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Hi Zerge,

i restore my site to the client site with vaultpress and for some reason, no page is working or posts. Pls visit….http://tinyurl.com/mhjmfn2 you will see the home page, then choose a post or page you will get tge error…

<<”Not Found

The requested document was not found on this server.”>>

Pls help me resplven.gr it.This happend after restore with vaultpress plugin

KIjdest regards, xrisxal2000


Perfect , it’s ok now…THANKS guys!! AWESOME SUPPORT !!!

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Hi Zerge,
It is possible to mix menues styles using the Flat Menu by default and when you scroll down the page make it sticky and change it to drop-down style?
How can I do that customization?

Thanks! Ivan

I think it’s possible, but not without developmennt work.

I can’t get the background to change. If I upload an image it will work, but the predefined background will not stick.

The settings are: predefined, Fixed, Repeat, and Full Screen. I want the honeycomb predefined background.

Are those settings wrong? Thanks.

Where exactly? Show me this on your site.

Nevermind. I figured that one out, too. :) Thanks!


Yesterday i updated my newsTrick theme to the latest version. The web looks nice but in the login and widget pages the size of the text has changed and now it´s impossible to me to change the widgetized areas

that´s the look of the widgets page: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-n5jMfldcBPs/UxW5Z0sBquI/AAAAAAAABg4/DYM1KOplP-M/w506-h316/screen.tiff

What can i do? Thank you in advance


It seems not a theme issue. Try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

Yeah… the nextgen gallery was the problem. Thank you so much

Hi zerge, pls see the image… http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2h3ptgm&s=8#.UyHoUPl_uCk

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000


For this you need to edit header.php file.


Hi Zerge, For some reason I can’t even install the theme on wordpress. It says the style.css is missing. Please advise. Thanks!


You must install theme from the file “Installable WordPress file only” download from TF.

I’m sorry! I have just read your answer on other posts. :) Thanks very much for the quick answer!

Hi Zerge, pls tell me how i can completely remove titles from magazine center widgets( 3 columns magazine widget and 2 columns magazine widget)? i have left title field empty. In right and left magazine widgetc is ok, in the center magazine i cannot remove the titles.

Thanks Zerge

best , xrisxal2000


Show me this on your site.

Hi Zerge, i resolve it,


Best, xrisxal2000

Hi Zerge, pls tell me how can i add a captcha to contact form?


Best, xrisxal2000


For this you need to modify the file template-contacts.php

Or you can use third-party plugins, to create contact form with captcha, for example, Contact Form 7

Great Support as always


Hy Zerge, we have problems with our view counter. It doesn´t show the correct number of views. Is there any bug fix or update for that? Our website ist www.western-news.eu We look forward to your reply. Thank you


It because you pages is cached by your cache plugin.


It because you pages is cached by your cache plugin.

Hi Zerge!

I bought from you this theme. However I have a problem. The browser shows me that the site sends a lot of requests to different ad companies (like Yahoo, Appnexus and others).

However I don’t have any ad code on my site. I tried from different browsers and different PCs and it’s the same.

When I switch the theme the site doesn’t send any request to any of those ad companies.

Is there any code in the theme that sends those requests?

( http://asiaotaku.com )


No. It’s not a theme issue. Probably some of your plugins cause this.


No. It’s not a theme issue. Probably some of your plugins cause this.

Hi Zerge, Do you do install and customization? Thanks.

We can only install theme. But any other settings you would need to make yourself.

Haaa ok. The theme is actually already installed. I thought you could finalize installation with settings as additional monetary service. But it’s ok. Thanks for your quick replies everytime.

Hi Zerge!

I bought your theme and it does have HIDDEN ADS CODES!

I disabled all the plugins and it’s still calling a lot of ads, without me having any ad code on the site.

When I switch the theme there aren’t any ads requests. How do you explain that only when I use your theme these things happens?

Furthermore, I went into deeply analyzing the theme. And I saw the images you used on the theme, like the background, the rating stars, call for clicksor, yahoo ads, etc. I attach printscreens: http://tinypic.com/r/2r21vlw/8 Also when used on mobiles the theme redirects to a porn site: http://tinypic.com/r/142bplu/8


It not true.

Please, be attentive and check your plugins, server settings etc. Also, try to remove all the widgets from the footer.

This theme doesn’t have any hidden code, ads, etc. And it’s 100% true.

