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Hello! Great template, I am just having a problem with the slideshow in IE 8. How were you able to fix it?

This problem was solved in Nicanian II version 2.0

Hello, me again :) we noticed you have removed the comma on the last slideshow image, how were you able to do this, I know if we remove that comma the slideshow will work in IE8.

This problem was solved in Nicanian II version 2.0

Great template, congratulations! I’m having some difficulties linkin’ an article from the main menu. What was my mistake?

Thanks in advance and congrats again.

Please describe detail your problem or send me an email via support@templaza.com Thanks,

hello, few months ago you mentioned that in new version the link to opening a portfolio will be an entire image not just the text. however, it appears that the demo on the main portfolio screen i still have to click on the text, clicking on the image does not open the individual portfolio.

also, when viewing an individual portfolio, is there a way to add a small menu at the top to be able to go back to the portfolio screen you came from. most users will not understand or find it convenient that you have to constantly click on the main menu and filter again to see particular list of portfolios you are interested to go through.

Thank you

Thank you Malahhaor, Your ideas is great! I have put it in our project for new version. You can wait to next version or go to http://www.templaza.com/ to create a ticket request customize template. Our developer are going to help you.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hello Recently bought a template from htmgarcia, and now enjoyed buying nicanian II. However, the contact page does not work, ie you can not see the map … what lies behind the contacts. Is there any solution?

thank you ruilouraco@gmail.com

Contact page works very well. Please send me a screenshot via support@templaza.com I am going to help you to check it.

Best Regards,

hi i have a problem i can use Article manager in administrator. What can i have error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in D:\inetpub\vhosts\kardelyahome.com.tr\httpdocs\web\administrator\components\com_tz_portfolio\helpers\tz_portfolio.php on line 42

and i cant use Tz Portofino in Comments. i have error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in D:\inetpub\vhosts\kardelyahome.com.tr\httpdocs\web\administrator\components\com_tz_portfolio\helpers\tz_portfolio.php on line 42 hep me lpz

Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you. Thanks,

Finally got the template up and running live on my site.. it took some effort but the wiki and support page at http://www.templaza.com/ really came in handy.. here is the link.. www.akinabayomi.com.. Thanks for the great template.

Thanks for your interest! If you love it please vote for it.

templaza i sent mail. for this error . Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in D:\inetpub\vhosts\kardelyahome.com.tr\httpdocs\web\administrator\components\com_tz_portfolio\helpers\tz_portfolio.php on line 42

templaza i need help… when you will help me please ?

please give me back my money your script is not running.. and anyone didnt support me..

i was sent mail. no one was interested

Hi Twoank, Our developer has sent you email. Please check your email.

Thanks & Best Regards,

1. The template design and the structure are really good. 2. The programming however is a nightmare!!! You guys are selling a product without any testing done. The only configuration your template is working ist the setup you show as eyecatcher. Thats not ok and I am disappointed and pissed off, because I know how good the designwork is. Sorry to say, but the programmers really fxcked up big time. Here are some examples: - TZ Portfolio: tag-filtering does not follow the configuration. Sometimes tags with articles are not visible, but tags with no articles are visible on the timeline. - Google Map in TZ Article: The shadow of the marker and the infobox are not working properly. - to change the vertical logo height you need to change the source-code in several places, because the code that is resposible is copied in different files and nobody knows which copy is actually taking action. The google map has the same problem, there are over 10 files in the template with the same code. That is really annoying and unprofessional. Some easy fixes turn into hours of work and are not necessary. Maybe there is a reason you guys did not use the map function in your presentation…

Dear designer of this product: step up and do not let some idiots ruin your work!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Did you try to contact us via email or forum? Nicanian II has received a lot of positive feedback from client. Please patient with it and let me know. Our developer always ready to help you.

Thanks & Best Regards,

I tried via forum, thanks for the quick reply… The design is really good, so I can understand the positive feedbacks. But: Take a closer look at the code and be honest. The source code is a mess. Its like a house of cards, so the fixes are creating new problems. Thats the reason so many people find bugs. By the way another major bug: the mobile version crashes the browser on my mobile device (samsung galaxy ace). This is not new news and the developers pretended to fix this problem in the new version.

I really like the designwork and the concept of TZ, but I do not enjoy working with that source code. This kind of product will hurt the company in the long run although there is great potential.

Thank you Prima Expose for your feedback. I am going to discuss with team about this problem. Please try to reduce image size so your samsung mobile will be not crashed.

Hllo and thanks in advance.

1 Question please is the front page style chooser (the one you choose dark, surf, light versions) included ?

And if yes can i use external links ? (to link to another site ?)

