Discussion on NFTLY - NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme

Discussion on NFTLY - NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme

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zuwanu Purchased

I took a gamble to purchase this theme it worked for sometime and it’s no longer compatible with woocoomerce, there is now error on the shop and home page. There is no installation guide to it, please update this quickly as it’s getting obsolete


We were away on vacation, if you still need our help we’re glad to provide it. You can find all the documentation here: https://playbasegg.notion.site/NFTLY-1077f36143af4183b50740b58249147d?pvs=4

zuwanu Purchased

Hello dev, good day, pre sell question, can i use these theme to achieve a complete NFT marketplace site? has the issues stated by others been solved already? can etherium be used as the price instead of Btc according to your demo? is there a wallet system for the vendors? waiting for feedback and note your contact link is note working even your website fix it

Hello, i’ve purchased this theme. but i saw it was it mentioned that it’s compatible with elementor. but i’m unable to edit with elementor. I’ve already messaged on discord.

hello, will you respond?


It was the weekend with Easter holidays! One of our support agents will be in touch with you via Discord, thanks ^^

ok but please soon because i need to launch my website asap. so please answer within hours.

Hello team, I have been trying out the available demos and I cannot find the NFT creation options in the WCFM store panel, such as selecting the blockchain network. Is this possible with the plugin? Do you have any visual element that allows me to see this? Thank you very much, I will be attentive.


anjdeil Purchased

Hi I have a problem with Elementor. The site wrote that the theme works with this builder, as a result, when I installed plug-in and try to open the main page, I get this error message. I wrote to support on discord, but did not receive a response.


I believe you’ve received the answer wanted for this ^^ have a nice day

Hello, interested but this theme is responsive? for me seems not.




On my end this works fine, I’ve set the A51/71 galaxy https://www.loom.com/share/41eb166469cf4318a4a9061231cc680a

Instead of 85% zoom just set it to 100% and it will be fine. Regardless if you find any issue you have support and we do updates regularly.

Best regards, pxsquad team

Hello, same problem in your end, screenshot from your video. https://prnt.sc/6Re4AvdsiNMn

yes if you change width to 100% is solved but looks weird in bigger resolutions, i dont want to buy a theme for fix bugs, the theme should adapt to all devices.


Like any theme updates come out to solve minor issues like this ^^ It still is a grab when you compare it to our competitors. Regardless, have a nice day and thank you for your interest.

Was thinking to buy this theme but it appears you are not being totally upfront about the true capabilities of course with plugins many things could work but that’s with any theme your claims is that this theme has everything built-in seems a bit dishonest to get sales

Hello Mediakliqco,

Thank you for your comment and interest in buying our theme. First things first, you are not a customer of our theme and thus are not able to judge the capabilities of our theme as you haven’t tested it out obviously.

Our theme and our work are reputable as we’re an Elite as well as a published author. We’re always upfront about what we offer through our theme description and there’s no dishonesty or misguidance. NFTLY as a theme relies on plugins and shortcodes which allows for a lot of things to be achieved.

Either way, we appreciate you dropping by for a chat. Have a lovely day! :)

Best regards, pxsquad team

Before I purchase I always read through the comment to see the integrity of the product I have been a buyer here for more than 10 years and have experienced Authors with false calms. So I noticed many customers had questions about the actual functionality claims…
I’m perfectly ok with using thrid-party plugins. Your product was appealing because of the design and the claim of Minting as a complete package. I’ve seen concerns of Metamask another feature promoted in your theme.
Please advise all that will be needed to fully have a functioning NFT Market as you promote and I will purchase. Thanks

what is the difference between this theme and ‘Enefti’ theme?

Hello elddhks,

NFTLY has similar functionalities as the theme you mentioned, however, we like to think that our design is way more impactful and modern.

We also have a team that’s ready to provide you the support you need.

Best regards, pxsquad team

Can users mint NFTs on this theme?

For minting NFT maker plugin is used. Thanks for your interest ^^

What blockchains are supported? Why don’t you put this information in the description page?


I purchased your theme cause you claim this “Your users can login through MetaMask” but after many tests I don’t see where to enable this , even not present at your demos, can you please help us ?


Did you try installing EthPress? https://wordpress.org/plugins/ethpress/ If there’s an issue present with this, we’ll look to implement a fix for this for sure. Our team is currently on holiday for 11 more days. Once we’re back it will be done.

Best regards, pxsquad Team

ethpress is installed by default , but doesn’t work for free ? the plugin claims to get PRO , but even this I don’t know if it will solve the issue, any idea ? ethpress doesn’t show any kind of metamask or wallet button / option

We are waiting for an update on the login problem by metamask. other than that all is well …and if you are willing to give us a design for the contact us page on this theme. thanks


The update is still being worked on our end. You’ll be notified via email once it’s live. The contact page is a nice suggestion and we might look into inserting it. Thanks.

Best regards, pxsquad Team

Hello again dear pxsquad team i want use other affliate programs ( binance, crypto.com etc..) how can i do ? any plugin ? thanks regards


work with Binance Smart Chain BEP-20?


Yes, it does. Thank you!

Hello, is this multipurpose theme? Will it support all types of plugins?


This is a multipurpose theme, it can be used various appliances. We support WooCommerce, Loco translate, WCFM (multivendor), Font changer, Elementor, Newsletter, and others.

Thank you for your question.

Hello again pxsquad team which latest release ? 1.2.0 ? Thanks


The latest version is 1.2.1. for NFTLY, where in that update we resolved an issue upon installing the theme :)

Thank you for constant interest.

Does it support Dokan?

Hello, for multi vendor system we support WCFM https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager/ available for preview on our demo4. You can try installing Dokan, no guarantees on compatibility. We’ll see to have this updated to support in the nearby future for a 100% certainty.

Yeah that’s the one actually it supports! I gave the wrong link above :) thanks for the correction

Hello again dear pxsquad Team My screen is 1024*728 resolution, I can’t see the right hero image. How can I set the design resolution? (Can I do it with elementor?) best regards

Due to technical reasons we’re not able to support MetaMask on the login demo. However, the feature is a simple integration and is guaranteed from our end.

You can sell any type of product that WooCommerce supports, as for selling NFTs we suggest you look at this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/tatum/

Hello again it is support crypto domain name selling ? Thanks


With a little bit of your creativity by using our theme it is possible.

Do you have somehow a system to import/fetch the NFT on Opensea or some other NFT marketplaces?

Hey Laduff,

By using the plugin named WooCommerce NFT Importer – WCFM, you can import NFTs directly from OpenSea to your WordPress Marketplace website.

If you need anything else, let me know!

Best regards, pxsquad – Filip

Hello dear pxsquad team i want sell sound nft’s it is possible ? Thanks Regards


We support WooCommerce and WCFM plugin with NFTLY. It does have support for selling sound NFT files.

Best regards, pxsquad – Filip

Hello again pxsquad team it included sound nft s new update ? Thanks

Hey, That’s right! Now you can sell sound and video NFTs on your marketplace. Go for it! :rocket:

Hi there, how are you doing? i am at the stage of importing the nftly-export-demo-one.dat but i cannot see an option named “Customizer” to import the file. any other alternative?

Hey Ethan!

For support you’re always welcome to https://help.pxsquad.com for a chat. I believe this issue has already been processed and taken care of!

Thnq for your quick reply! yes, it has been resolved :)


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