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Just quickly, trying to test this site on IE8 (through IETester) and getting slider errors. Can this be resolved?

Thanks in advance.

Fixed! Thanks for report the issue, really appreciate it!


I’ve downloaded your theme and i find that it was well worth the money. Had some troubles with getting the fonts in the system – Fontmeister just stood in waiting mode after pressing the download button. Managed to get Open Sans and PT Sans through manual upload in the end.

But now, i’ve got one issue remaining. I’m guessing the interface for Fontmeister changed since the documentation was made as the page currently looks like this: – so I’m not sure what selectors should go to which variants of the font. Since i’m not building the site for myself, needless to say it’s expected that i get it to look like the demo theme as much as possible.

Please note, that site is still under construction, so i’m still using some demo content here and there.

Thanks, George

The interface is for Font Squirrel fonts, switch to Google fonts and you get the same interface as shown in the tutorial.

Font Squirrel fonts interface is a bit confusing to me, i guess it’s CSS’s job to decide font weight.

Hi again!

Great theme – I love working with it! I have one more question – how do I change the size of the main menu?

Best regards Sissel

Do you mean the font size of the menu? You can change it by a line of custom CSS, example:

#main-nav > li > a > .menu-title {font-size:15px;}

Hi again! For some reason, suddenly I cant move my logo, even though I have activated the “instant position”! Any idea what has happened? The curser changes when moving it over the logo, however I cant move it!

Best regards Sissel

There is a bug found and has been fixed in the incoming version 1.4, here is a work around for 1.3 and earlier versions:

“Unlock” the slider in “Nextbiz > Slider Options”, save settings and the issue gone.

Hi again! One last question, how do I change the height of the slider used at the frontpage (i want to reduce it a bit).

Best regards Sissel

You can change it by custom CSS, for example

#slider-nextbiz {height:300px;}


Just quickly, trying to test this site on IE8 (through IETester) and getting slider errors. Still not resolved.

I tried to use Meteor slides, they work, but resizing options dont work??

Really need one of these to work…

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used IETester, but a WinXP + IE8 machine to test the theme, there isn’t any issue or warning found with the slider or other parts.

Meteor Slides, in my testing, doesn’t support enlarging images. Try Folioscene or Revolution Slider or WP Orbit Slider, the first two are premium and included since version 1.4, the last one is free where you can find it via Plugins > Add new.

Is there an issue with the search function of this theme? It is not working. Please advise.


Are you in receipt of my email? Thanks.

Works great. Thanks.

Hey, I’m having some logo issues. Iv uploaded 2 logos in PNG format but there not appearing on the site?? Also I cant find seem to find the Licence Certificate :/

Thanks Simon.

Sorry i seems missed your question, does the problem still exist? Is there a link so that i can see the issue?

Hey, I sent you an email a few weeks ago regarding another issue. Could you tell me if you have received it?? Thanks Simon.

Great Customer Support!!! Thank you!!

How to insert thumbnails of blog posts on the homepage?

There is a shortcode of “list_posts”, the usage is very similar to “list_works” but lack of a tutorial in the documentation, i’ll add it in next version, thanks for raise this!

How to display the pages in the same category in the sidebar?

Pages don’t have cateory, i guess you mean “posts”. The built-in widget “Nextbiz – Recent Posts” will help you to display posts in a specified category, while if what you need is conditionally displaying other posts in the category of current post, what you need is a widget of “related posts”, there isn’t a built-in widget like that in Nextbiz, you may have to find a plugin for that.

No, I think you got it wrong.


All pages in the category “features” are also in the sidebar

Ok i see. What you need to do is duplicate your “featured” menu to a new one by click the ”+” symbol in “Appearance > Menus”, then add the widget “Custom Menu” to the sidebar to display your new menu.

Is the template Retina ready? Like it very much! I think the menu on the mobile size lay out could be more beautiful imo.

Looks like it is Retina ready but not totally. The logo is crunchy and icons also. But when you make the mobile menu nicer I will buy it! :D

It is Retina ready, i’ll diagnose the logo issue later, and the mobile menu will be beautifier in next update.

Okay, thanks! I will buy it with my other account :)!

Hi, I have purchased and installed your theme. But I am trying to get just excerpts to show on my blog page. I have selected excerpt on the blog page as well as put text in the excerpt area on the post itself. Also my featured image is not showing as well.

I read through your instructions… Is there a step I am missing here?

Sorry for not able to response quickly. The problem you describes sounds to me like the page is not set as “blog page”, please have a check if you have chosen the “Blog Page” template for your blog page.

Is there a dark version of this?

Nope, there’s not a dark version by default. But you can navigate to Nextbiz > Custom Styles > Colors to change colors manually.

Hi, just a question about mobile version of nextbiz theme:

When I watch on a mobile, in nextbiz slider, the background image appears, but secondary images doesn’t. When I take a look at the code, the second pic as a visibility:hidden.

How to do I make it visible on mobile ?

You can make it “visible” by custom CSS (Nextbiz > Custom Styles > CSS), just be care for the position, to bring a comfortable reading experience, the text blocks and buttons are not reduced at the same proportion as images in the slider on mobile devices, thus two close elements may bring overlap issues.

I already checked the support page – how do i get my homepage to look like your homepage 2 as it relates to the slider and not having the little triangle piece. I have made my slider full width but its not taking up the whole width nor the top like yours does. Please advise. I want mine to look like

To remove the little triangle piece, navigate to Nextbiz > Custom Styles > Backgrounds > CROSS SECTIONS BACKGROUNDS, then click “Remove” button under “Page Title + Page Body Background” option, and click “Save changes”.

And to make the slider fully occupy the header, pls follow below steps:
1. Choose the slider you wanna edit, then click “Full Width” in Slider Type option.
2. Navigate to Nextbiz >Custom Styles > CSS, add CSS codes below into the editor, save and done.

#topbg #header {position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;}
#slider-custom {width:100%!important;margin:0!important;}

thanks a bunch! awesome!

Hi There you just issued an update to this great theme, good for us. Can you just issue as well the release notes please ? I’m always anxious to update something working by something I’m unfamiliar with. Many, many thanks :-)

Thanks for the reminder, i updated the version history in support forum but forgot here, now it is added.

I would like to enable breadcrumbs in the theme. What files should I add the Yoast code to? I am using the full width default template for most of my pages, but I cannot find the template file.

As a test, I added the Yoast code to template-contact.php but it doesn’t look good. I would prefer the breadcrumbs display directly above the page or post title.

Thanks for your help!

Chris K.

1. If you don’t specify a page template, it’s ../nextbiz/page.php

2. To add elements above page title, find the line contains get_template_part('page-title'); and insert your code before that line, otherwise, after it.

3. You can have a full screen (or browser) width area for elements you added (unless the element is added into an existent “inner”), use css class “inner” to limit content in content area, say

<div id="breadcrumbs">
  <div class="inner">
    your content here

When I added the Yoast code in the page.php file above or below get_template_part(‘page-title’); the breadcrumbs didn’t display correctly. So, I tried inserting the Yoast code in the css class. It was a little better but it didn’t display well either.

However, when I put the code in this area it seems to work fine.

<div>content_class(); ?>>
<div id="post-<?php the_ID() ?>" class="page-content the-content">
<?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>');
} ?>
<?php $iwak->the_content() ?>
</div><!-- .post --></div>

Hi there,

Is it possible to have the header of a blog post also link thru to the single post.

At the moment only the image and read more button link thru.


To make the title also link, you need to modify the file ../nextbiz/content.php


<?php the_title(); ?>

And replace it with

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a>