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Hello Dear Zerge,’ve been following his work ever. I am a customer of your thema “Cumble” phenomenal work done, my client was very satisfied.

Getting back to business, read many issues raised here, and I wonder about:

Can I create backgrounds for different pages or posts?

Congratulations once again ZERGE, I’m looking forward for your next thema certainly buy for a new customer.

If there are more questions. back to tell us. thank you :D:D:D

Hi frabelo,

Yes, you can set up different backgrounds for each post/page (fullscreen or tiled images).

Good luck ;)

The theme keeps disappearing for me, as of today. Have had it on the site, no problem for almost a week. I have to go into the FTP every hour and hit RESET on the theme to get it to go back to the way it was. What is going on?!


I don’t know, it’s your site. Could you please clarify?

Hi Serge, it seems the menu at the top is no longer responsive when viewed on an iPhone-sized screen. The menu disappears completely. Anybody else having this issue?

Hi doobybrain,

May be you show me your site? :)


Try to disable Instagram widget.

what’s going on ?! Apparently an update done and now everything is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All settings, all other requirements.


I want to turn off the Automatic Update. What should I do because?

Just remove Username and API key from the Theme Options.

I am grad really angry. not only that all files were overwritten. but now that I’m sitting all morning and bring everything back in order. And seeking work now no longer.

Super duper theme Serge :D,

However, I have a few questions before purchase:

1 – Can the distance between the widgets/sidebar/content be smaller; I feel its a huge gap between them. Please see screenshot:


2 – No Related posts? :crying: I think this is necessary for a magazine type theme. On other of your themes you have related posts.. I’d really need that :D

3 – Soundcloud as audio post? Is that available with this theme? Haven’t seen any example on your demo.

4 – Not Retina display ready.. Any plans for that?

5 – Is it possible to enable “Like Post” without having to open the post and scroll down to like it?

I think that’s all for now :)


Hi Milly,

1. Yes, horizontal gap can be reduced. Vertical gap it’s Bootstrap framework feature, it also can be changed, but I’m not recommend.

2. Are you kidding? ;) Of course this theme also has a lot of Related posts widgets (Related posts widget, Carousel widget, Recent posts widget, Popular posts widget, Recent post Thumbs widget – all this widgets has “show related” feature )

3. Yes, Soundcloud and any other services with iframe embed code.

4. Not yet.

5. Yes.

Oki Serge,

Sounds good. Thank you for your answers.

Would it be easy to change the gap distance, or would you help me when I’ve purchased your theme?

And: Is it possible to have a slideshow gallery within the post? Not only the featured gallery post format, but a slideshow inserted in the post and if I wanted, inserted 2-3 of them, instead of inserting loads of pictures as themselves.

Thanks :)

1. Yes, I will help you.

2. No. May be some third-party plugins can do it.

A couple of other notes about the latest version of the theme:

1. “Thumb type for video posts” does not work. Video posts always show the video player now and the video player size is tiny and squished. On the index page, the video player is stretched to the end of the blog post area. On all other pages, the video player is 300px wide and does not fill the post area.

2. “Type of pagination” no longer works. It always shows the “More” style even when the Standard Pagination option is chosen.

3. Are there exact specifications/dimensions for the custom logo? I have a hard time finding out how to get a logo to look correct in that area (been trying since the first version). Right now I am manually adding spacing to the top of the logo image just so it will LOOK aligned, but in reality, it always looks like it’s stuck to the top of the browser.


Can you please mail me all your questions, thanks :)

Sure, no problem! :)

Hi Zerge!

Great theme! We bought it today (not with this account though) and I’m currently setting it up.

A problem I ran into is that the number of twitter followers doesn’t show ( in the CT: Slider Widget). The number of Facebook followers does show though. I’ve tried multiple accounts (and ID’s) but no success.

Any ideas?

Hi jroenMedia,

Thanks for purchasing one of our themes, we truly appreciate it!

I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile

Probably specific settings on your server or WP installation.

