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Complicated and buggy. Not great.

I’ve been having trouble to view my website in IPad and IPhone. Not sure if it is by weight of the images and the videos, or that theme is not compatible with these platforms. Can you help us?

Please send us an email via support@templaza.com. We are going to help you check it.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Good morning, I have a doubt. When my website appears in google, the description it gives are loose and incomplete words like – Prev, Mute, Unmute, Pause, Play, info, infoon; Next. FTB Video · Home · Portfolio · DAY BY DAY · Contact · Facebook · Twitter · Vimeo · Youtube. Sagasta 26 … I would like to know where in the code can modify this description. Regards


Please send me your admin login via support@templaza.com. I am going to help you fix it.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi, where can YouTube ID be changed in video homepage?

You can go to Pages/Add New. After that you can choose Template Home Video.

Go to Nicanian Options/Home Video Category. You can choose category to display in here.

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Nicanian II isn’t ready with WooCommerce yet. Thanks,

HI! The Nicanian ii joomla version is not multilanguage template???? Please, I really liked this template, and I bought it. but that it is impossible to create a multilingual.. how can i do it?


Nicanian II Template has supported multilanguage You can read our blog to create multilanguage on your site. This’s blog article: http://www.templaza.com/blog/how-to-create-a-multilingual-site-in-joomla-3/68

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Very complicated and very buggy. I contacted support to help me fix the menu and make more gallery pages and they wanted to charge me. I regret buying this theme. A word of advice, DON’T BUY THIS THEME!!! NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!!! :reallyevil:

I just sent you an email, please reply so we can chat.

They did manage to fix the theme, free of charge. Now you can add other full screen slideshow pages like the home page. Menu bugs also fixed too. Now it’s actually a pretty cool theme!

Thank you for your feedback :) If you love Nicanian II. Please vote for this item on themeforest.net You can rate this item at http://themeforest.net/downloads

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Hello, I have a couple questions. In my home page which is the video. I am not having my gallery at the bottom of the page come up. Where do I access my videos where I can put them on the bottom of the home page? Also, I have uploaded my own logo and I am not sure where I can find that I can use my own logo. Would you be able to help me figure this out? Little frustrated but I really want to make this work and add to my portfolio. Thank you. Diana

1: Gallery in the bottom of home Page use Featured Images of Post in Portfolio. May be you have not still imported Featured Images of articles or this option is disable. You can go to Option/Home Option/Show Thumbnails Home Video 2: You can change your own logo by going to Nicanian Options/Logo & Favicon

Thanks & Regards, Sonny

Have you guys tested this on a mobile device? The home page likes like crap on my iPhone. - The logo is too big for the top and overlaps the photos. - The menu opens but I can’t scroll to the lower links - Vertical photos overlay horizontal photos behind them

Please send us your information of website via support@templaza.com We are going to help you check it.

I should be able to upload different audio tracks for each portfolio page. Why would I want to listen to the same song on every page?

At the moment, nicanian doesn’t support audio in template portfolio. We will upgrade nicanian soon to meet your need in listening music on different pages.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Quick question. Where is the videos file?

Hi, We use Youtube to display video. Please follow document. If you need help please contact us via support@templaza.com

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi Civilz,

You can purchase our membership and download it here http://www.templaza.com/nicanian-photography-wordpress-theme/401

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