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Nice work bro. GLWS…

Thanks bro.

Congratulation bro for new theme, Good luck with sales, :)

Very nice work. Good sale mate ;)

Thanks :)

Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!

Thanks !

Excellent. Do you have WordPress version for this theme?

Thanks, there will be a wordpress version soon.

Very nice work mate. Good luck with sales!

Thanks Toxicus !

Very nice work mate. Good luck with sales!

Thanks !

Well done, good luck..

Good design!Good luck :)

Hello! Tell me please, why in IE 9 is not practiced some scripts? For example in place portfolio – blank:( (https://www.monosnap.com/image/bFp7ilVFc629MWevy23b9lvM4QX8yD)

how to be ? Also I have a question, the fact is that I do not need a mobile version which styles you must remove it to disappear? Thank you, looking forward very much to answer!

Hi Ezhebin, Thanks for purchasing the template.

Kindly visit our support forum and make a ticket for the issues you are facing and we will do our best to resolve the issues.



hello, I embedded some videos from youtube and vimeo and they are coming off the page in responsive, how to fix?

Hi, can you please share the layout so we can provide you with the solution.

Kindly use the support forum for any issues / problems you face, it will be much faster.


Thanks !


How do I get notification on information that visitors selected on the Hire Us section?

I want to hire Newyork Studio for Website Design , My budget is around $499 Please get in touch with Me on my mobile no. (xxx).xxx.xxxx or my email address myemail@domain.com


Hi mcld214,

That form is not currently active, we are going to add in next update. But you can open a ticket on our support and we will provide you with the solution without waiting for the next update.



Will this be converted to high-res/retina anytime soon?

oh thanks for heads up :)

Actually none of those icon’s are retina ready. I’ve manually implemented an SVG swap script as a work around, but Themeforest is correct in listing you as not High-Res.

The icons used are image based and also they are used for demo purpose, for vector icons use can use font awesome icons which are already included plus you can use bootstrap default icons aswell.

Hi, nice work, congrats!

I have used the video background version for my website! For some reason the video it’s not working in Firefox browser. Could you help please?

Hi, Sorry i thought this was sorted out. I found a solution for this, it require some modification in js and css, I am working on it, hopefully i will have the solution for you by tomorrow, please provide me your email or send me a message through my profile page so i can email you the steps to modify.

Thanks a lot my email is: plaments@yahoo.co.uk

Hey, ill email you the instructions shortly.

Really like this theme. Before I commit to buying, is it possible to easily heavily customize each ‘section’? So for example I could change the portfolio section to something completely different? Cheers


By heavily customize you mean move the sections up or down or like delete the portfolio section and replace it with any other section of the template, then yea that is possible but if you mean customize layout then that depends on your html and css knowledge.

Hi Nasirwd,

I really like this theme. Appreciated your work and efforts.

I have following queries before I commit to buying this theme.

1. I want to use video background version. Is it possible to stop background video as soon as user scroll down to about section and start again if he scrolls to top again. Because I want insert video in core feature section also and if that video also have a sound then it will mix sound with background video sound.

2. I saw that you are going to provide solution for “I want to hire Newyork Studio for Website Design, My budget is around $499 Please get in touch with Me on my mobile no. (xxx).xxx.xxxx or my email address myemail@domain.com”. Is it applicable to me also after buying the theme?

3. Also, I saw one comment that in video background version in Firefox video is not playing. You are going to provide solution for this. Right?

4. I can use font awesome icons by inserting only icons code. No need to add additional code. Right?

Thank you.


Thanks for your interest.

I can provide solution for all except the 2nd point as the developer is not available to create the php for this.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the reply,

“I want to hire Newyork Studio for Website Design, My budget is around $499 Please get in touch with Me on my mobile no. (xxx).xxx.xxxx or my email address myemail@domain.com” is a part that I like in the theme. Let me know if you have any php files that you have provided to previous buyers for this part. That will work for me.

Hi, the dev is not reachable at this moment so i cannot guarantee that this php file will be available or not, tho i can provide you some links which might help.