Hi zerge,

You’ve got mail :)


Hello again Zerge!

How could I change the width of right sidebar to 300px?

Regards, Aleksi

Hi Aleksi,

It depends on what kind of layout you are using.


You can see my site at www. vivas. fi


And what specific sidebar you mean?

Just one question…is there an option for the reviews in % or stars only? Thank you! Great work btw!

Hi Izjavi,

Thanks :)

Stars only.

any way to make this theme non-responsive?

Yes, just remove from the functions.php:
wp_enqueue_style( 'bootstrap-responsive',get_template_directory_uri().'/css/bootstrap-responsive.css','','','all');

Thanks, is it possible to keep the non-responsie the 1170px width?

Also what plugin is used for FB/Twitter share buttons?

1. Yes, just change width in the /css/bootstrap.css:
.container, .navbar-static-top .container, .navbar-fixed-top .container, .navbar-fixed-bottom .container {
width: 940px;

2. It’s not plugin. Go to Theme Options -> Blog Settings -> Code for bookmarking and sharing services and place any code you want. In the demo used code from the AddThis servce – https://www.addthis.com/get/sharing

Hello Zerge,

Quick question I currently have a plugin that load .js but the person that made the plugin said that “if your theme already have a ” .js ” file where it loads the theme’s jQuery scripts” Then I have to comment out a line in the plugin.

Does the theme load the jquery scripts when opening?

Thank you

Yes of course.

thank you

Is the theme compatible with UberMenu?

I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t be compatible :)

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-3984185-newstrick-responsive-wordpress-magazine-blog.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. email: gildenor48@gmail.com (Brazil)

@Gildenor That’s the wrong ZIP file. UnZIP that one and the one you install is inside there. ;)

Yep ;)

How to use Instagram Widgets.

1. application clientID. 2. access token. 3. Query.

Thank you very much. ^^

How to make access token.

Hey Zerge.

Really great work. One Question .. i cant find the shortcodes for toggles … ?!


Seems something wrong with you WordPress installation.

what shall we do ?

The better way is reinstall your WordPress.

The columns in the wigets (in this case three column) run together when the theme is condensed, as in this iPhone pic.


Any way to fix that?

I’ll send you info through your profile. ;)

Working now. Thanks again, Zerge! You’re awesome.

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
(menu Download on ThemeForest) -

Thank you.

hey im about to purchase this template but i have a few questions. there’s alot of the stuff here i dont need i only want it untill the 3 big boxes (Animals, Food category and review) everything underneath i dont need. can i do that?

also the 3 boxes can i make them whatever i want them to be? as in one box careers, something else, something else and direct them to its own page? ( not blog post )

also when they go to there own page i need a contact form for all 3 sections, can i do that?

and last question, can i get a quote for you to edit everything for me?

thx you for taking time to read this!

Hi lacostemedia,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes, you can configure home page as you want.

2. Yes, it’s possible after small modifications.

3. I think yes, if I understand you correctly.

4. It depends on the changes you want to make, but in principle, yes.

where can i msg you privately so i can get send you the changes i want done so i can get a quote?

Send me a message through my profile

Is there a way to get images to automatically open in a lightbox when using the built-in wordpress image gallery maker?

Right now it opens to another page with the image as the background, and then you have to click the image again to see it full size.

http://www.watchesyoucanafford.com/bulova-96a101-automatic-review/ for example. At the bottom are images sorted using the gallery feature built into wordpress.

What settings do I need for the gallery? Right now they are set to link to the media file and it opens in a new page anyway.

I’ve found that changing it to “attachment page”, updating the post, and then changing back to media file and updating the post again does the trick.

Interesting quirk but easily worked around. :)

Should be link to image. For example, as your first image in the post.

Also, how do the authors put their pic beside their “about the author” bio on the posts?

I’ve done so but I can’t seem to make it work. :(

NVM, I had a typo in Wordpress for the e-mail address. D’oh!