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For some reason the links on my portfolio thumbnails stopped working… can you help me figure it out?


Thanx Gary Green

This problem because you hidden title in Portfolio. Please send an email via support@templaza.com. Our developers will help you.

Best Regards, Sonle

Thank you…......!

Great template I’m a Joomla template developer myself, love the original concept, I don’t say this very often but I’m truly impressed! :)

Hi Templaza I would like to say, that it is a lovely template! - But everytime I add a Single article the logo will not show, why?

Thanks the logo works now on my articles – great! Can you also help me with change the orange color text in the left menu and make all links on the site to black and not orange?

How can I remove the Disqus links called: “Also on the templaza Tutorials” and “Around the Web”?

You have to change Shortname in administrator. Please read document of TZ Portfolio http://wiki.templaza.com/TZ_Portfolio_v3:Configuration#Social_Networks_.E2.80.93_Comments

Hi Templaza,

I cannot install correctly yopur template with quickstart (joomla 3.03 fr and english) I try many times and I follow the doc, please help me asap

see error below

Damned, what is it ? : ( ! ) Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in C:\UwAmp\www\joomla01\modules\mod_tz_fullslide\helper.php on line 31 Call Stack

Uwamp sever

( ! ) Strict standards: Declaration of Tz_guestbookControllerGuestbook::display() should be compatible with that of JControllerAdmin::display() in C:\UwAmp\www\joomla01\administrator\components\com_tz_guestbook\controllers\guestbook.php on line 22 Call Stack

Seriously something work with this template or I did something wrong ?

done, all is perfect now, thanks a lot for your fast reply just before I go in asylum ;-)

I am wondering how to turn on the comment’s to my articles so the people can comment on them… As far as I know it’s working but I can not see them.


Please send me your admin via email. I will help you check it.

Okay…. my hosting company is making me remove everything from the hosting folders because they sad the files are corrupt. Once that is done I will give you access to the server…. Maybe you can just install a complete new vision for me and get me off and running again.


Please send me your website via support@templaza.com I will help you install theme.

Hi, nice template, just a question before i buy it, is it possible to have a slide show that contains both photo and videos? thanks for attention. Fabrizio

Hi Rossiello,

Thanks for your interest! Nicanian II does not support for this feature right now. It will be soon available in near future.

Best Regards,

Hi in the image home page slide show there is a way to show the title of the portofilio item linked to the portfolio item?

thanks Fabrizio

Hi Rossiello,

Thanks for your feedback! This feature isn’t available on current version. I noticed it for next version.

Thanks for choose TemPlaza!

Lovely looking template but I am having huge problems with it! My latest problem is that if I switch on SEF URLs then I get the following error and the site won’t display:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function contentBuildRoute() in /customers/c/4/f/tattoosnortheast.co.uk/httpd.www/libraries/cms/router/site.php on line 427

Help please?

Please send us a login to your website via ticket system. http://www.templaza.com/tz_membership/addticket.html Please create an user and provide verify license on themeforest. Our developer are going to help you check it.

Thanks for choose TemPlaza

hi again. your template is interesting but should also answer to our question, expecially if we brougth the template. Making some test i found that your template crashes when loaded on a samsung galaxy s, sII and galaxy note. please have you any solution? I hope you will answer soon. regards fabrizio rossiello

Hi Rossiello,

The problem with Samsung Galaxy was solved on latest version. Please try and give me your feedback.

Best Regards,

Hi, great looking template, just purchased it. I am having an issue trying to install the template, quickstart, plugin, etc, I get a message saying XML can’t be found. Awaiting your reply…

I am running 2.5.10 but cannot install quickstart

Hi, spoke with hosting and current version of php supported is 5.3. My only option is Nicanian II template compatible with php 5.3 and joomla 2.5.10 or 2.5.9. If you cannot provide compatible template then a refund would be requested.

In the intropage we noticed it supports for Joomla 3 only. Please send me your cPanel via support@templaza.com. I will help you setup page.

Best Regards, Sonle

Good day. i really like the template and want to know before i purchase: Can audio player be made persistant through the site? if you can make a change to the portfolio where i can click anywhere on the image and not just its title in the middle in order to open it? Also if i have only one category in portfolio will the menu at the top disappear? And last but not leasat, what it the Add icon at the end of the portfolio, what does it do and can it be disabled?

