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Hello Everyone :)

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Hello, First of all, great theme

I’m thinking in buying it but I’ve 2 questions first

1- The width and the height of the box of the blog posts, is adjustable? I mean, it is possible to put it smaller or larger?

2 – Can I use other slider types in this theme? another widget different from that I see in the theme demo?

Best Regards

Nuno Cabral

Ok. I understand. Two more questions,

1 – in the Slider widget it is possible to put it smaller or larger?

2 – Is there a limitation in the dimensions of my logo? Can I, instead of a logo put a logo + a banner?

3 – how many type of top menus there are?

Best regards

Nuno Cabral

1. Yes. For example – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/homepage-extras/

2. No limitations. Yes, you can, for example – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/?menu=dropdown

3. Two: 1 and 2

Zerge, thank you very much. I think you got a client here :-)

Hi Zerge,

where i can find that widget, where there is your Layout 2 homepage set under the Design news widget?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Zerge, how to remove Box in the Footer





It’s Bottom Navigation, you can disable it via menu Appearance -> Menus.

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>>>>> Hello Zerge, how to remove Box in the Footer

Resolved! – Delete STICKY MAIN MENU !

Hi there,

i registered myself for the support, added the license code but can’t add a question/problem on the forum.

regards Ritchie

the problem is i can’t add my problems/question on http://color-theme.com/forum/category/22/newstrick-responsive-wordpress-magazine-blog. my accountname is tomasouw

Try to click on the link Create Topic

oke that works


Pre-purchase question:

If blog posts are very long is there a way to create multiple pages of a single blog post? (pagination) Also is there a full width blog post option?


1. Yes, you can use the tag


2. Do you mean without sidebar?

Thank you.

How can I recreate this page: http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/homepage-extras/ Can’t seem to find the widget for the middle two sliders above the carousel.

Also how do I change the color of the red “to top” button in the footer?

Lastly, is there documentation for this theme.

Sorry, had issues logging into the support forum.

1. It’s Slider widgets with activated carousel (in the widget settings)

2. In the file /js/scrolltopcontrol.js: background:#ff0000

3. Yes, in the Main File.

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hi, how do I get the new update version

I still have v1.01 of the theme how do I get the update, will it automatically update? and whats new in the new version, also if I update will it disrupt my current settings, My site is www.techmymoney.com


Just replace the files listed in the file Changelog.txt

But before, recommend to make a backup of your theme files.

PS: Please, do not duplicate your messages :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Please is there a video or instruction on how to do these because I am new to Wordpress

If you haven’t made any changes to the theme files at all or have been using a child theme, you can simply override the files listed in the file Changelog.txt via FTP and that’s the easiest method.

Please how do I organize what displays on the mobile browser?

Could you please clarify, in more detail.

Interested in buying and have some questions..

First of all CONGRATS for this amazing work!

I would like to know if:

- hrecipe can be intergrated. does the theme contains microformats? as i see it supports hcard and we cant to revert this to hrecipe. will this be easy? - is is translate ready? - can the loop of category view returns posts in “pinterest style” ? We want all posts from a category to be shown like the category widget on http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/ . Enclosed in a white box.

Thanks in advance.

Hi punkstar69,

Thanks :)

1. I can’t see a reason why they can’t be integrated.

2. Yes. http://schema.org/

3. Yes, you can translate it to any language.

4. No, not without development work.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

Thanks for fast replying. I pmed you.

Hi Zerge, Great theme! I’m also trying to change the ‘to top’ colour of the button in the footer. Where in the dashboard do you find the file /js/scrolltopcontrol.js? Thanks, Amy

Hi Amy,

You can change this file via FTP or cPanel. Also, you can change this via style.css, just add:
#topcontrol .widget-title { background: #000 !important; }
#topcontrol .arrow-down { border-top-color: #000 !important; }

thanks Zerge : )


A bundle of widgets and no clear page with instructions how to set it up; not user-friendly and less versatile than it seems before buying.

to post the customer feedback here which may well be from your other profiles as fake customer personas is pathetic. But that speaks even more of the WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME for people who even contemplate buying a trojan.

good news for people who may read this is that I will take the matter with formal authorities to investigate.

Fake customer personas? Really? :)

In any case, I wish you good luck! ;)

Hey guys,

I bought this theme from you but I can’t access support forums. When I add my purchase code it says “No purchase codes found”.

Can you help me to register?

Thank you

Best regards, Adrian

Hi Adrian,

You must to use your ThemeForest username and Purchase codes, and any password you want (not ThemeForest password)

Ow username has to be the same, so that was a trick.

Anyway why I was asking was, I watched screencast how to change homepage, but whatever I do nothing changes in my homepage. I think I have to choose write page in Settings>Reading>Front page. I tried all of the demo pages, nothing worked. Demo setup installed 13 pages should it be like that or there is something missing?

Should be set Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> Your latest posts


I’ve problem with encoding character in homepage. I can see this problem only if the last character of excerpt is accentuated (à é è î ô û ù …)

When it’s the case, the last character before the ”...” have this form :


Can you help me ? Thanks

Hi stane,

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hi Zerge,

Thanks for your previous help. Another question for you, I’ve put up the Slider Widget in my website, and ticked ‘random order’. But the posts always come up in the same order. Ideally it would show the latest posts first, any way to control this?

my site is www.timberpost.com.au

Thanks! Amy


Try to add more posts.

Hi Zerge,

What is the css code to change the color of the tags? Like when I hover over the post tags, it’s the standard blue color instead of green like how I need it to be? I already changed the link color to green but the tag color is still blue. Thank you for all the help! :)


In the file style.css:

.widget .tagcloud a[class|=tag-link]:hover,
#entry-post a[rel=tag]:hover,
.tagcloud a[class|=tag-link]:hover { background-color:#08C; color: #FFF; }

Hi Zerge,

One more quick question…what is the css code to use if I wanted to remove the “posted by author” but keep the line above that? Is there a way I can do that? Thanks again!


For this you would need to change the code in the widgets source files (\functions\newstrick-one-column-category-widget.php, etc): remove the code
<?php _e('Posted by ','color-theme-framework'); echo the_author_posts_link(); ?>

Hi Zerge,

I’m with 2 problems:

1) accessing my dashboard it crashes and I have to restart the browser, I can not longer edit website.

2) when I try to update the files listed on the website is blank, the console displays no error.

Could you help me please?

my site is: www.indikabem.com.br

*would be perfect in an upcoming update you included the pintesint

Many Thanks


1. Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

2. I’m not sure I understand your, could you please clarify?

3. What is “pintesint”?


Hello, i tried to update the theme again in my local developer enviroment. I use MAMP in MaxOS. When i updated i got only a blank page, even in the wp-admin and in the logs i just got the this error:

[16-Jun-2013 21:49:27 UTC] PHP Warning: require_once(/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/indika/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/admin/functions/functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/indika/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/admin/functions/functions.load.php on line 10 [16-Jun-2013 21:49:27 UTC] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/indika/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/admin/functions/functions.php’ (include_path=’.:/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.10/lib/php’) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/indika/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/admin/functions/functions.load.php on line 10

Can you help me please? I dont have any plugin instaled in this enviroment.


It seems something wrong with your server settings or maybe you doing something wrong when you “update” the theme.