right plugin to work with WPML for translating titles and content of CT widgets (as the stings translation doesn’t seems to work properly with a “magazine theme”): widget logic. Problem solved, thanks.

Thanks for info.

Hi Zerge,

I use the Allinone SEO plugin for all my sites, however it does not seem to work with your theme.

Have you encountered this issue before, and if not, can you recommend a work around or a seo plugin to use so I can rewrite meta titles and descriptions please for all my pages and posts?

Many thanks in advance,


Thanks Zerge, quick as ever with the help:-) Much appreciated.

I removed the line as you suggested. I think it is working now (I use SEO quake firefox plugin to check my meta description and it is now showing the allinone seo description). I presume these descriptions will not show up in google search results until Google does a fresh index of my website?

May be, but I’m not an expert on this.

No worries, I shall wait and see. I think its fine