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Hi, when i add the comments type of Facebook the site does not appear good in smartphones that use other browser besides chrome OR Firefox. Is the problem known? There is a solution?

And Is this compatible with the new WordPress 3.7.1?

Just tested on our test site and I can’t reproduce a such issue.

in the “live preview”: http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/ do you have a page with facebook comments that i can compere the source to my site? Or do you have other URL that i can compere?

I have a problem with the theme.
Social counter displays wrong numbers, we have added our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,... usernames to in the widget option but it shows wrong number of users.
e.g. We have 7 Facebook likes, but it shows 29,893 likes.
I have checked theme source code and found out that it uses graph.facebook.com URL, the URL shows the correct number of likes.
I have checked the other social networks source codes, and they all were okay.
It’s not about caching because we have tested it several hours.
Please help me.

I want to send WordPress login information and created and account on your support site, but it seems it’s not private.

Send me a message through my profile

Sent, Thanks.

I think I found some issues…

first: when enabling video post and adding a youtube video id with featured “player”, the video on single is really small as featured image. really small.

Additional, as long as setting featured NOT to “featured image”, I get this firefox message

Stopping Script: http://s.ytimg.com/yts/jsbin/www-embed-player-vflUEikS-.js:128

I tested it with all plugins disabled and removed… the error appears when activating Player as Video Preview Type on Home, not on single

1. Show me this on youe site.

2. Can’t open your link.

Greetings. Under the heading “animal” in your template is widget “advertise” it is to the right at the very bottom. It consists of six windows, 110×110, please tell me how to add it to my site?

In the style.css

On the article page on the left and the right, at the bottom there are 2 banners, which left 230×230, and that right there “tweaky”. Please tell me embed code for each of them

It’s just an image.

<img src="http://wp.color-theme.com/test4/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ads_230x230.png" alt="ads" />

and a custom code from the Tweaky service – https://www.tweaky.com/my/affiliate_assets

Tell me please, is it possible to cheat views? For example, to record the publication of views was put in any three-digit number of the selection of random numbers … There are generally some opportunity to change them?

It’s in the wp_postmeta table.

Can you tell me in what field, and that is where you need to change?

Search for a phrase “view”

1.I installed the widget Social counter, I need to when I pressed the button, it should open in a new tab, how can I do this?

2.the category page is a switch at the bottom of pages, there is a button with the text “Page of”, “next” and “last” how can I change the text in the Russian language? just my site in Russian, and where to change I can not find

3.And please tell me how to add author avatar?


1. Replace the code in the file /functions/newstrick-social-counter-widget.php with new http://d.pr/f/h3Ij

2. In the file functions.php

3. Just add gravatar for your email address – http://codex.wordpress.org/How_to_Use_Gravatars_in_WordPress


1. How to reduce the space between the menu and banner advertising?

2. How to make so that the widget display more characters? words obrezayutsya half, and the place is still there. And where words are reduced before the ellipsis is inserted square why so how to fix? www.chinafoxx.com

3. How to make so that the records on the page image is not increased? that is, do not press

2. At the moment the site is open, look chinafoxx.com

3. Single page by clicking on the image, it increases it off?

forgive me for the bad English, and Russian is no support?

2. Replace in the file /functions/newstrick-news-ticker-vertical-widget.php




Sprosite na nashem Forume – http://color-theme.com/forum

horosho, spasibo

Hola, cuando intento subir el xml que viene por defecto en la plantilla, me da error y no se carga el contenido. He realizado las operaciones al pie de la letra como viene en la documentación pero no se carga de manera correcta, que puedo hacer? gracias

Create a new topic on our support Forum – http://color-theme.com/forum

please check your email, thank you very much

Got it.


I have bought your theme, which is very nice : http://blog.thalassopornic.com

Can you tell me how can I manage the contact form. I have seen that the fields are in thoses pages : template-contact.php contact.php

But it is still not working. When I fill the contact form, I do not receive anything. Where should I modify the parameters ?

Thanks for your help

Ok, thanks. Great job for this theme.

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
(menu Downloads on ThemeForest)

Thank you :)

It was already done : 5 stars :-)

how to make a blog? ie not categories namely blog


Create a new Page and select on the Page Attributes template “Blog” and then place the “Blog” widget into the “Blog Before Widgets” (or “Blog After Widgets”) area.

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You have a nice theme collection and Im very much interested. please let me know the best thems in your collection which suit below kind of blog type web site which has at least 3 columns and the same widget areas for ad sense and wiget before page numbering. http://quotes.lk/category/sinhala-novels/ Having multiple widget areas is preferred specially before and after posts in the blog. Thanks


For example, NewsTrick or CrossRoad themes.