Thank you again for your time

If the answers are all yes i will buy it :)

1. Intro Page does not include in Download Package. It’s a HTML page. Please send me a message via http://themeforest.net/user/templaza I am going to send it to you. 2. Yes, you can. It’s a HTML page.

Thank & Best Regards, Sonny

hi I use the template in fullscreen mode. I created the images in each case as an article. The images have now all a link to the article. How do I get the link removed?

Hi, Please give me a link. I am going to help you check it.

hi the problem took care of itself. thank you. I saw that there was a structure on the image when it was gone, the pictures have a link to article had. that was the problem. another question: where can I get the contents of the contact form eg. Change in German? the text in the fields? Thanks it is a beautiful theme

It’s language of Joomla Contact. So It will be changed if you use German language. If it still happens, please give me a link. I am going to help you check it.

Is their a planned 3.1 release of this? Great looking template but built on a 2.5 framework is behind current version.


Hi Krause54,

Nicanian II was released with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5.x, right now.

You can download and try it with Joomla 3.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Anfrage an Support bezüglich der Responsive-Probleme:

Hi, NICANIAN II is an awesome template!

Unfortunately I got some issues concerning responsiveness (not only on my locally installed version but only with the demo on templaza.com):

1. the video home page (dark version) does not work on iPhone 4S with iOS 6.x (Safari & Chrome) – it seems, like the player would be launched, but there’s no video played actually.


2. the portfolio view flickers when accessed with iOS 6.x on an iPhone 4S. not only the portfolio part but also the menu module on the left – actually the whole page is flickering like mad:


the images are moving persistantly. it’s almost impossible to select a portfolio entry.

sometimes, iOS Safari even crashes. An in Chrome the problems are even worse. The browser is not recognized (there’s a yellow message can’t identify browser version…) and the portfolio is not generated at all (white image place holders aligned in one line vertically).

the responsive features was one ot the reasons, I buyed this template. So I’m very unhappy and hope there is a fix for those issues, because If there’s not, I can’t use this awesome template.

Thank you. Seppi

Hello, I have checked again Nicanian II Template and i see:

1. Video home page working fine on android, but it will switch to iPhone player when you check on iPhone mobile.

2. Portfolio on mobile layout, it is responsive so it will display full width. and you can click on item title or image go to detail page. When you use iOS and use chrome you will see alert (it is default alert of joomla base). I will solve video problem and update version of Nicanian II Template.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi, I just installed the latest version of the template. The video and audio files on the home page are still NOT running on iOS devices…

Did anyone test this? I tested on my iPhone and iPad – both can’t play the videos… this is not what I call “responsive”... thanks for your help.

I want show menu always my homepage. can you help me?

Please update Nicanian 2 latest version 2.0 You can go to template manager choose “theme” tab and find “Sidebar Fixed” choose value “Yes” to always show menu.

was very nice, thank you.

hi, thanks for great theme but i have 2 problems;

first of all 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’’


secondly i switched dark theme but theme is light always

Lets follow your email.

just installed the template standalone on my newly installed joomla 3.x site, but got error 404. http://www.garyhungstudio.com/ I also installed quickstart package but I don’t see the exact same page as demo. All photos are gone also. http://www.garyhungstudio.com/test2

I am also seeing below message in http://www.garyhungstudio.com/test2/index.php/portfolio

NOTICE Disqus Secret Key is invalid. Please, change your disqus Key in ‘Disqus API Secret Key’ option to use Disqus comment count.


Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com

I am going to help you check it.

Thanks, Sonny

hey there :) very very nice theme.. just having one problem with responsive design.

on mobiles the “default” version won´t show the logo in header.. http://productions.hegenberg-productions.com/

i tested the other layouts, but it´s always the same problem.

it´s the quickstart-package so joomla 2.5. thanks and best regards


I have checked on your website and i have seen you do not input Module class suffix for Logo Module. You have to insert module class suffix “_logo” for this module.

and you can add custom code css in template options/ themes/custom code css This code: @media (max-width: 480px) {

nav#ja-mainnav{ display:block !important; }

.contact, .contact-overlay{ opacity:1 !important; } }

If you have problem you can create ticket on my website, i can help you solve this problem as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regard,

hello.. thanks.. now thats working.. but there is still a problem with responsive layout…menu icon on right site is just to see when the user clicks on logo…(on all android devices- S3, HTC one…) next… contact-page is not working well… first you can see the lightbox over the map with contact form.. but if someone scroll down.. the contact form will be invisible.. its also on your demo-site nicanian II. are there any bug-fixes for that?


Because in contact page we use touch to disable overlay and show map.

So in mobile maybe your screen has not enough height to display contact form.

Please send us your website and info your account to support@templaza.com

We will resolve your problem as soon as possible

Thanks & Regard,