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At last a REALLY nice hotel theme! Congratulations! Great work! Wordpress?! Good luck – I am sure it will sell loads.

Very nice design, great ideas…
Wish you good luck with sales :)

Thanks for the kind comments guys :) a WordPress version will be out in a couple of weeks

Nice work!

Waiting for WP :D

Looks great! would definitely work better as a WP theme, but I get that HTML is good for testing the waters first :)

Will wait for the wordpress version ;) There are some great ideas that I would like to reuse in my future projects.

Really appreciate all the positive feedback people, thanks! :)

Good work!! love the style and UI throughout the design :)

Great template Qui, Good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler.

Love your theme for my guesthouse.

Does this theme admit multi languaje?

Cand I set another homepage?

Waiting for WP version, with wpml.org support. Thx

Hi virplay,

Yep the WordPress version will support multi-language, and yes you can set any page you wish as the homepage :)

I’m currently working on the WordPress version, its nearly complete. Should be out in less than a week

Nice template. Clean and elegant. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes!

great work! book form works with e-mail account? how we order the price of the rooms.?

Hi perr_leo,

This is a HTML template so you’d need to integrate a contact form yourself. The WordPress version comes with a fully working email form though: http://themeforest.net/item/nice-hotel-wordpress-theme/2661854

Hello, first of all congratulations, very nice template. I’d like to change the slider transition to a fading effect, how can I do it? I tried to look into the slides.min.jquery.js but didn’t find it :-)

Thanks a lot, Paolo

Hi valtline,

Open “js/scripts.js” and then change line 64 and 80 to “fade”


1- Who can I change the format of datepicker to french format : DD/MM/AAAA please ? 2- how can I setup slow automatic transition in the sliders ? Thanks

Hi triptop,

I’ve responded to these questions in the email you also sent


Hello everyone

I’m looking for the code to display the date from the calendar in that format : DD/MM/AAAA I ‘m completely rubish with jquery some could you help by giving me the code ;-(((( Thanks a million

Have purchased and customized the theme. Looks great. Love it! Google maps working in Firefox and Chrome. In IE9 , it’s sporadically working on the homepage map and not working at all on the Contact page. I would say this is a Microsoft issue and not an issue of the theme, but do you have any ideas about a fix. Thanks.

Hi cworrall,

Many thanks for purchasing, I was just made aware of this by another purchaser yesterday. I’m working on a fix now, aiming to release it as soon as possible, I’ll post a message here when its up and approved.


Hi cworrall,

This has been fixed and the update has just been approved so you can download it now.


Hello I have two questions.

1- How can I add two slides on the same page?

2- Inside the Nice Hotel There is a file “responsive.css.” This theme is responsive?


Hi luigi1,

1.) Two separate sliders? just copy paste the slideshow code to another location and it should be all good

2.) Sorry, that was included by mistake


I tried to copy and paste the slideshow code but the second slideshow does not work.


Hi luigi1,

Feel free to email me your website URL to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


Hey i purchased the theme and i really like it.

one problem/sticking point

is it possible to change the booking page automatically? as it keeps coming up with the 3 nights and £x amount for every booking.

feel free to check on the site http://queenvicsunderland.co.uk/

Hi evoCreative,

Many thanks for purchasing, you’ve got the HTML version here which is designed to be implemented with your own CMS or other system (hence why the booking / contact form etc aren’t functional).

You might want to take a look at the WordPress version here if you’re looking for a more out of the box solution: http://themeforest.net/item/nice-hotel-wordpress-theme/2661854