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Hello Zerge,

When I remove the Social counters settings from the slider a little box appears next to it, please see link: http://d.pr/i/5p6l Can you please tell me how to remove this.

Also for the background when I set the Predefined images for some reason the setting doesn’t set. It still shows the mosquito image that comes with the theme. http://d.pr/i/PinT

Thank you for you help.

I sent you an email.

Got it.

I want to say thank you for your help and going out of your way to help me.

Really like this theme and going to purchase it real soon. I’m going to stage it on Charlotte Dent Repair.

I have a couple questions first.

1. Can I do a standard 2 column layout for the blog?

2. Can I remove the drop down links and just have a horizontal nav menu.


Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes.

2. Yes, you can choose between two menu type – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/menus/

PS: I have good vision ;)

Hi Zerge,

Quick question for you. Do you have custom menus option for use in sidebar?

Cheers Paul

Hi Paul,

Do you mean Custom Menu widget?

Yes Zerge, that is exactly what I mean. Cheers, Paul

Of course, you can use Custom Menu widget to show your custom menus.

Hi Zerge, I have just one more question/request: can you give a clear answer about the theme’s compatibility with buddypress. If the theme is compatible with buddypress, I’ll purchase it… If it isn’t I’ll have to think if I should buy it or not…

Thanks :)

Hi joana94,

We do not test the theme specifically with that plugin so wouldn’t be able to give you a guarantee.

I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible :)

Is there a way to adjust the height of the slider so any pictures thats featured wont show up as SO TALL? Like when I scroll from image to image using the <> for the top slider, all images are exact size that scrolls but on mine each image I have within the posts are different sizes. Theres no way to adjust this?


Try to rebuild “slider-thumb” on the menu Appearance -> Rebuild Thumbnails. Also, may be your Featured images to small, and can’t be cropped for correct size.

sweeeet that worked! Looking forward to any future changes your making too for future releases, I really like this template a lot! great job!

Hi Zerge, I want to add the Blog Post Formats.

I want more.

Hi kangkangmo,

For this you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.


Does this theme integrate well with an ecommerce engine such as Jigoshop? I would like to be able to sell the images from the gallery. Is there an easy way to integrate sales?



I haven’t tested it specifically with that plugin, so wouldn’t be able to give you a guarantee. I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible.

I cant get any of the Predefined backgrounds to show up, I removed the uploaded image and selected the Predefined option and then chose the predefined background and ‘saved settings’ then refreshed homepage but it still just shows up as a white bg everywhere. What can I do?

can i email you it cause i have the site closed i need to send you l/p

Yep, send me a message through my profile

done thx :)

U menya neskolko voprosov 1. Kak mozhno kartu prijrutit k postu 2. Gde brat ikonki soc setey- VK i kak tak sdelat chtobi schitalos 3. Poslednie kommenti – esli disqus prikrutit – budet rabotat


In english please :)

Eshe kstati – russkiy podderzhivaet?


1. Prosto vstavit iframe kod ot Google :)

2. Mozhno konkretney? Chto schitalos?

3. Da. Disqus uge vstroen. Nastoyki vnizu – http://color-theme.com/assets/newstrick/blog-settings.png

4. Da, podderzhivaet.

Esli esche est voprosy napishite cherez moy profile – http://themeforest.net/user/ZERGE

Translitom tyazhelo :)

Category Layouts? Blog Layouts? in demo those links doesn’t do anything.


For category and blog page the same layouts as for Single post page – http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/

Admin panel settings – http://color-theme.com/assets/newstrick/blog-settings.png

I try browsing with my iPhone for the demo site and it seems not responsive.


It’s responsive, of course :)

no its not, the view is the same as dekstop :(

Seems some issue with your phone settings. Responsive is work perfectly.

Hi Serge,

below my blog posts there is a section called “about the author” how do i modify the template that this section does NOT appear anymore?

Thanks my friend :)



You can disable this section via Theme Optins -> Blog Settings -> About the author . But before, replace in the file content-single.php:
<?php if ( $about_author = 'Show' ) { ?>
<?php if ( $about_author == 'Show' ) { ?>

Dear Friend…

First…thank you so much for the amazing theme.

Second…stats…viewers stats…is this a fast? if i have 30 viewers at the same time in a post, will i have the new value in seconds? minutes? hours?

Third…thank you so much for the amazing theme…again



strange…probably i have a problem in the blog…plugins issue…it seems a little bit slow in my case

i’ll check

Hello Zerge, awesome theme!

How can I remove these borders around widgets: http://i.imgur.com/6SnZPJT.png


Thanks :)

Drop me a line through my profile and I will send you a new version of this Text widget.

Hi Zerge,

Where is it advertis in http://wp.color-theme.com/newstrick/?home=5


It’s HTML code – http://tny.cz/492fc5d2

Hey Zerge :D

One last question :P Sorry to be a pain. When you say the site is “responsive” does this mean it just Shrinks to fit to screen size, OR do you mean there is a separate mobile css so that there is custom drop down menu etc on mobile? A person asked before, but answer wasn’t clear! Can’t wait until next week when I have time to play with this theme!!


So excited


Yes, images just shrinks to fit to screen size (css media queries).

Swweeet :) Thanks

Hello Zerge,

Quick question, evertime I upload a thirdparty plugin on the sidebar it over laps on top of all the widgets in it (please see link) http://d.pr/i/LgFw I would appreciated if you let me know how to fix this.

Thank you


I need to see this on live site or tell me what the plugin.

I sent you an email with my site url the plugin is mini twitter feed but it only happens when you add an “Advance Text Widget” it works good if there is no “advance text widget”.

Thank you for your help

Hey, That’s great theme you designed there. I’m about to buy this theme in a couple of days! BTW, I have some questions regarding it.

Is the background on the website, as show in the LIVE PREVIEW, can be scrolled ? I guess the BG is in fixed postion.

Can that be done ?

Hi raghavadhithya,

Yes, you can set bg as fixed or scroll – http://color-theme.com/assets/newstrick/styling-settings.png

Hello again,

In the Header, is it possible to have a Logo/Blog Title all along the header with the drop down menu? If yes, which is the recommended width size? Is it possible to be responsive?

Thank u

Try to make the following changes in the file header.php http://d.pr/i/qZwQ

You can upload any size.

Hello Zerge,

I am also having the same difficulties (eeb1):

When I remove the counters Social settings from the slider a little box Appears next to it, please see link: http://d.pr/i/5p6l Can you please tell me how to remove this. Also for the background When I set the predefined images for some reason the setting does not September It still shows the Mosquito That image comes with the theme. http://d.pr/i/PinT

Plus 1: (Copyrights) and (Additional info) do not appear!

Thank you!

Hi flaviounai,

1. Already fixed, will be in the next update (or mail me and I’ll send you)

2. It’s simple, just set Background position to Left.

3. These options not used in the current version. Use Text widget (like in the footer)