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Hi Zerge, posted this earlier but you mabe didnt see it…

Hi, i can change the color of the menu background but the font color isn’t in the list of changing colors. How can i change it? Because i have an dark background and need the font in white


Already answered :)

Change color in the style.css:
.sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited  { 
    color: #363636;

And of course, this feature will be added in the next update.

Thanks thanks thanks!

Last question for now, is there a simple solusion to make the widget area on the homepage divided into 3 equal columns instead of small big small?

Wrong place. Now a new line ;)

Last question for now, is there a simple solusion to make the widget area on the homepage divided into 3 equal columns instead of small big small?

1. Make the following changes in the fie index.php – http://d.pr/i/DJRn

2. May be this helps you – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/shortcodes/#lists

3. Drop me a line through my profile and I will send you a new version of this widget.

1. Thanks i will. 2. The lists doesnt work well. They stay always the same. 3. I’ve send you request, thanks!

2. I need more info: website link, etc.

Helllo ZERGE,

we didn´t worked with wordpress. So we don´t know much about the functionallity from wordpress. We want to make a cityportal with 500 Companys and every company page got his own facebook integration, his own pictures, there own unique page. is it possible to realise this with wordpress? We didn´t see, that the widgets can just by an choosed menu. Our Example no is here: http://www.CityHanau.de and a company page you find here http://www.cityhanau.de/index.php/brasini-caffe-bar-in-hanau

you see every company got his own contact informations, facebook, picture and so on.

is it possible to realise it with your template?


Hi cityhanau,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Yes, it’s possible with this theme.

Another great theme, I’m using Crossroad for a website, but I’m wondering which Schema Microdata did you include in this new theme? I use review, event, place and video microdata but I’m using a really complicated plugin for these, could you include these in Newstrick?


Thanks :)

- http://schema.org/WPHeader
- http://schema.org/WPFooter

For blog posts:
- http://schema.org/BlogPosting
– author
– name
– keywords
– datePublished
- http://schema.org/Person

Additional for Review posts:
- http://schema.org/Review
- http://schema.org/Rating

Hello SERGE,

I want to buy this theme you made but first i need to make sure that i will be able to translate it to Hebrew (an Right to Left language, so a RTL support is needed).

Thank You, Waiting for an answer :)

Ok, i wrote you an email. thanks.

Yep, I got it. Will be sent soon.

thanks so much. Waiting.

Hi Zerge,

Very beautiful & template, I will surely buy this one. But 1st I have one question – I want to use this template fir Multisite network, so how can I utilize this theme for my main blog / primary domain. I want to showcase all latest posts from other subdomains on the primary blog. For example I want to show post on “www.example.com” from “tech.example.com & net.example.com” something just like hub.tutsplus.com have done. One more question can we enable reviews to be done by users & only by logged in user or Facebook conneted users.

Thanks in advance

Hi venomarts,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. I think it’s possible.

2. By default no, it’s not aggregate review. You can use third-party plugins to add this functionality.

Really a very unique and uncommon design.Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thanks ThemeRox ;)

hey again , Is there a way to get the settings of the theme look just as in the demo site?


You can import demo content (demo xml file in the zip file): posts, pages, images. But all the widgets you need to place manually. Also, may be this screencast helps you – http://www.screenr.com/S147

thanks Serge your’e awesome haha

Hi Zerge,

I love your new theme and currently using the Trust.Me Theme which is also lovely. I wanted to buy Newstrick and wondering if it’s possible to include the 3-column and 2-column Horizontal widget from the Trust.Me Theme to this one? How about the Slider from Trust.Me to Newstrick can that also be incorporates? If so would you be able to guide me on the How To?

Thank you

Thank you so much. Love the themes but specially the quick an helpful response. Zerge is great! Looking forward to more creative themes.

Thanks for purchasing one of our theme, we truly appreciate it! :)


I have a few questions about the theme:

1. Can one make his own page templates without changing the code (some sort of a template builder)?

2. Can I use a different slider instead of the one provided together with the theme and would it be a relatively easy change (I know easy is hard to define for different people)?



Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. No. You can customize Homepage with lot of widget areas + widgets.

2. Yes, you can use any other slider. Baybe you have not seen this – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/homepage-extras/

Thanks. Concerning the slider question, can sliders from the examples be set so they auto scroll content instead of having the user click in order to get to the next slide?

Yes, for example all slider settings – http://d.pr/i/15DS

Hi Zerge, is it possible to translate the theme?

Thank you very much!

Hi joana94,

Of course, theme is ready for translate.

Okay, thank you :)

Hey Serge, i bought approx. 50 templates. But none of them fulfilled my expectations like yours. Very quick response, working codes and no extra charges or questions about it.

Thank you! Owning some other companies, you should bring up a consultant template (ask me for ideas) :)

However, THANKS

Hi Tino,

Thank you too for your feedback :)

Hi there – I have a problem with YouTube videos being too large. I’using the share link. On my other sites they are always confined to their containers. Any ideas?

ex. http://thebigdesk.com/psycho-killer-by-talking-heads/


If you want to make your videos responsive, use shortcode video, example:
[video id="l5zFsy9VIdM" type="youtube"]
And also add to the file \js\custom.js this code:

Example: http://d.pr/i/2khP

Wooow, nice, i like it . . . . .

Thanks Gembell ;)

The horizontal slider does not display correctly on iPad. Can this be corrected?

I trying to reproduce this issue, without success.

Also, try this link – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/?preload=none

Works correctly via that link. Can preload be disabled via theme settings?

Hello Zerge, Before buying, can you say me if it’s possible to use my custom post type and taxinomies in homepage ? Very thanks, Stane ;)

Hi Stane,

Yes, it’s possible, but before you would need to modify the theme files, because by default widgets use standard posts and built in taxonomies (categories, tags).

Hello ; Wonderfull theme ..

Please added social shared icons for post…


Hi turkgen,

Thanks :)

This feature already present in the current version, for example – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/tonguy-cub/

Go to menu Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog Settings -> Code for bookmarking and sharing services (demo used code from addthis.com service)

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
(menu Download on ThemeForest)

Thank you.

ZERGE, priv! Great job and good luck with sales!!!

ps: YA kak posmotryu vy uzhe na promyshlennyye obiyemy vyshli! Pozdravlyayu s etim otdel?no!


Da, spasibo, staraemsya :)

Hi !

First of all, nice job ! :)

I encounter a problem when putting the widget “CT : Slider Widget”. When I put it on “Magazine top widgets”, it dont work and broke the rest of page..

Any idea ?

I need access to WP admin panel. Send me a message through my profile

I will contact you soon so :)

..working on local