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Wow fast turn around – Great job! Going to be a big seller I think! good luck.

excellent color combinations. warm, cozy and lovely!

good luck with the sales!

nice work… good luck!

Nice work indeed.!


very nice theme and I consider to buy. I have pre-sale question. I want to use your theme for a shop not hotel. Is it possible to remove from home page slider “book now” box and have just a normal slider (images linked to content pages?

Thank you,


Hi krataai,

Yes, in the theme options there is a button you can click to switch the booking form display on/off, and slides can be linked to anything :)

Thanks for the positive feedback people, its much appreciated! :)

Great work, good luck with sales mate!


Very, very nice hotel theme :) Congratulations!


Thank you for your answer :)

Great Job, good luck with this one :)

nice work… :)

Presale Question to: Accommodation Management

Let’s say I have a hotel an 10 different rooms, and each room can be booked as single or double with children or not.

Example: James Bond Room Single 10Dollar per night Double 20Dollar per night Extra Bed Children under 12y + 5Dollar per night Extra Bed Children older 12y + 10Dollar per night

I would like to book the room as Double with my son 10years old.

Is there a feature which covers that ? If not is it possible to add that function to accommodation Management which would allow to calculate the overall price per night on the accomodation room page ?

Hi mpjltd,

For the Single/Double query, there is an option in the theme which allows you to change “Per Night” to something else. So for example you could change it to “Per Person”. You can also add any kind of pricing details you like to the booking page on the right hand side such as costs for an extra bed. The stuff mentioned here is all ready to go and implemented in the theme.

If you actually want to add more form fields for these kind of custom options it’d be a pretty simple job and I’d be happy to guide you through it.

I’m going to look at implementing some more functionality to the booking form so custom fields can be added in the theme options :)

Thx. Bought.

Thanks a lot for purchasing! If you run into any problems setting it up feel free to send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com

Will would-be Hotel Guests be able to navigate the theme from the mobile devices (whether they run iOS, Android or Win7+ Mobile )? If they have to pinch / zoom, that’s unfortunate since otherwise it would seem a nice job you’ve done here.

Hi electronicpakrat,

Nice Hotel isn’t responsive at the moment, if there is enough interest though I’ll definitely consider implementing this feature!

hi. great job. can one add an availability calendar to the rooms? i.e. before booking, the client can already see whether the room is available or not? what about the search facility? can one search by feature e.g. wifi and get a list of rooms with the feature? i would like to buy this for a client but he has properties instead of rooms to rent. so i would need to be able to put location of property, google map etc… and any user should be able to search by these items. otherwise great work and good luck. thank u.

Hi nicholast10,

For the booking calendar yes you can use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/booking/

Regarding searching features e.g. wifi, if its in the room description it’ll be searchable.

And yep you can use the built in Google Map shortcode to add a map to the room description

Is there an easy way to change the color scheme? ie. somewhere in the theme options selecting the a main color, and accent color to match a logo?

Hi McGuireDesign,

Yep, in the theme options there is a color picker which lets you to change all the colors :)

Hello, I have bought this template!. Need some help. Do you not provide an SQL file as I am having some trouble setting up the pages i.e. the top navigation (which have smaller text under the main title).

Hi brainycatlimited,

I’m preparing import data, it’ll be ready in the next day or two. To add the smaller text under the main menu click on “Appearance > Menus” then click on “screen options” (top right) and tick the “Description” box. Now when you add a new menu item add your smaller text in the “Description” field.

Does this theme provide a payment gateway integration ? Or do you suggest any wordpress plugin that allows me to make client pay online or any suggestions ?

Hi fachtopia,

The theme doesn’t come with a payment gateway integrated, however it wouldn’t be to difficult to integrate this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/enhanced-paypal-shortcodes/

When a customer makes a booking the theme sends an email to the site admin, so when you receive this you could send an email to the customer linking to a page on your site with the above payment shortcode to collect a deposit. It would be quite easy to automate this process in fact.

Very nice theme. I’m implementing it and I struggle with a few elements:
1. where can I add a picture for the author of a testimonial. We now see an silhouette. I want no picture or a real one…:-)
2. I use three languages. In some of the templates some headlines are hardcoded and cannot be translated. E.g.: Room description and room facilities. It’s nice when this lines can be translated (fe through the .po file or with wpml)
3. I’ve got several rooms, but they don’t show in the dropdown mainmenu… That’s probably smth rather simple, but I don’t get it…:-)
4. The body-text which I entered in the page Rooms isn’t shown. I want a general introduction text before visitors choose one of the rooms to see all the roomdetails. This also involves the testimonial page and probably other template-pages.
5. the google-map on the page contact and the googlemap at the top of the page (beautiful done btw) don’t show the same pin on the map… that’s because the one at each top of the page uses the lat- and longitude and the other just the adress. I like both to show the same pin.

I hope you can answer my questions and/or change some of the theme-code. And if the theme becomes responsive, you’ve got a big fan extra! It would also be nice if the pictures for the slideshow will automatically size to the needed width.

Hi ijsbeer,

Thanks a lot for purchasing!

1.) On the right hand side of the page click on “Set Featured Image” upload your image and click “Use as featured Image”

2.) The text isn’t hard coded, its actually a string which is set in the options panel for your convenience. If you want to translate them you’ll need to use wpml.org string translation plugin. If you don’t want to purchase that plugin there is another way you can translate them, i.e. set them as static text and use the .mo .po. If you want more details of how to do this email me at help@quitenicestuff.com

3.) Most likely you haven’t created a menu yet, go to “Appearance > Menus” click on the ”+” and add a new menu, then add your pages to the menu. Finally set the menu as “Primary Navigation” on the left side of the page. More details can be found at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Menus_Screen

4.) Well spotted, I’ll put out an update to fix this today

5.) Good point, yeah I can see why that’d be an issue, I’ll add an option for the contact page so that you can either add the map using an address or lat/long

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick response!
Unfortunately your solutions still give some problems:
1. The featured image does work, only the width doesn’t change. It shows the original width, even if I choose thumbnail or if I edit the image to another size in WP.
2. Mmm, I’m using the string translation from wpml, but the strings I’m looking for are not shown in the list. I’ve translated the main .po’s. I’ll mail you with the question how to make the strings static text.
3. I do have a menu (I imported the sample data). It does show all the pages to add to the menu, but not the items from rooms. It’sonly possible to add an item if it is a page. And a page with the template accommodation is not the same thing…:-)
4. en 5. Thanks!

In the meanwhile I didn’t find the way to show a photogallery. Btw, is it possible for the photogallery to show the pics as a lightbox with the possibility to move through the pics.

Thanks in advance!

Hi ijsbeer,

1.) I think the problem is that you’re not setting the image you’ve uploaded to be featured. The process of adding the image should be: First click “Set featured image”, next click “Select files”, pick your file and upload it, don’t close the popup yet, scroll down and click “Use as featured image”. From what I can see you’re probably not doing the last step

2.) After double checking, this is indeed an error on my part. I’ll be releasing an update to fix this bug later on today!

3.) Single pages don’t automatically show up in WordPress menus, if you want to add them its simply a case of adding the single URL as a menu item

Yep the gallery uses prettyPhoto lightbox, the current version doesn’t allow you to switch through the images. It’s not hard for me to implement this though so I’ll add this functionality in the update mentioned above coming later on today :)

Just a heads up, I’ve uploaded the update and its in the que for approval. Since its a Sunday things move a bit slower around here, it should be available on Monday morning though :)