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if the two categories of blog posts does not bring the right category is selected, the carousel. how can we make the right choice.

have the same problem related posts thumbs

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Hello! I have a pre-purchase question. Can I assign different side-bars to categories or only to posts and pages? Thank you

Hi apanciuc,

Only to posts and pages.

Hello Zerge. I´m interested in your theme. Before buying I would like to know if I can use WordPress Visual Composer within your theme ?


I think yes. I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.


My twitter feed isnt working again? Has there been an update?


What do you mean by “again”? Please clarify. It will be fixed in the latest version.

When will the latest version be released?

Already! :) 2013-06-21

Thank you! Do you know where I can find the files?

You always can download the latest version from ThemeForest.

Hi Theme is looking cool Is this also avail in HTML format?

Hi RealXS,

No, only WordPress.

Hi, I really liked this theme but I have a little question. How Can I change the ’’TO TOP’’ tittle at the footer? Because this title is invisible in the PO. file and I can’t find it manully.


As I can see it changed to “EN YUKARI”.

Oh wow, I see it like old.

Hi Zerge

What class do I modify to remove the 150px space at the foot of the page?


Remove in the file footer.php:

margin-bottom: 150px;

Thanks Serge, I saw that in there but I was hoping to make as many mods without editing the template files so the client can update the theme easily in future.

No worries

Yes, it can be also overrided via style.css, with !important parameter.

Hi Zerge,

Can you help with this?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/yfrang/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/functions/newstrick-twitter-widget.php on line 198


Check your widget settigns: Twitter Username, Tweets to display, etc.

Also, try to change/reduce the parameter “Tweets to display”.

Hi Zerge,

How can I change the font and size of posts?

Just add the css properties for

.entry-content {...}
in the style.css

Where are the instructions with the Theme? There are hundreds of settings and no clear instructions about how to start.

I am sick and tired of people selling themes with NO Instructions. Do you expect each person to waste hours and hours of their time going through all the Forum posts to try and understand how to begin?

I am so close to opening a dispute with Paypal!

Minus the mass confusion of the hundreds of widgets on the widgets page, how do I set a 2 column Homepage?

Theme Options -> General Settings

Appearance -> Widgets ->Magazine areas.

Show me your site ;)

This theme is like trying to crack nuts with a solar powered steamroller. You’re probably never going to get enough energy to get going but if you ever do…

Frontend – Quite attractive Backend – A living nightmare

Haha :) Yes, it’s not for a newbie. Although most people have no such difficulties

Hi Zerge

I want to use the Vertical Slider as an Event Scheduler so my client can post a list of forthcoming events there. So instead of the post published date showing in the left column I want it to show a date entered into a custom field… like ‘event_date’ and make it sort by the next approaching date…

Is it possible you can help me by showing me which code can I modify to achieve this please?


For this you would need to modify the file /functions/newstrick-news-ticker-vertical-widget.php.

Unfortunately we do not provide customization service.

Hi, Zerge

What can I do to disable the custom background image? Especially the thumbnail page.

By the way, If update to the latest version, the previous custom styles will retain it?

Yes, I mean the attachment page.

1. Replace in the file functions.php:

if( empty($bg_img) )


if( empty($bg_img) or is_attachment() )


if( $bg_pos != 'full' )


if( ($bg_pos != 'full') and !is_attachment() )

2. Replace in the file header.php:

if( empty($bg_img) )


if( empty($bg_img) or is_attachment() )

Thanks a lot.

Hi Zerge,

I’m working hard setting up my event website. I have a question about the Carousel widget.

I want every ‘category page’ to show the Carousel widget as top widget, only showing the related category posts. For example in Citymarketing only the items with category Citymarketing (see my website: http://www.mundialevents.nl/category/citymarketing/).

When I check ‘Show related category posts’ in the back end, still all categories show. What am I doing wrong?

I want the carousel to be like the ones in the preview website, at the animal or design category pages.



I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Hi Zerge!

I got a question regarding my site: http://alttilforfesten.dk/forste-video/

I have made an video post – choosen the “Featured image” function. The image is there (Just a random screenshot right now)

But when i click on “Play” it dosen’t start?? Do you know whats wrong?


1. Add in the file /includes/widget-video.php

if ( is_single() ) : $thumb_type = 'player'; endif;

above this line:

// for Youtube
if ( $video_type == 'youtube' ) {

2. In the file /js/load-posts.js

You are the man!

Thank you soooo much! 5 stars!

Glad to help ;)

hello is this theme optimal for rtl?can i make it RTL? best regards


Yes, this theme supports RTL languages??.

Hi Zerge

I’ve moved the nav arrows and titles on the slider widget down but I haven’t been able to isolate which css class to modify to get the title over to the left.

I’m happy where the arrows are, I just want the title to slide in and be positioned at far left. See image: http://bit.ly/19EdFAe

Can you help?


Sorry, there’s no way I can get it up yet, no hosting available. I have uploaded a video of it here http://bit.ly/15h4SEE – I hope that helps you see.

I just need the class to change to make the title of the article position on the left instead of the right


.widget-slider .title-mask {...}

That didn’t work, but never mind, I just moved the nav up slightly so it’s out of the way of the title :-).

Thanks for trying

I want to create 40x gallery posts. Each gallery will contain around 30-50 images.

Currently the gallery post type only allows me to add images one-by-one. Some themes allow multiple uploads to gallery post types, is there an easy way to add that functionality to this theme?

Hi great theme! One question:
This Theme support Child Theme instalation?
I’ll probably buy it for a new personal project, but I’d need to do some php/css customizations, that’s why I’d like to keep the Theme up to date without loosing all the custom stuff.


Hi ivancandle,

Yes, this theme supports “Child Theme” instalation.