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I purchased the HTML version of this template and it shows off center, slightly to the right in portrait mode on an iphone. Do you have a fix for this? Many Thanks

Hi there,

We have been using your theme for a while. I think this is the first time I have needed to contact you guys….

1) For some reason, this Pic Gallery just stopped working. Any idea whats wrong?

2) Also when I go to Evanto Toolkit to update i only see Niarra (Light). I guess thats fine, but I dont seem to be able to update. It doesnt give the option.

3) Also none of the images are responsive on Andriod

Thanks for your help James

Ah, sorry a URL might help :) http://www.allblackssydney.com.au/pic-gallery/ Also, in regards to point 2 I am running V 1.2.3 so there should be an update available in Envato Toolkit. (I am using a Child Theme)

Hi, this theme gallery does not work when I updated to the latest version of Wordpress . Works fine on an older version of Wordpress but freezes and does nothing when i upgrade to latest version. How does one fix this please?

Two issues:

1) Clicking the Dark sample site gives error: “Error establishing a database connection”

2) The sample data after importing looks incomplete and the navigation looks like garbage (even before the sample data; & other items in “data” folder added). Wordpress importer keeps popping: “Failed to import Media “sample”.


hello, how do we make the images and video on homepage responsive on mobile please? thanks http://www.allblackssydney.com.au

Two months and no reply? Are you kidding me…

I’m not familiar with cufon script, the website link that you have directed us has actually removed the cufon script generator.

And so I would like to ask: In Niarra theme, how would I edit the CSS of post title headers (h1,h2,h3, etc)? I want to change the font and the color of my post titles. I have tried to put:

.h1 { (css) }

but nothing works, not even with .#h1, #header. h1, etc etc

Please help

26 days no support for an item that promised 2 days response, literally don’t buy this theme, it’s abandoned.

1) gallery doesn’t work, followed what little instructions i had from the help file, the plugin is broken

2)crappy outdated coding prevents me from changing fonts in the css, also many other things i can’t customize through code because it uses outdated methods that are no longer supported

3)couldnt get any support for this theme no matter who i contacted


Hello, dear author of Niarra Theme. I love the design! But I do experience some problems with functional part. My theme is 7f44957a-9316-4181-8ee0-18831d0bc1d5 – 28 Jul 2017.

1) I’m developing a website in two languages – english & russian. Ive installed my favorite plugin for it – Polylang. I have done all needed steps to set everything, like I did on my other websites, with other themes. But here Cyrillic letters are INVISIBLE in main menu and titles (everywhere under the nice thick grey typography). But it does working in footer. Does this theme are not for the multilingual usage? Please, help me out to fix it or at least understand the problem.

2) I have set Language Switcher (or any other widget) into the Header Widget Area but its not visualizing on website… Why do you think?

Thank you so much for your help!

Best wishes, Olga

I too am having issues with the galleries not working after a Wordpress update. Is this theme being supported at all anymore?

Hello, Author! Can i get support on my problems described above? 4 days instead of promised 2 of getting support…