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I’ve removed a few sections that I do not need, but now the ‘connect with us’ doesn’t load…

Any ideas?

Hi please contact us via support system, we need to get your files to check the edited site. Please send it. We will surely help you.

Sent request via above.

Please check your email.

Great theme! +1 for a WP theme!

Thank you :) We will surely release it.

definitely need a wp version of this fantastic theme. Great work guys!

Thank you :) it will be a sure release.

hi, nice theme. prepurchase question. does the theme include php files and psd files?

Hi, thanks for your kind words.

This template includes PHP files used for contact form email sending. Template also features AJAX powered portfolio which can load external HTML5 pages. Moreover it includes standalone HTML5 pages for profile and project information presentation. These are shown in live demo.

Layered PSD for whole layout is not included within this pack. But we have included PSD for some graphical elements (components) used in this template.

Hope you will find this info as useful.


We thank you!

NEXT has won the Honorable Mention on Awwwards. Thank you for all your support.

Are you planing a wp-version? If yes, when?

Yes, surely. Mostly it will be our second next WordPress theme to be released here. The first one will be REALM. We are working on both


Nice Theme, How to add skill progress bar instead of circle and how can I hide unsorted items instead of fade off in portfolio section?

Hi, both of these modification needs custom coding.


Hi. It Is posible put a blog section in this webpage…

Hi, this is HTML5 template which is static website. You can add any HTML section in this even blog section. But in order to add blog functionality you need WordPress version (under development)


MacOSX 10.9 Mavericks tested and OK

This template is completely tested and working perfectly on all major browsers including the latest version of Safari (v7.0) on new MacOSX Mavericks

contacted Designova around 4 days ago and have not received a reply, not happy about it. I have contacted envato regarding this problem

Your request for Exchanging a template with another is not practically permitted at all. You may check this with Envato to get a clarification.

Can I use soundcloud audio in the articles rather than photography or both?

Great looking template!

Hi, this can be done with some custom coding. We have done it on REVEAL template and it is a possible customization needed here.


Thank you for the creation of this theme! As a graphic guy with intermediate knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS, the coding is very organized & Amazingly Easy to follow. Though the number of CSS & JS files is a little overwhelming at first, but there are only a few of them that required my attention to customize the theme to my own color scheme. Still editing now & will let u guys know if I have any question. A Valued Purchase indeed! Great Product! Good Design!

Hi, Our sincere thanks for your kind words :)

^ Team Designova

I need to do a redesign of our company’s website. I’ve accidentally bought “NEXT” as bootstrap version… Consider it as sponsoring :)

My question When is “Next” as WP version available?

Cheers Heikki

You can expect it by next week.



updated to v1.2 on Nov 07th 2013

We have optimized for more devices including latest iOS 7. Also updated to latest Bootstrap 3.0.1. Template now features a brand new mobile navigation module. For complete changelog please see:

you sell the wordpress version?

WIP. NEXT is our next WordPress release. :)

Purchased. SUPERB job guys. Very well done!

Thank you Russ for your kind words. We got your email, we will follow it for sure.

^ Jean

hi there, I’m planning to purchase the theme but when I’m using it on Android (Chrome) after selecting the menu from the side panel, the menu stays there and have to close it manually. Is there any way to have it closed automatically after selecting the menu option?

Thanks! Great work!

Hi, we have tested it on Android JellyBean 4.1.2 Galaxy S3 and it is working perfectly as expected on both Chrome as well as stock browser. Anyway will you provide more info about your case, please email to: we will surely follow.

On the Services section of the Next theme, how do the service window ‘pop-ups’ work? Is it javascript or Ajax?

I want to add ‘Next & Previous’ instead of the ‘x’ to close the window. Is this possible by any stretch of the imagination or a physical impossibility?

Actually, the image slider will do the job perfectly!

Genuine question this time…

The Porfolio slider is very slow, as in when you open an image and click ‘next’ it takes ages to close and reopen the next image.

Can this be made faster via the javascript or anything as there’s a massive delay?

Hi Thanks for the question.

This template uses AJAX to load portfolio detail view from external HTML files into the same portfolio page layout as dynamic expanded view. It’s loading delay is actually caused by page loading time in AJAX which is natural.

If you don’t like this AJAX stuff then you have to customize the entire portfolio module to have hard-coded info view and use custom JS to trigger the info view which may be coded as static HTML DIV loaded with all contents by default. This will be very complex and it is not recommended in all cases (that’s why you see a lot of portfolio templates on Themeforest with AJAX portfolio as highlighted feature, we are also following these good practices) :)

Ready to purchase… the WP version. Any ideas on date of release?

Thanks, Wa.

Thank-you! Expect bumper sales…

We are having some minor delay in releasing this theme, but it will not take much time. We will surely tweet once it is released here.

Thanks for your kind words :)