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Very Clean theme, Good Luck with Sales!

Thanks, i love it!

Nice work! GLWS ;)


A good looking theme :)

Thanks for your compliment! And it is far beyond a good looking theme ;)

Great theme, love it but I have one question, in the portfolio item, can you have a slider for the work instead of it flowing down vertically?

Cheers, JackMagic

Absolutely, the theme is very much customizable! To add a slider is quite easy, and you can add it to any page, includes the portfolio page!

Love it! I just might purchase this one :)

There’s one thing off though: in vertical view on the iPad there is a large margin on the right side. In horizontal view I can also move the page because, even though that large margin on the right isn’t visible, that space is still there.

Can you check that out?

Thanks! Tom

I’ll check it

Twitter issue fixed.

This is the theme I have been waiting for!!!! You did an amazing job! This is a very unique theme!!!

I am looking forward to purchasing this tomorrow! I am very excited! I wish you the best of luck with sales!

- Adam

Thank you very much! I’m exciting too. And there are still a lot of work to do on the preview site, there are many features haven’t been demonstrated.

I couldn’t wait to tell people how flexible this theme is, it’s just how much i have learned from customer requirements during 2 years supporting on my last theme, how much i have putted to this theme. It’s my best work so far!

This theme is extremely flexible!!! One of the best buys I have made in 3 years! Great support too! Two thumbs up to the author!

Nice and VERY clean design. Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

Extremely cool work. Congrats :)

I love to know you like it!

Clean theme, looks good! Good luck with sales.

Thanks for the compliment!

Nice and clean, good luck!


can i load a contact form on the slider?

Absolutely yes!

Great theme and would like to purchase, but seems to be slow on my end in loading… Thoughts?

Disabled a plugin, have a try again?

Cracking theme. I’m all over this one. Cheers!

Love to hear it!

Need to ask the author a question. How do I get in contact with you?

Please check out the contact form on my profile page:)

Proud new owner :)

Looks good.. but already run into an issue.. the detoured people in the slider don’t “regrow” back correctly: when making the window smaller they do become smaller and adapt but when resizing back the window to a bigger size they don’t. It does this in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my Mac.

It is by design, the resize behavior won’t fire for 1024+ resolution, behind the thinking of this scenario won’t happen on mobile devices. But as you mentioned, i realized that desktop users may switch their browsers between window size and full screen, this issue do will happen if the window size is smaller than 1024.

So i will remove this limitation in the next version, it’s very simple.

The limitation is removed from Nextbiz version 1.1, you can preview the change on the live site. The version 1.1 will be released tomorrow.

theres an issue with the contact form. the email body content has a 38 character limit. how does one fix that?

I’ll fix it in the version to release tomorrow, thanks for issue report!

Do you provide the demo content for this theme?

Yes, it has been included in version 1.1, you will find it in the new folder “Assets”.

The version 1.1 is submitted, you will receive an update notification once it is approved.

I have a couple of questions.

1. I added two buttons in the Header Optional Area, but it pushed one of the navigation/menu items down and now the menu is out of alignment.

2. Is it possible to have more menus for the top navigation? I need 5 separate menus for my website. I know this may be a lot to ask, but I really need it.

You can rollback your changes or get the original version from theme package, then apply the customization as i wrote before

“There are two ‘wp_nav_menu($args)’ in header.php that you are to replace with the modified code, replace both with the modified code”

Sorry, but none of this seems to be working. I used the original header.php code, replaced both ‘wp_nav_menu($args)’ with the code you provided. I don’t see where it added a custom field “menu_name”. I am also adding custom menus to pages.

/* Choose navigation menu depending on value of Custom Fields key: 'menu_name' */ 
$menu_name = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'menu_name', true);
if( !empty($menu_name) ) {
    $args['menu'] = $menu_name;
wp_nav_menu( $args );

Never mind. I figured out how to get it working. I was able to add my own custom field “menu_name” THANK YOU!

Does this come with the XML file for prefilled content? :)

Yes, the demo content is included.