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Clean Design :) GLWS

thanks, ;)

Looks great! GLWS! :)

thanks, ;)

Great work ! Good luck :)

thanks, :)

Does not come with the images you see on the preview site. While obviously going to provide my own work, it would be nice to have known. Can’t seem to find a disclaimer stating otherwise. Feeling slightly deceived.

Hey, in the read me file you can see the link were you can get the images. regards

Nexon updated to Version 2.0 – Second Template Design and preview Images Included. Download it free again! Regards, dk

The images are not included? How do I buy these images?

Hey, in the read me file you can see the link were you can get the images. regards

Nexon updated to Version 2.0 – Second Template Design and preview Images Included. Download it free again! Regards, dk

Got some problems. When I’m adding more than 9 pictures in “WORKS” and want to add a text field underneath the new pictures, it messes up the design. The text field doesn’t disappear when I’m changing between the menus.

I have left the text out in this version: www.lavemedia.com

hey, thanks for contact! what is changing? add text by more than 9 pictures: make a double click on the text. copy and paste it and set it under the new images. when you move the text you see a blue line around the portfolio. it must be in this frame so that it fits the area.

regards, mf

I am interested in this template for a portfolio site but: 1- can I remove the whole PRICING section without screwing up the rest of the code – another words, is it ALL built with Muse? 2- it does not include captions under the portfolio images and I would need to add that. There is a note here about someone having a problem with that. Is that resolved?

{I know how to use Muse and can edit as long as there isn’t other coding language in this template}. Thanks!

I’ve removed the Pricing section from the template and moved everything up. All is working EXCEPT now the nav bar titles no longer change to grey when the section is at the top. The states are there but I don’t know how to get them working properly again. Can you help me with that?

Getting this error when opening the plain demo version.

MuseJSAssert: Error calling selector function:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘style’ of null.

If I click ok, it just goes on and appears to be normal, but this error is kind of a problem I cannot just deal with.

@dinataledesign Find the anchor and move up. or make new anchor relink in nav menu. i think it helped.

Hi, everytime I change just some little text the scrolling messes up. When I click on one of the menu points it stays at that point an can’t scroll up or down.

Hey, I always like to help, but not if it’s a bad review are without reason. sorry. We could solve the determined. Looks like you’re doing something wrong in the processing. Is probably not the design. have not heard anything about this problem.

regards, dk

How do I change the html code to display google maps? Instructions in PDF, I received a brief.

ok. regards,dk

Hey, it’s kind of impossible. Email can not be sent. Please give me your email address. regards, dk

I’ve encounter an problem where under “Our Works” , during the preview, when i mouse over the picture, the X sign appear on the picture.

How can i remove the X or change it to other picture?



Thanks! It Helps :)

Hi, i was unable to see the embedded html link icon that could be seen in preview mode, but not available to view after i’d export it as html

Hey, sorry i don’t understand the question. which “html link icon” you mean? regards, mf

how do i change the height, i don’t really need that many sections.

Of the whole template. I only need say three sections about, prices,works. So if I erase everything else I’ll have a lot of blank space. So I want to shorten the template.

Hey, if you delete a field you have the other sectoral simply select completely and push it up or down. regards,mf

oky ill try it out now

Hi, under: OUR WORKS, can i design it according to album photos under each of the album just like the example below?


Hi, in adobe muse you can copy some contact from a page and copy it to the other page. cheers

Hi, do you have any link or tutorial for me to refer?

hello. sorry i don’t have a tutorial. better to check on google. cheers.