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest! 1. Audio is only available on homepage right now. 2. Yes, It should be available in next version. 3. Filter menu is tags, not category. 4. That is load more button. You can disable it in back-end.

Best Regards, Sonle

Thank you very much. Can you tell me when the new version will be available so I wouldn’t have to go through upgrades to get latest galley link functionality? Also one more; I’m assuming that galley can be fully controlled from the backed like other joomla sites where I can upload or delete images and write descriptions?

The new version will be released in the end of May. Yes, You can control everything in the back-end.

Hi, I purchased this nice theme, but I found that in portfolio, while I can add photos of my choice in any resolution, it resizes them every time and so even 1280p photos are reduced to smaller size but also it seems quality is reduced brutally. What can I do with it?

Please help me check this document to know how to change resize configure http://wiki.templaza.com/TZ_Portfolio_v3:Configuration#Image

Best Regards, Sonle

I resolved it, the change need to be done in TZ Image settings: Detail Image Size option. But I found strange thing. There are two options in TZ Portfolio settings: TZ Portfolio Image Size & Featured Image Size. If I change one to different option (e.g. XSmall), only few of those small pictures in portfolio changes. I mean, from 11 images, only 10 are changed. 11th image is somewhat connected to the second option, that I did not change. Strange.

In Portfolio page we use “image size” and “featured images size” you can choose type image (Small, Medium, Large…) and if Article is featured it will have doudle size. “Image size” and “Featured Image Size” are quality of images. Featured Image size always has quality better than Normal image.

OK, thank you, now I have different question :) How can I add a script of Google Analytics, to my page? In what file should I place it? Thank you in advance…

You can put google script in the end of root/templates/tz_nicanian2/tpls/blocks/head.php

Why portfolio and other pages is a mess on iphone? The menu column compress the content page… need a fix for this, please!

This template displays very well on iphone. Please give me a screenshot. I am going to check it.

Hi, my problem is with the menu. It doesn’t disappear in all page so there’s no space for content. There’s a way to enable “show-hide on hover” menu in all the pages?

Hi MrPoe,

Please send us an email via support@templaza.com to request customize template.

Hi! I have some problems with the template. Nothing appears in my android mobile, and closes the browser. I need the template for joomla 2.5.x and the quick install is only in 3.x

Any help?


Thanks in advance, Paul.

Hmm, I test on my device and it works. I think may be the cause is you upload many image in the homepage. Supersized slider will be crashed if you have too many images loaded.

Best Regards, Sonle

I sent a ticket in templaza.com with the variety of problems in the template.

1. Here it is written that the template is compatible with joomla 2.5.x, and it is not. 2. The portfolio section is not displayed correctly. Falls apart of the template design, is not as shown in the demo. Thumbnails of the images are not displayed correctly. 3. I tried to disable the background images and still not visible in android. The browser crash. 4. In video background throws an error (incorrect parameters), but the videos are displayed without error if I put them in portfolio or blog section. 5. I can not put more than one tag in the articles, and often duplicate tags. 6. When I send the contact form is not clear that this was successfully submitted. Message is displayed below the “layer”.

You can see all these bugs in http://www.graficament.com

Too many problems for me, and I need to work everything correctly as I saw in the demo. And I need it for joomla 2.5, as I bought it.

I hope you can answer point by point.



Hi Paul,

1. Nicanian II is support Joomla 3 only. Please check in the description.

2,3,4. Please follow your ticket.

Best Regards, Sonle

Hello Sonle!

Please check the description of your template. In it you will see that it says:

more Features

+ Infinite Ajax Scroll + Supersized jQuery Plugin + Youtube API + Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression + Joomla 2.5.x support + JQuery Masonry Script

If I had not read this information, I would not have ever purchased it.

Best regards,


Hi! I’m going crazy installing this version to 2.5. Nothing seems to tutorial 3.0. This download does not include tutorial for this version 2.5. The component changes too, and there is no guestbook component.

QuickInstall? or any help?



I have uploaded new package which was include quickstart for Joomla 2.5. It will notify you when new package was approved.

Thanks, Sonle

Thanks!! I try it now!

What a great template as a cinematographer and photographer this is perfect for me, before I purchase I have just one question. Can I add a social media Icon bar? I noticed you don’t have that on this template.

Now, Nicanian II Template does not have module social but you can download module TZ Social to add your social facebook, twitter, google+... https://github.com/templaza/mod_tz_social/

Fabulous many thanks.