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Very nice looking theme. Purchased a few days ago and installed on my site. I used the provided demo content, went through the documentation and cannot get the slider to display correctly (missing headline images, though they are there), typography of subheads running into the headlines (correct Google Fonts installed and styles specified), and the light gray “v” graphic element/bar under the slider doesn’t seem to work. Please PM me if you’d like the live URL. Thank you.

The demo content only contains content, images and theme settings say slider element positions and sizes are not included.

The slide item headline images can be downloaded from the demo site, drop me a line via the contact form on my profile page if you want me to send them to you.

The slider elements positions and sizes settings are not included, but you can “unlock” the slider from Nextbiz > Slider Options to re-position and re-size them from the frontend by drag and drop, its just that easy.

The “v” graphic image isn’t included cos i thought you all will have different designs, not a problem, drop me a line and i’ll send it together.

Opened a thread in the support form but this is really holding me back so I figured I would post here as well. The contact form is not delivering messages for me, the form works fine on the front end and displays the “Thank you, your message was sent successfully” but the email is never delivered. Can you please tell me if there is something missing that I need to add to the template-contact.php file to get this to work?


Please check your host policy if it is allowed to send emails, and the receiver box doesn’t block the emails.

The “Thank you, your message was sent successfully” appears only when php mail function returns a SUCCESS signal, it means the email has been sent, but if it has been sent out from your host and successfully arrive the destination is not under control of the theme, it depends on host account privilege, the middle servers and the destination policy, etc.

How do i get my theme to look like number 4? I have a post coment box and a contact form on the home page

When you have the demo content installed, send me a login via my profile page and i’d like to set it up for you.

How do you install the demo xlm file?

ok done that

Hi, i have added the demo home page 4 to your ‘Home’ menu, also i see you are running Nextbiz 1.1.1, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version. For update instruction, please check out the documentation.

Ok why do i have Logged in as olivebrand. Log out?

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> on the rest of the pages?</strong></i></em></del>

Can i change the header pic on layout 4 to a slider?

How do i download the updated version i dont see it on the doc page

also i want to change the body background color

1. Please see section “Installation Guide > Updates Installation Guide” in the doc

2. You can add the color to Nextbiz > Custom Styles > CSS, for example

body {background-color:#000000}

hi, I bought nextbiz today, but my theme doesn’t look like home 1 theme. I couldn’t find the way to setup it up. What can i do?

Please see the documentation for how to setup the home page and the slider.

A demo XML file is included in the folder “Assets” inside of the theme package, go to Tools > Import to import the file if you need it. This will give you all the content and images (if download) that the demo site contains, but the file doesn’t have theme settings, you will have to configure the theme admin.

For example, the slider elements show up to their default positions without the theme settings, but to adjust the position and size is quite easy, simply go to Nextbiz > Slider Options, unlock the slider, then switch to your webpage and refresh it, now you can just drag these elements to change their position and size.

Also an export/import plugin is under development, it will be included to Nextbiz theme package from the next version.

Thank you so much for the information. Now, I’m so happy that I bought this theme. Love it!

If you like my work, don’t forget to five stars Nextbiz on the theme page :)

How do I add a hover arrow like in your demo?

Do you mean the big down arrow at the bottom of the header? It’s a background image that apply to the section “Page Title + Page body”, the image isn’t included in 1.2 and earlier, i will add it to the incoming version 1.3.

I mean the arrow in the navigation menu

Hi, this is confirmed a bug that the arrow missing on menus without a dropdown list, i’ll fix it soon, thanks for issue report, appreciate it!

Contact form does not work, please advise. I do not get a thank you message or an email.

Contact form works, but very slow. I still don’t see a success message.

No confirmation message.

Hi there, I’ve been on your site and trouble shooting on the contact form issue, unfortunately there is no error message in the background, and the client requests were sent quickly and correctly.

Something wrong must happen in the host, you can have a try with the plugin Contact Form 7, it has more error messages to return, hopefully we can see what the error exactly is

We purchased this theme but even as experienced WordPress developers, we cannot get the slider to slide. can you please provide some advice on what the issue might be? Thanks!

Could you provide more information, better be a link, so that i can see the issue? And have you updated to the latest version already?

Hi! I can read that the theme include 3 different menu positions – does that also include a left side horisontal-menu (just like the “Studiofolio” theme)?

Best regards Sissel

Sure, you can do it by simply configure the menu to left and add an offset to it. I can help you with it.

Hi addway. I’m enjoying working with your theme. Is it possible to have a different Header+Slider Background for each page?

Thanks for your reply. Does that also change the slider background or just the header? I noticed that if I add the slider to a page over than the homepage, it uses the same slider background as the homepage.

The background behind header and slider is different to the header background, it only appears when there is a slider, if there isn’t a slider, it’s the header background appears.

When the Header + Slider background image is set, it appears on any page that has a main slider, use the custom CSS i posted above, you can display a different background on a specified page.


