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I’m finishing up work on the latest update, there’s a lot of nifty redesigns coming your way. Going to spend the next week making sure I find all the bugs.

Hi, is there a way to make formatting buttons look much better and more integrated in the theme?

Are you talking about the ButtonBar plugin or the CLEditor plugin?

Estoy interesado ¿Es posible usarlo para una comunidad de programadores? donde postearemos codigo y usaremos Geshi, la interfaz permite un plugin funcional sobre esto? Gracias

Is it just me or does the search button not show up? The only thing I changed from the default.master.tpl was the footer, but I can’t get the search button to show up.

Do you have a link to your forum I could look at?

Another user found this was because they removed the footer asset, does that apply to you?

Make sure the footer asset has not been removed from default.master.tpl, Vanilla uses it to load a variety of javascript files, including ones for the theme which are required for the search (and many other functions) to work properly.

Hi, the search button doesn’t work. Can you please email me@asher.co.nz, thanks.

Glad you were able to resolve this, for anyone else experiencing this issue it was because he removed the footer asset.

Hi, I am not able to test functions of your theme. Not possible to register – missing permitions… Is there some demo account? I need to see backend also.

On http://secondwindprojects.com/nexus/ ? I was just able to create an account successfully. What’s the specific error message you’re getting?

Unfortunately backend access to the demo server is not available for security reasons.

The latest Vanilly security update released today seems to have broken the layout, especially on the Gravatars. Can anyone confirm? Looks pretty nasty here after the update : http://bullion-investor.com/forum/

Wow, that’s frustrating. Turns out this is a bug in the latest Vanilla release which, for some reason, they haven’t fixed yet. More information here, including a workaround to fix the problem: http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/comment/234786/#Comment_234786

The fix involves changing some code in library/core/functions.render.php, follow peregrine’s instructions on the page I linked and let me know if that fixes the problem.

I appreciate your help, it worked!

The preview docent seem to work.

I’m having issues with my webhost, will let you know when it’s back up!

I can’t wait for Nexus and Ozone to be compatible with Vanilla 2.2! :)

An initial compatibility patch for Nexus has been released (pending approval). Still working on Ozone.

Thanks, the patch seems to be working fine! I’ll report any issues if I find any. I also look forward for the Ozone patch. I suggest you check out the current version of Vanilla to check out the new default plugins. Also, the upcoming version of Vanilla (comes out in February) will add/drop a few plugins. I’m letting you know so you may support them in the future. Just FYI. Thanks!

Can I see a preview of Dark Grey? I want to buy.

On the preview site, in the bottom left of the sidebar there are theme previous options. Click on “Slate” to see the dark grey theme.

Im looking into a good premium wordpress theme to incorporate into my wordpress site with a vanilla forums bridge, having a good embed version is a must since Im only gonna be using forums embedded into the wordpress site and not as standalone. Any way I could get some screens of this theme embedded on a wordpress site with 2 sidebars before deciding on my purchase?

Hey. Do you have a Nexus forum for bbpress wordpress?


Your theme looks amazing, very unique, modern.

Can I translate the front-end?

What is login and pass to your demo version?


Is it compatible with social login plugins and other plugins in general?

This theme needs a footer. How can I add one?

How can I change the sidebar to the right side?

How can I remove this message?

“Upgrade to PHP 5.6 or higher immediately. Version 5.5.38 is no longer supported.”