I found it! It was a malicious code insert in footer.

Thanks for giving me the idea of checking the footer.

All works good now, no idea how that could appear there. Thanks again!

You or someone else added this code to the Text widget in the footer.

Hi Zerge,

i want in a post to have feauture image as thumbnail, and when the user click on it to have inside a video. I have go to post—> format Video i have add the utube video id, i have place down the option featured, i save it, and then the post has the feauture image, but if you get inside the post you cannot see the video.

visit… http://tinyurl.com/pa7j39j

and choose …?he Agonist ”Disconnect Me Vicky Psarakis

THanks in Advanced, xrisxal2000

Ok , thanks i will send them , Now!

I send them…thanks!

Problem Solved. Awesome Support!

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

I am trying to register on your forum but every time it tells me that my Envato name is already taken, or the code that I enter is invalid, I have never recorded but as a precaution I have tried with the recovery password, after entering my usual email, the system answer me that there is no user registered with that email. How can I do?


You already have Forum account. Just check your inbox for a new password.

ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address. Can you send me the link to rewrite the new password? I check all my email, no one from your forum. Thank a lot !!

Send me a message through my profile

Dear Zerge, I want to use the Guest Author plug-in from Co-Authors Plus (http://wordpress.org/plugins/co-authors-plus/) but do not know how to fix the co-authors template tags (http://wordpress.org/plugins/co-authors-plus/installation/).

Can you help me fix it?

yes.. I have looked through that page many times, and I do not understand any of it because I do not understand code.

Can you help?

It seems you need to replace the function the_author_posts_link with coauthors_posts_links in the files content-category.php, content-search.php, etc.

But would be better if you contact the author of the plugin.

Hi, Could you provide a child theme for Newstrick? If no, would you have any suggestions on how to create a child theme and how to install + update core theme if new updates are available. Btw, your theme still proves to be very cool :) Thanks for the great work!


Example – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4364676/wp-newstrick-child.zip

Also, replace the file \admin\functions\functions.admin.php with new – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4364676/functions.admin.php

Hi, Thanks for the quick answer Zerge and thanks a lot for the child team! :) I’m not sure to fully understand the 2nd link though? > I have to copy-paste the code provided and put it as a replacement of the current code in the file \admin\functions…. but how does it work when doing a theme update?

Yes, just copy-paste the code or replace the file.

These changes already added to the next update.


I want to make the logo larger in the header of the site but cannot see what CSS to update to make it larger. I also looked on the support forum but the link that shows how to make the update is not working. Please let me know what needs to be done to increase the size of the logo.

I am also having another issue. I am trying to change the background settings under Appearance – Theme Options – Styling Settings. I have selected Predefined, removed the image link and selected one of the Predefined Background images but it will not show up. I only see a white background and the pattern does not appear.

Thanks Scott

Got it.

Great theme and the BEST SUPPORT… ZERGE ROCKS!!!

Thanks Scott

Hi Zerge.

one question my friend…

when i post my website on facebook, then the thumb image is the image of the Uploaded Background Image. What can i do in order to show post images or a generic picture…??

pls check.. http://tinyurl.com/ohe7kkc

i use “WP Facebook Open Graph protocol” and similar to fix it but problem persists…



We plan to release an update with a lot of improvements, soon.

Can i do something for now? is it possible?


You can use third-party plugins,

Hi Zerge, something strange is happening on the topic, all posts that are first in the widgets on the main page with the views were 0, this is happening only with these posts, as they are in second or third it does not, also wanted to know when the update to include Google + will come to the topic, sorry for my bad english.

It seems your cache plugin cause this. Try to clear the cache.

Had done it and that the other times this happened, but only today I noticed were the first posts on the home page that it happened, but even clearing the cache the problem happens again after a while.

Try to tune up your cache plugin to display dynamic datas.

Hi, Zerge,

How to customize the attachment page?

such as http://ideasgn.com/architecture/blue-hills-house-la-shed-architecture/attachment/blue-hills-house-by-la-shed-architecture-13/

1. Show the real size image or 600px width thumbnail; 2. Improve the position of the article titile or ” back to article”


For this you need to create a new template for attachment page, you can use the file page.php as a base for single-attachment.php.

Maybe this helps you – http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-create-a-custom-single-attachments-template-in-wordpress/