My theme says “Nextbiz 1.3 is available! Update Now!” -if I click that will I lose all of my settings and uploaded work -I am currently using 1.1.1

No, upgrade is safe, no site content, theme settings will be touched. Updates are always available at Themeforest, while the update link contains everything you need to know about an update.

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with editing text. I have installed the site and installed the recent upgrade but I can’t get anything other than a basic visual text editor to format.

Please help! Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Sure you can, the Home 4 is supposed to be a slider, but i did it a quick static page on the demo site. You don’t have to follow the way demo do, just add a slider to the page (say the free WP Orbit Slider), add one or more slides to the slider, then make it full width and full height in Nextbiz > Custom Styles > CSS

#topbg #header {position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;}
#slider-custom {width:100%!important;margin:0!important;}

For the menu color, i’ll have a check later and if any issue, a fix will be available shortly.

Thanks addway. I tried that but it doesn’t go to full size – not sure what i’m doing wrong! I’m loving the theme otherwise, really happy with how i’ve set everything else up. Were you able to look into that colour issue? Also, is it possible to adjust the hight of the header on each page (as in the grey header that is on each page?). Thanks again for all your help!

1. Drop me a line with a login via my profile page and i’d like to configure the slider to be full-width for you.

2. The small arrow before the active navigation menu is an image “menu_hover.png” located in ../nextbiz/images/, you may replace it to any image you like

3. You can add custom CSS (Nextbiz > Custom Styles > CSS) to change header height, for example:

#header {height:200px;}

hi i am trying to import the xml data but all the time i am uploding it it gives a error and its not happening, can you please provide me a ulternate way to do it. because i want the site to look exzectelly like yours. pls hemp me.

and also tell me from where can i change next biz name to my name in admin panel.


Hi author how much time do you take to reply usually ? because its urgent for me when i am trying to uplod the eml file its giving errors and file is not getting uploded, can you please provide me a proper solution.

I think your not here to resolve my issue, Do you understand English properly ? my main issue is of importing demo content, i have done all the things as you said but still nothing comes after importing your mxl and dat file. is that clear to you???

you have my domain id and password, please look in to this matter and import content properly in my site, i have paid for the theme and i am not satisfied and happy with your service, because your theme demo content is not importing properly. please give me refund or solve my problem you have my domain details login to my domain admin and do what ever you want to, just my site should look like yours with all the demo content. is that clear ???

Sorry but again, the importing issue is on your server, not on Nextbiz. It is not a theme issue and i’m afraid i couldn’t help you further.

Thats it? i have tried this theme on 4 different server, go daddy, hostgator , blue host and my personal server, on non of the server your them demo data words, your demo data is eMpty after imports also nothing happens or no demo data comes. is this how you treat your customers?? is this how you give your service, is this how you solve problems by just saying that your server have problem. bull shit.

if you cant help then say that its not your cup of tea and you dont know how to solve problems. accept it that you dont have capability to solve issues with your there. i am not a fool to ask you again and again, i also have company of 30 employees working with me and thy are also developers, i buyed your theme because i liked it.



The home-page without a slider seems to work differently from the other pages. The other pages I can set to have a title and this will display within the main area. But if I do the same for the home-page with exactly the same settings as all the other pages, it will not display the title. Is there any way to make the home-page display the title and formatting exactly the same as the rest of the pages in the site?

Let me know your account name in the support forum and i’ll do a check shortly.

The latest version is always available on Themeforest, while detailed update information are posted in the support forum.

Thanks. It’s webdesignessex.

Your account is approved, and the Nextbiz version history post

how to import the data and make the same site like yours please tell me or send me some video link

Please keep your question in one thread, and there is already a tutorial “Demo Replication” in the documentation, please check.

Hi, I just bought the theme and would really like to read your 30+ pages document with installation guide, tutorials, psd instruction, supporting instruction, etc. – but where do I find it? :-)

Best regards Sissel

Please extract the package you downloaded, open ‘index.html’ inside of the folder “Documentation” to your browser, everything you need to know is included.

Hi again! Thanks for answering – however it seems that the only information about the theme is regarding the “slider” – and following the link referred to I get this message “There isn’t a GitHub Page here.” Is it possible to send me a pdf including the 30+ pages document?

Best regards Sissel

found it :-)

First, Congrats for the very nice Theme! ;)

I put a button in the content of a page, like in the Shortcodes page of the preview theme page.
[button link="Button URL"] Button text [/button]

The question is: How can I put a “target=”_blank” on that button? Is it possible?
I need a button with “target=”_blank” on the text :/

Thanks and Regards!

You can use the HTML code below for that:

<a target="_blank" class="button medium primary" href="#"><i class="button-icon icon-cloud-download" /><span>This is a much longer button</span></a>


I’d like to know if this theme allows to set individual backgrounds for pages or posts in the content section.

Also I’d like to know if it could be possible to set the content background color to transparent in order to see the web image background as the content background.


Hi, there is a global background image option for the content section, for different background images and background transparent, you can do it by custom CSS.