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Bbugs in the surf version…like color of the menu mobile letter and really bad quality in the stop/pause/ images.

Oh, Thank you simonbeat. That is a wrong css with Surf Version. I will fix this issue and release new version today.

Bug was fixed!

Nice…...I really like the guestbook.great idea…....good luck with sales….and cheers from Colombia

Nice Template. Good luck. :)

Thank you :)

Nice theme. Good luck!

Thank you :)

What shall I say about this design ! I am speechless ! No word will be appropriate to praise the beauty of this design…. I will just say it is just an “ART” WOW!

Thank you very much DMSumon :) !

Awesome theme mate, glws! ;)

Thanks mate :)

Hallo. Schöne Themes. Kann mir jemanden sagen, wie die Musik von diesem Template heißt? Vielen Dank

Can you help me out, I am using the quick start and uploaded it to my server and when I go to install the joomla it’s telling me that magic quotes gpc is off and will not allow me to move forward.


Got the sever up and running but the quick start did not load up …. Please help me…hahaha I am no pro… just a photographer that wants a ROCKIN site like this one!!



Please send me an email via support@templaza.com. I saw you install template but it’s not quickstart.

Just sent it your way…

Please check your email. I sent you an email but still not response from you.

Hello, great design, congratulations. But is seems to be not working very well in the android platform. Is it a bug that you are fixing?

I tested in Android with Samsung S3 and HTC. It works good. Please tell me which page you get error?

I have Samsung S3 width the last update from Android, and i don’t see the images just the titles, the background stays black

I tested with Samsung S3 (sure latest update) with Chrome and Default browser. All of them are working very good. Please send me a screenshot from your mobile.

The Demo within the ipad4 Chrome Browser crashed after 10 seconds. Chrome must be restart. Any ideas?

hmm, I tested on my iPad3 with Chrome Browser and it works well. I will find an iPad 4 and response you soon.

Hey, thats a great Template! I bought it and it runs perfect. I’ve got a question about the Music. How can I replace the Music or upload my own one? I looked in the backend between plugins and moduls and could’t find there anything. Help pleace! :D

You can upload two music files with name (background_music.mp3 & background_music.ogg) to folder sounds in path(modules/mod_tz_fullslide/sounds)

You can convert mp3 to ogg in page: http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg

Check document file here: http://www.templaza.com/docs/nicanian2/#!/modules

Best Regards,

I want to take the time to THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP…. I will always spend money with people like you! You guys are fast and on the money!

Thank you, Gary Green

Thank you Gary! If you love Nicanian II, please help me vote for it!

Best Regards, Sonle

I will do that…. also I am getting some people telling me that the site does not work on all the browsers…. Do you know about this?

I tested with all browser and devices. All of them work very well. So you do not worry about it. If you find any problem, please don’t hesitate contact us. We will help you solve it.

Best Regards, Sonle

Hello, very beautiful template. My question is if in the portfolio section when i click on the images, these are enlarged with effect lightox or fullscrenn Thanks

Lightbox style is not available in this template. If you buy it you should request a custom template.

Best Regards,

Hello templaza,

Is it possible to support RTL or not ?! like make the menu display on the right side instead of left side and make the image below move from right to left…


Nicanian II does not support RTL right now. It will be considered in next version.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Hello, I really want to buy this template but it does not support RTL. Can you help me out. please ?!

I am having a problem what when I click contacts, portfolio and blog the menu is over the top of the images of wording. It does not space out correctly… Can you tell me or help me fix that.


I think I figured it out…. Thank you….... LOVE THIS SITE!

Is there a secrete to getting the images sharp in the portfolio area? They come up and are very soft looking to me… and the images are sharp.

When you upload image, system will automatic resize to 5 image type. The effect in portfolio view is Isotope jQuery javascript.

How do you change the logo (Nicanian II) that runs to the left on the home page portfolio ..?

never mind found it.