Thanks a lot ! will check.

Hi, Great Theme. We are having a small issue (and we noticed that is also on the demo om http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/review-readability-on-the-app/ ) with addthis share buttons. As you might notice, the facebook likebox is not shown (but if you inspect the element, you’ll see that is in the code but not shown). Can you help us fixing this as we are having the same problem?

Attention: giving a fixed width to the fb at300b class is not enough, as once you click on the like button the box shown below will be partially hidden.

Thanks in advance, Wym

Or even better code:

.fb_iframe_widget[style], .fb-comments.fb_iframe_widget, .fb-comments.fb_iframe_widget span, .fb-comments.fb_iframe_widget iframe, .fb-comments .fb_iframe_widget iframe[style] { width: 100% !important; }

Hi Serge, I found out why the code was not working initially. I’m using a child template, and the rule in original style.css contained also a !important, so no matter what it was overriding the new css style. Thanks a million, the code is correct. I inspected better the code and found out that you were 100% correct :) Thanks for the wonderful theme.

No problem. Thanks :)

Hy Zerge,

hope u are fine. One Question … we have posts on our side where the picture is longer then the “placeholder” for the picture.

Is it possible that we can define how long the placeholder for the pic should be? i mean that the picture is showed to 100% and u don’t have to klcik on it that the pup up has to open.. .

thanks.. here the link… http://www.1rofl.com/?p=70


Replace in the file content-single.php:

<?php echo $image[0]; ?>


<?php echo $large_image[0]; ?>

Thank u very very much! Thats great support!!

Glad to help ;)

Hello i would like to purchase the news trick .I have some doubts 1.can i get full sample data with the theme(as like your demo page)? 2.can you give support to add a custom font into the theme ?


1. Yes. Also, you would need to read the Documentation, how to setup widgets.
2. Yes.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

Hi, i have a problem with the meta description. When i add in the setting “Site Title” and “Tagline” i don’t have a site title + site description in the view-source of the site. i only have site title that show the “Site Title” and “Tagline” tougher. Do you know that problem? This is my site: http://www.bloepr.com/ Thank you.


Don’t see any problem at this moment. Could you please clarify, how it should be in your opinion.

I add it manually so you will not see it now but i think it should be when enter in the setting “Site Title” it will appear in the site title tag and when adding “Tagline” it will appear in the meta description tag. And now the problem that Both input will show in the site title together.

It’s correctly and it works as should. By default, the site title displays Site Title + Tagline. You can activate any default theme, and you will see the same things.


How to fix it? This bug occurs when displaying the post with a small thumbnail.

It seems some of your featured images too small (recommended size at least 267×188 px) or maybe you just need to rebuild the carousel thumbnails.

Hi Zerge,
I’m trying to use the Twitter Widget but it shows: loading feed…

Any help? Thanks

You featured image should be at least 728×387 px

Thanks for the quick answer, Zerge! I’ve already tried that size, but it’s just too wide, I need the image to be a little bit squarer. How can I do that? Thanks

You can try to change it in the file functions.php

Hello, I tried upgrading to the latest wordpress, reuploading and reactivating the theme and… I keep getting this messages:

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/mhd-01/www.[sitename].xx/htdocs/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/includes/update-notifier.php on line 117

Warning: file_get_contents(http://color-theme.com/tools/notifier/newstrick/notifier.xml) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/mhd-01/www.[sitename].xx/htdocs/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/includes/update-notifier.php on line 117

How can I fix this? Can you please help?


Try to remove from the file functions.php:

require_once ("includes/update-notifier.php");

Thank you! :)

I’d like the CT Slider to show all the featured images at a “fixed” size, how can I do that?


Your Featured images should be at least 728×387 px

HI Zerge. I already have the theme pravda, now I want to buy the theme NewsTrick, wanted to know if you have any problem to erase the data in wp_options, since I’m having problems with the theme pravda he has no visitors correctly, for example, person enters 20 in the first post, but it only counts as one person when it has, I have another doubt is if the videos as I left iframe player will continue the same themes in this exchange. sorry for my bad english

Yes, the NewsTrick used the same scheme for videos.

Do you mean add the Google Plus icon to the Social counters?

Yes wanted to add Google Plus on the theme, http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick-2/round-house/ to appear along with the facebook, twitter and youtube page of the link.

We plan to add this in the future updates.