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Very happy with the template, wonder if it possible to get the slider to operate automatically. Very novice programmer.

Yes, it is possible. Coming Wordpress version has this build-in option.

Thanks for responding, i have made to many detailed changes to move to wordpress so i will have to to this some other way.

Thanks again

How easy would it be to add a submenu to the html version of this?

It isn’t difficult. Send me a pm after the purchase.


Love the design!

Is anyone else having an issue getting the form to send?

I get it to check and then give a “Your email has been sent!”...but no mail turns up?

Any ideas?

Hi. Contact your host to ask whether mail() function is enabled and works on your server.

simply the best!!! grazie

Thanks ;)

How easy would it be to have the prev. and next. buttons change image on hover? so they sort of highlight :)


if its easy. ill be buying it

Pretty easy. Just a few css tweaks.

I’ll give it a shot then,

purchasing in a minute

Send me a pm through my profile page, if you need help with it.

I have one question.

It mentions ie7.css But that isnt included in the package.

is that the same as ie.css and i need to just rename the file to ie7.css?

Yep. Just rename ie.css to ie7.css

Thanks for the great theme!!

I was trying to increase the size of the images in the slider. I found the height setting for the ‘#featured_area .photo img’ and ‘#featured_area .container’, but the images are still being cropped.

Any idea what else I’m missing!


Please, send me a pm, I’ll check it out.

What do I need to add to the init.js file to make the home page slider autoplay?


If you bought the theme – send me an email, I’ll help you.

I would like to know how to make the slider autoplay too… can you please explain me how? I have this file from the free download however… I hope you can still help me :) Thank you!