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Would like the WP version – could you please reply here when it’s available… thanks!

Its in review queue now. We are expecting release by end of this week

Hi, can I use this in Dreamweaver (might be a silly question but I’m learning to work with Dreamweaver at this moment) and then upload it to my domain??

Yes surely you can edit this template with Dreamweaver and upload to your domain

Hi there.. just wondering does it come in ZIP FILE which i can easily edit via a coding editing software i have on my laptop?

Thanks Josh

Hi, it is exactly possible, there is no issues if you use a familiar code editor for you. Please refer PDF user guide for help. Also you can reach us via support system if you come up with any issues by editing.

ok and when i buy it how do i select the version i want or does it come with all the different versions?

It comes with all versions included in the pack

NEXT WordPress theme is now released on themeforest

Please see it here:

NEXT WordPress theme is now released on themeforest

Please see it here:

Thank you all buyers :) Please rate the template if you like our work

Hi there,

Thanks for the great theme. I have a very important question. How can set the default zoom of the browser to less than 100%. Basically I want to get a smaller size of the website by default when I open it from any browser.

Please help me with that.


Thank you for your kind words. That’s pretty complex thing.

I don’t like the portfolio in circles. How can I change that? thanks

It can be done via CSS editing – it is simple

thank you

Hi, First of all i would like to say its a commendable theme,hats off to the designer…but few of the images are not supported in chrome of the homepage i.e. index1.html and effects are not visible on opera…can u pls help…

Will you please provide some additional details about your issue along with your ongoing website URL. We will surely assist you. Contact us via support system:

Please resolve it on priority basis..

Can you tell me how to set a larger display for YouTube in Category5 Lightbox video display? I have not had success with support email. I do have a purchase code but don’t want to post here.

Thank You.

Hi, we have replied to your email. Please check it.

Ok, it crashes Safari on an iPhone latest iOs. Tested on 2 iPhones (iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s) with latest iOs (unjailbroken), Safari updated. Tried 3 times. It crashed every single time. Is it something you can try to reproduce and fix? I would love to buy the theme.

Hi, we have checked it on our iPhone 5S, 4S and iPad 4 with Retina. All of these devices are running iOS 7 latest. The template works nicely here.

We had some users reporting such issues but we did not experience the same here. As we have done some R&D on this topic, we conclude, when web templates with enhanced animations are opened there may be some performance related bugs in iOS 7 which is depending on RAM availability when devices are used continuously for many days and background app refresh settings also have some role on this.

We suggest you to Switch Off and then Switch On the device (clear RAM) and check again. It will be working properly in most cases.

Hi, I have purchase the HTML one (cannot find incense number for contact your dedicated support… anyway… I have tested my site in IE8 and it is a disaster… wordings are not visible, one above each other,…. what can I do??? is there any style sheet already loaded in the package to support us in this case? thanks

Hi, as we have already made it clear on details page, IE9+ compatibility is ensure while IE8 is not fully supported due to complex animations and advanced Bootstrap 3 layout framework which has very limited support on old browsers such as IE8. Themeforest also have made IE8 compatibility as very limited or optional in fact the browser is now deprecated. Please see:

Hi I just wanted to ask why the contact form is not working for the following link:

Hi, We have tested this template on our servers at MediaTemple as well as Hostgator and the contact form emailer is working properly as expected. So please check with your hosting server if it supports PHP email scripts (every standard hosting service provides this feature). For more info about this you have to contact your hosting provider. They will be able to help you as we are not hosting techies.

Is there anyway to show more than one tweet in the ticker? I have it set to 5, but it only shows the most recent tweet all the time.

Also, is there a way to make the tweet area a bit narrower? It’s a lot bigger than the space needed for a bout 2-3 lines of text.


Hi, due to the changes in new Twitter API (current one) we have some limitations on displaying the tweets via cycle. We will check for a better solution and if present we will surely make it available on very next update.

You can customize the tweet area via CSS editing without much complexities.

where would i find the twitter area and under what CSS?

All the styles related to particular twitter widget can be found here: [ROOT]/STYLESHEETS/JQUERY.TWEET.CSS

Hello!, i have a problem with tags that i place inside a services popup descriptions. they does not work properly. If i try to click to follow the link it does not work, but if I click right on it and then click open in a new tab/window in pop-up menu that appears, the link work.

the line of code that i used was -just an example


what can i do?

I mean a tags, seems that i forgot to write in the original post, and the example show only google word in fact was an atag inside a p tag

Hi will you please explain it better with some screenshots if possible. You can email us to:

Also, I sent an email to the support about another feature but I have not been responded to yet.

My question was about the preloader with the GIF image. Is there any way to change the GIF container to a Square instead of a circle?

Also, is there a way to have the preloader delay a bit longer to display the full length of my new GIF?

Seen here:

Hi, the preloader area can be customized via editing CSS. You can see the particular CSS rule on Line number: 185 inside STYLE.CSS.
You can see the following:

#status {
    background-color: #FAFAFA;
    background-image: url("../images/loader.gif");
    background-position: center center;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    border-radius: 100px;
    height: 100px;
    left: 50%;
    margin: -50px 0 0 -50px;
    position: absolute;
    top: 50%;
    width: 100px;

and edit as you prefer to.

in order to customize the preloader delay you have to check the following JS file: [ROOT]/JAVASCRIPTS/PRELOADER.JS and then set delay value in the following line:


Also, I sent an email to the support about another feature but I have not been responded to yet.

My question was about the preloader with the GIF image. Is there any way to change the GIF container to a Square instead of a circle?

Also, is there a way to have the preloader delay a bit longer to display the full length of my new GIF?

Seen here:

[double post] please see previous response, replied already.

It looks good but might not work well in all cases,also there is no support for this theme,i have not received any reply within 48 hours of ticket submissions on support system.. My Rating is 3 star..

We valued your purchase and we replied to your multiple tickets earlier. Still if you complain about same thing there is nothing we can do if you are not co-operating with us.

We have already replied to your support ticket about ‘contact form not working’. There is no such issues within our template,we have checked it multiple times and it is working fine on our servers from MediaTemple which runs a world standard PHP configuration.

So all you have to do (we repeat again and again) is consulting your hosting system support team instead. We host on compatible servers capable of running PHP email scripts and it works perfectly.

If you still keep on complaining about the same subject there is nothing can be done from our site – sincerely speaking. We do not care about negative ratings if they are produced by non-logical reasons.


I am trying to access the link on ie 10 and 11 as well, the main page with thumb rotators they come upside down or do not show the other image i.e. the 2nd thumbnail is not visible instead the first is upside down or flipped negatively. even I have tested your demo link and it is the same case.

Please update me or let me know your email and I will send yo my applied html link .


Hi, please send it via support system:


I prepare to buy this theme but I had little problems need check with you:

1) the main page thumb image rotators problem on ie10/11 had fixed? 2) the portfolio page image filter can like WP version?


Hi, the filter is Hide&Show as you see in HTML5. Advanced CSS effects are not supported on older IE versions but working fine on latest versions